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On today’s episode of Kult America I’m in Kaliningrad, Russia to try some delicious Russian food. So I’ve met up with my friend Igor, whose taking me to first Russian restaurant. Where are we going? We’re going to restaurant Borsch & Salo. Ok. Little interesting fact: this is a Ukrainian restaurant, but Igor has assured me that we are in Russia, they serve Russian food, so it’s close enough. My mother, she came to visit Russia in 90s, in Moscow. She told me, that food was horrible. What do you think? Is it food good in your country? Yes, I’m sure. Maybe is the best food ever. Alright! We’re gonna find out! So what should we try? What are common people’s feelings towards Ukraine, towards that whole situation? I like this people, because I had two teachers from Ukraine. One of them is the best teacher I had in my school, so they’re very strong. And I don’t have any bad experiance connected with Ukrainans, so I can not tell you. I mean, our goverments, they attack other coutries and other goverments. And we, as citizens, don’t necessarily believe in what they do and want them to do, but we get blamed for those actions, all the same. Alright, so the first thing I’m going to try in Russia is… kompot. It’s made by fresh apples, should be pretty delicious. It’s really good. It’s less sugary than the Polish one that I tried. And it’s cold also. So this is the present from this place. This is a vodka. Vodka mixed with horse raddish and honey. I like drinking kompot, but I don’t drink alcohol so Artur’s gonna have one for the team, and drink this for me. Oh my God, ok. It’s a strange combination, first you feel the horse raddish, but after that you feel the honey. So today’s we gonna try Russia’s take on pickled herring, and I have to tell you it’s looks beautiful and delicous, even smells nice! It’s serve with potatoes, onions, chive. That is really, really good. I didn’t expect it. It’s special food when Russians drink. They drink vodka and they eat this. It’s amazing, really. So next, something like baked potato with a meat. This one actually looks very heavy. And oiled. It’s good, it’s like a beef stew. So there’s some carrots, dill, of course there’s some oil. I don’t know if I would order it next time I’m here, but it’s good. Next stuff we have meat stuffed pancakes with sour cream. What’s the Russian name for this? Blinis with meat. Blinis with meat… It looks like actually kind of chinese food. It’s really heavy, and very chewy. So, next stop, we have pancakes with honey and sour cream. So it’s sweet take on the thing we ate previous. This is most familiar thing that I’ve eaten. Perfect! Things were fresh, delicous, well prepared. Service was good. There was a nice proportion of being exotic and something new. So we’re going to visit a local cantine for the next meal. My host says that’s delicous, authenitc and that’s the spot frequented by people who are tried after visit the zoo. This is actually how I imagined a restaurant in Russia to look. It has black tinted windows outside, red curtains in here. It’s serious. And the first thing we going to have is sea buckthorn juice. Apparently this is made from some berries that taste absolutely disgusting, if you try eat it straight up. But, when you mix it with sugar it supose to be delicous and healthy concoction. It’s a little bit bitter. Ok, this is one of the most typical Russian fast foods. It’s called belyashi. Russia’s take on hot pocket. There’s ground meat inside, and nice breaded on the outside. That’s not for me. It’s fatty meat. Take it to your hand, grab a napkin, and eat it like we eat it – on a go. I don’t like this too much. And on the next stop we have fried chicken kotlet, which is covered in cheese, and serve with french fries. They looks really really good, but I’m sceptical about the taste. So this is really, pretty good. And it taste different than I expected, because it’s three layers of ingridients here. So here we have humongous chop of salmon. It’s a fired salmon. The food is the flavour, which is pretty cool, because normally when I eat salmon is heavly seasoned and I’m testing other ingridients. For dessert we have blitzes with cottage cheese, and from what my has host told me, we can call in english ‘cottage cheeser’. I thought it will be sweeter, it’s actually not sweet at all. Russian food surprised me in that was kind of delicate and the taste was settled. And I could compare this to my impressions on a general culture here. Although people look hard and serious, the ones who I’ve met have been sweet and gentle. So it’s interesting to see how food compares with the culture of people who prepared it. My name is Ryan Socash, please like, comment and subscribe on Kult America videos. See you next time.

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  1. Russian food is amazing. It is based on western food and it has some influence from China during Mongolian empire and some middle Asian countries. West and East. That's Russian food. For me it's interesting to see the difference between dumplings and pelmeni. Some food is super meaty but if you think about the weather it's totally understandable. Super!

  2. очередная блевотина из цикла "Я вегетарианец и не пью алкоголь но припёрся пробовать национальные блюда…"

  3. Can anyone tell me what Russia breakfast food this is? I don't know its name and its probably something eaten by older generations when they were young. It's a light creamy yellowish cigar shaped food about the length of a long finger with whitish cottage cheese looking stuff mixed trough it. It's very mild tasting and has a medium soft texture.

  4. Don't you Russians enjoy marinated herring and vodka at weddings? I've made chicken kotletki and kotlet Pojharski.Both were easy and amazing.

  5. о боги.. да вы зайдите в кафе для студентов в любом университетском городке!будет вкусно и не увидят фри картошки!)))

  6. Damn, dude…could you cut the politics and just focus on food and culture? Bringing up politics, especially concerning unpleasant situations, seems extremely rude.

  7. А вы знаете что такое щи???) – Это такая вода, которая остается, когда кастрюлю после борща помоют!))))))

  8. капец,борщ украинский! есть руские щи!лучше бы его накормил блинами,осетринкой,икрой красной,черной!

  9. Have to correct ," Aeroflot Airline ," That FOOD was iffy! In Russia itself – had some wonderful food!

  10. В России никогда не было своей кухни. Кроме щей и пирогов.

  11. КАпец) Русскую еду в украинский ресторан) НО ведь блюда не русские!

  12. Мде, повел в украинский ресторан – норм, в совковую сталовку – говно))))

  13. Ryan, you have been conditioned to believe a lie about the Russian people by the West. I am Polish American. You are at least lucky enough to live the truth with those Slavic people without a media and government bias misleading you to hate them.

  14. This is so bogus!!! First restaurant he goes to is " борщ і сало" aka Ukrainian and they order borscht…. try rossolnik or smth

  15. Стесняюсь спросить – а где русская еда? И в какую столовку они пошли во второй части? Бесит уже, когда иностранцев пытаются накормить всякой хренью, выдавая ее за русскую кухню.

  16. Service was good? All of Eastern Europe is known for their horrible customer service. It really is terrible as I have had many personal experiences.

  17. Рожа такая брезгливая. Кто вам виноват, что вы такие дебилы? Вам, после вашей пластмассовой еды натуральные продукты противопоказаны. И да, беляш – это узбекское блюдо 😉

  18. Slavic food sounds delicious. However, it also sounds painful to those of us with lactose intolerance. Is there milk, cheese, sour cream, and other dairy in most dishes?

  19. После слов "изысканая еда" было очень смешно ахахах
    Думаю твоя мама была права (что еда так себе)

  20. Жесть…..ток блинчики выглядели как русская еда. Да и бомбически так кормить биляш картофан фри…сырники…в животе ощущение бомбы будет

  21. с такой кислой рожей только диз ..полное г.. водку он не кушает ..кому ты интересен?

  22. Какой-то слишком серьезный или озабоченный чувак. Другие американцы повеселее.

  23. перевод не точный
    а если честно неправильный
    видео хорошее но всегда есть тот кто нагадит
    удачи и успехов

  24. We are heave good kompot here in Poland 🙂 Nice video ! Pls dont talk about politics,just enjoy food and culture,Russia is awesome 🙂

  25. Russian cuisine is yummy, because is slavic.
    And very similiar to polish cuisine, and polish is delicious, so russian is too delicious.

  26. Посмотрела, как иностранцы реагируют на блюда русской кухни. Можно конечно просто посмотреть и посмеяться над их реакцией.
    Но я не согласна, что и как предлагают пробовать иностранцам:

    1.Подают блины с мясом и со сметаной ( их нужно есть без сметаны).
    2. Часто сырники кажутся людям кислыми. Но если их правильно подать со сметаной с сахаром или джемом будет вкусно. И творог для сырников также не должен быть кислым.
    3.Дают пробовать просто отварную ,сухую гречку. Обжарьте на сливочном масле лук и грибы. Добавьте их в гречку. Будет вкусно. Или подайте с котлетами или тефтелями с томатно-сметанным соусом (не кислим) будет уже совсем другой результат. Я бы и сама просто гречку есть не стала.
    Так можно долго продолжать. Просто нужно уметь все правильно готовить и правильно подавать .

  27. Пельмени и щи – это русская еда. А то что он ел в украинском ресторане это ни как не русская еда. Все эти блюда едят многие страны. Особенно СНГ. Русской кухни я не увидел.

  28. I’m Russian and I don’t like every Russian dish and the same dish that taste good taste terrible by another maker.
    In US the only food I can think of as being American is burgers, biscuits and gravy, icing cakes which are to sweet and gross but in general there’s good and there alright food and it could be the same dish but made by another who destroys the recipe magic.

  29. Ну как не стыдно! Потчевать парня сплошной жирнятиной,и ни каких салатов.из какого голодного края этот гид обьявился?

  30. Жаль что у России нет своей кухни ,кроме кислой капусты и щей ничего и не вспомнишь ,пельмени и те татарские

  31. Russian food SUCKS!! That's why there are no Russian restaraunts anywhere but Russia. Mexican Food, Italian food, and Comfort food from the U.S. is the best! Russian garbage is porridge, beets, and cabbage…disgusting

  32. Откровенно говоря, русская — не самая лучшая кухня. ИМХО.

  33. IF russian food was great there would be thousands of russian restaurants and bistros all around the world. But there aren`t.

  34. Not a big fan of russian food – in my experience it's usually very heavy and under seasoned. However, I can't believe you missed on Konigsberger Klopse while in Kaliningrad.. Absolutely shocking..

  35. Русские не имеют собственной культуры )все своровано в других наций,начиная от песен,заканчивая кухней

  36. Сколько можно есть блины разрезая ножом.бля да руками их кушають.руками

  37. Курица с сыром никакого отношения к русской кухне не имеет.

  38. Солянка, рассольник, пироги, венегрет, сельдь под шубой, буженина, соления, кисель… Я с Северного Кавказа и у нас, естественно "засилие" кавказских блюд.. но и то знаю что такое "Русская кухня"!

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