Testing Indonesian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

Whats up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority. I’m over here with JoshPalerLin. What are we going to do today? Were going to eat… Again Yep, we got here, actually sent by a fan, it’s Indonesian MRE. Thank you so much… You guys for sending it to me. You actually sent three of them to me But we gonna be tasting this kind You excited? Yeah.
Have you ever had —
–This is heavy, man. Have you ever had Indonesian food? I have, I’ve been to Indonesia before. Perfect, you might recognize some of that and explain it to us what is that. I’ll try. Because, if it’s not in English, I will not have any idea what it is. I don’t think it’s in Chinese, so I can’t really read that either. Oh well, we’ll figure it out. Let’s find out what’s inside. *Quietly* Let’s go. I feel like I’m about to have blood… bloody nose. This guy, since he got here, he had like five times his nose bleed. The altitude difference Woah… Look at that! It’s just in a little package like that. I like that. Woah… This thing is heavy, man! Yep. At least like three pounds or more. Whoa. Might be more? Umm… Yeah. Alright, lets open it up. *Grunts* Man! I LIFT! *grunts* Woah! What is that? Hey, Luke! Woah, this is in like packages. I didn’t expect that. Yeah, that’s a lot. Yeah, like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Six packages. Does it say anything in English? Curry ayam (Chicken curry) Wait… Am I supposed to still be wearing the glasses? Look! It says right here, “Fruit Cocktail” So, let me show them close up. You see, it shows “fruit cocktail” on these ones. So, that’s some kind of cocktail. I didn’t have that one bro. Mine’s different. Yeah! It probably is. Just keep looking at what you got. *Chuckling* I don’t understand any of this. It’s not in English and it’s not in Chinese. So of course, it’s probably in Indonesian. This is that it says on the package
~Ayam bumbu rujak~
(Chicken with rujak spice) Should I show them mine? Go ahead. So anyways, we should just try it and see what happens. ~Ikan Masak Kecap~
(Cooked Fish with Soy Sauce)
The fish usually cooked in sweet soy sauce solution along with spices I think I should leave the fruit cocktail till’ the end. It sounds like a… They all have a’ liquidish, man! Yeah, I wonder what’s inside. Alright! Lets just open one at a time, and eat it. Do we… Do we just eat it from this? Yeah, I’ll give you a spoon. Oooohhhh… Ohh! What is that? *Coughing fit* Ooh, that’s a strong smell Damn, that smells spicy. Mine smells (like) curry Mmm, I like yours, you want to trade? Yeah, sure! Yours looks spicy, I like spicy. Ooh, ooh, *coughs* I’m gonna have a bloody nose after this. Alright, lets do our first bites, see what it tastes like. That’s interesting. Do you like it? I like this one, but it’s just like regular soup. Let me try yours. Mmm! Wow, I like this one way better. This one is kinda tasteless. This is like just curry. Yeah, it tastes like chicken, but this one somehow tastes like seafood. No way, it’s chicken. It has potatoes in it too. But sauce, It’s really good as well. Very spicy As I know Indonesian, they have spicy food a lot I like this a lot, better than this one I was to open another one (probably) Alright* ~Ikan Masak Pedas~
(Spicy Cooked Fish) Alright, I don’t know how to read that, but this what it says on the packages here Mine said, Bubur Kacang Hijau (Green Bean Porridge) wow, mine red again my whole (laughs) – you always red my whole MRE spicy Yours probably gonna be obviously not spicy Itzibitziyellow again (idk) Yelloooow woo..- WOW it’s a white Kyahahaha~ It’s shooo weird Woooo!, What is that?! It’s… *uhmm Wooo! Mine smells like fish Smell it – *********(Did he just used Chinese?) Oya oya This is like.. Breakfast. I think your whole thing is breakfast This smells like a fish Um, I don’t know, do you wanna try this first? Yeah, here~ Lucas, I guess it smells good Okay, I think it’s beef with potatoes Wloww Ohohohaa~ OOO, I guess it’s a dessert Oh look we have beans WOW Yesh! That’s definitely dessert ~Rendang Daging Sapi~
(Beef Rendang) ~Gulai Daging Sapi~
(Beef Gulai)
*Search ‘Gulai’ in Wikipedia for more details* ~Fruit Cocktail~
*Yeah, it’s in English* ~Ikan Masak Kecap~
(Cooked Fish with Soy Sauce)

40 thoughts on “Testing Indonesian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

  1. i once buy 2packs indonesian mre and in my opinion for the same color they almost taste the same even different food.
    Btw for indonesian "fruit cocktail" is "Es Buah"

  2. Блин парень я надеюсь что сейчас твой английский стал намного лучше,потому сейчас он просто взрывает мои уши к чертям…
    Gosh man,I just hope for this moment your English more good than on this video seriously, its just blowing my ear…

  3. I wish potatoes in our country will go low on price. Man! Fried potatoes as a side dish is great! Always great in every meal of the day!

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