Testing Belarusian MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

What’s up guys, how are you all doing?For today’s video i got Belorussian M.R.E. Check this out! It’s a supeypayok dry… uhh meal and there is a bunch of brands and stuff who have made it check this out, it’s sealed let’s open it up and see what it got obviously it will be all in russian OH wow!, its expiration date 0/6/20 2020 nice! There is a bunch of ingredients you know what? i had no idea that Belorussian language is similar to Ukrainian language First of all on top we got here keeselep kooz buzneeka neeterbushevakee so keeselep is like a hot beverage thick juice it’s one of a kind usually cook it but this one is instant neeterbushevakee means it’s instant keeselp uhm… hopefully i’m pronouncing it all right because half of it is almost like in Ukrainian language. Puchtiet! there you go puchtiet coreenepechionachne so chicken and liver i guess chicken liver there you go this one i have no idea what it is vechanka slivenska so it”s some kind of meat we’ll see maybe it’s similar to puchtiet whole bunch of caned meat, let’s start with kelsaguess kasha greytchniva sa sveniana so pig with a great

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