Testing New Russian Mini MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

Subtitle by: CK丶Tex What’s up, everybody. Welcome back to my
laboratory, where safety is number one priority. Today we are going to taste test “индивидуальный
рацион питания малого габарита”. So it is pretty much “Russian individual MRE mini”. And this is a new Russian MRE, a while ago I put
to the test standard Russian MRE that is new So let’s open it up, and see what this thing is
all about. Very well sealed, as you can see in a plastic. Let’s open this up. Nice, there is a napkin. A couple of them. I already see “говядина”. Love this. This is
canned beef. “Тушенная говядина”. This is my favorite stuff
right here. And also, “каша перловая с говядиной”. “Перловка”. This is really nice. This is groats
with beef. Different type of groats. I’m not sure how to
translate “каша перловая”. It is just different
types of groats. “Концентрат для напитка сухой фруктово-ягодный” So it is pretty much a Kool-Aid. It’s a mixed
thing. You put it, mix it with water, and it
turns into a drink. Like a fruit drink. “Салфетка”, a bunch of napkins. Actually it says in English here, too, “tissue”,
this is cool. Oh, yeah. “Варенье”. Jam right here. And I will see, “яблочное” is apple. “Сахар” That’s a big packets of sugar. That’s for sure. And we’ve got here “Майский чай”, “Цейлонский”.
I’m pretty sure this is from India. Indian tea is very nice. And we’ve got here instant coffee. “Кофе” in Russian. Woo, there you go. There is a “соль”. I don’t
have to translate the “соль” – salt. “Перец черный молотый”. So that’s pepper. Black
pepper. “Фруктовая палочка”. This is a fruit bar. Just a spoon, I like that. And a bunch of crackers. I’m pretty sure they are
unsalted, unsweetened. That looks so good, honestly. I cannot wait to
open everything up and taste it. But looks like it did not come with the stove,
because it is a mini, (so) it did not come with a
stove to heat everything up. So I’m gonna go get stove, so that way I can heat
up these two things, and also make myself tea and
coffee. I’m actually pretty hungry. So I’m excited to eat. OK, got my stove over here. I’ll cook real quick. “Каша перловая”. This is what it looks like when
we’re gonna break it up. And we’re going to heat it up. I love these cans. This is new stuff. Definitely works way better. OK, while it’s cooking, we are going to open this
up. And this is “тушенка”, this is pretty much beef. Almost like a soup, but this is mostly meat. This is so good. Look at that. Beautiful. You can eat that cold. No problem. We call it “холодец”. Good stuff. But it tastes even better when you warm it up. OK. This is plenty of hot. Now we are going to warm up the “тушенка”. This is what it looks like once it started to
warm up. It’s pretty much like a soup. But it is amazing. Look at that meat. I can’t wait. Just gonna melt all that fat. And that looks plenty of hot as well. It’s almost boiling now. They said he’ll like a Kool-Aid. Just put the powder inside our glass or whatever
container and mix it up. And you’ll get it right here, fruit drink. So it’s like flavored water. By the way, this at here, probably, wet napkin,
yep. So before and after, or for two people. You want to clean your hands before you eat. So it disinfects your hands. And next we’ve got here tea, I love tea, (and)
sugar at here. That’s a huge pack of sugar. That’s for sure. Only one probably will be enough. That’s a lot of
sugar. Don’t forget about pepper. You can put some black
pepper on this stuff. Oops! There might be a little bit too much. Black pepper at here, too. There you go. If you like that kind of thing, you can add salt as well. But I’m not gonna add
salt. It’s plenty of delicious already. “Майский чай”. I think it is black. Don’t I remember. Yes, it’s pretty black to me. OK. This is what it is going to look like once it
is all cooked. Now it’s time to eat all that good stuff. To bad there is no “паштет” in this one. But it’s
OK, I can survive without “паштет”. But, kind of disappointed. The Mini is not
included the “паштет”. Yep. That’s “тушенка” for you. That is good stuff. Very very flavor. Probably better to get those crackers. They just taste like bread. There is not too much
flavor to it. But, you can eat crackers with meat. Very good. Now “перловая каша”. Let’s try this out. With all sorts of grains, different types all the time. I probably will lose count, if I’m gonna try to
name all of the grains that I used to eat all the
time. Here what is it? Mostly rice. What else? Yeah, here is like mostly rice. There is a lot of grains for sale. But I don’t
see a lot of different types of grains when I go
out and try to eat. But here, it is all a difference. This stuff is really good as well. Anything that has meat inside of is awesome. You see, this tea is getting darker and darker. But yeah at here, “тушенка”, that’s what it is
(like), that’s my favorite meat in a can. So good. I know how to make it. It is just food in a can. But it tastes so
delicious. I can’t believe it. You know what? If I had to survive, I definitely
would love to eat that kind of stuff every single
day. It’s almost better than everyday food. All is just as good, and it comes inside of an
MRE. That stays for a few years easily if you store it properly. So maybe I should stock up a bunch of MRE, just
in case. OK. Now the best stuff. Dessert with my tea. This at here is apple jam. And that stuff is
amazing. Look how much there is. That jam is so good. It’s dangerous. It’s so good. If they had more, I
probably would have eaten all of it. So it’s good that let us not have more than one
packet. I would have eaten too much sweets. Usually apple jam is kind of sour. This one is
really really sweet. I love it. Awesome. The crackers. The way they made. Also very one-of-a-kind, very fluffy. But, I know the texture is so different compared
to every other crackers. Now fruit bar. You can save it for later. Like a
snack. But I’m still hungry, so I’m gonna eat that now. BOOM! CHECK THIS OUT. That looks black. I guess because it’s peach, and it has nuts. Very good. And it’s good for you as well. Honestly, it tastes like jam. So I might as well
make a little sandwich. Tastes so good. Still tastes like a little bit of
water, but so much flavor in it. Not too sweet, but I taste a lot of fruits inside
of it. Definitely has this weird color to it. Look delicious to me. Tastes like “компот”. I guess “компот” is like, you cook your own
juice, you would boil your own juice. That’s what
“компот” is. But anyway. I’m definitely full and ready to go. So let me know in comments below what do you
think about this Russian MRE menu? Definitely huge thumb ups for me. Taste delicious, taste like childhood. And of course, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you next time.

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