Taste Testing Australian food With Australian Ambassador [Kult America]

Now that my friends is the Australian flag
flying proudly in Warsaw and it’s a pretty good indication that
I’m where I’m supposed to be because on today’s episode of Kult America we are taste testing Australian food
with the ambassador of Australia. Hey Ryan! Paul! How are you? Good to see you. Tank you so much for inviting me. You found the place okay? Yeah it’s not very obvious form of transportation. Well it’s it’s low emission
and completely sustainable. It doesn’t matter how you fly the flag as
long as you fly it, is what we say. Anyway welcome to the official residence,
a round of a bit of Australia here in Warsaw. Okay, come inside. Can I ask you one quick question
before we go in? I see that that’s a kangaroo,
but what animal is this? Well that’s an emu. I’m ashamed to say that I actually am
not familiar with that animal. Well you get to taste it at lunch
today, how about that. We’ll get to you both of them in fact. Come inside! They eat their crust. Okay this way Ryan, welcome. This is amazing. This actually looks nothing
like a Polish home. Am I technically on Australian
ground right now? Well not technically, yeah you could say this
as an extension of the embassy. It’s a space we use for cultural purposes,
for entertaining Polish guests, other diplomatic guests,
but technically Polish law applies, so I’ll hope you, your on
your best behaviour. I will try my best. I’ve got something special for you,
I know you’re thirsty. Some of the best wines that
I could find in Poland. These are all Australian wines. As you can see we’ve got quite
a nice range here from champagne-like wines,
sparkling wines made in Tasmania, various rieslings,
chardonnays from all over Australia. Does that one actually say Polish Hill? It does indeed. Let me show you. This is a very special wine. Grosset Polish Hill riesling. Okay. Few people know that some of our early settlers
who brought winemaking to Aus, to Australia actually came from lands which are now Poland. Really? They were ethnically German, but we have a
connection dating back to 1830s. Now enough of a talking, let’s start drinking. What would you like to try first? Actually… I don’t, uh, drink alcohol,
it’s like a lifestyle. Oh okay, you do eat, right? I definitely eat. Come to the table. Okay. I thought I’d start with a classic. If you can you can cope with Vegemite, if
you can learn to love Vegemite, you can learn to love Australia. Vegemite is a national dish, but most people
make the mistake of just putting too much on the toast. You get to try it with a beautiful
bush tomato scone. Well let’s start. Bon appetit. Or smacznego, as they saying Poland. Smacznego, my friend. Grab a scone, okay. Grab a bush tomato scone. Grab a bit of butter and now grab
a tiny smidgen of Vegemite. Just a little bit like.. That’s right yeah yeah yeah, that’s perfect. So is this something that Australian People
would eat for breakfast? People would have it on toast for breakfast. Children would have it as a snack. It’s incredibly nutritious. Vegemite was really not as… I can’t even
say it was bad at all, I kind of liked it. So I guess it’s about eating
the appropriate quantity. I know you’ve heard about
the Australian sausage roll. This is a homemade sausage roll, we often
eat it with with tomato sauce, which is Australian for ketchup. Uh, but have a have a taste,
it’s basically a sausage in a pastry. What is the filling? It’s it’s beef and pork. That was really good. I was also quite keen to get Ryan to try what
is really an Australian staple, which is chiko roll. Made with with crocodile meat, I thought it’d
be a nice surprise for him. Is that an egg roll? Well it is an Australian chiko roll or rather our own interpretation
of it’s an exotic meat chiko roll. Hmm this is more of a gourmet version. Let me let me know if you know
if you can taste what’s inside. It seems like some kind of meat or fish. You are in fact enjoying some crocodile. Really?! I would never have guessed that. Huh, really good. I thought we would try something that is more
representative of contemporary Australian style and we had an interpretation
of a sashimi dish. This is chilled cucumber soup with raw tuna. The tuna sashimi grade. It’s this is served with raw cucumber and
chive, garlic chive flowers, and this is the cucumber. Oh wonderful thank you Paweł.
This is Paweł Michałowski, the chef. Ah, smells very fresh. And it’s amazing, there are flowers in here. It was pretty amazing and that was an indication
to me that this was not your everyday dish. So are you ready for the next course? I’m a little bit frightened, but yes okay. Paweł, what do we have here? This is a kangaroo tartare. Kangaroo tartare! With some nasturtium flowers at leaves and
this is a kiwi and avocado salad with borage flowers. Kangaroo is actually delicious and extremely
nutritious meat. It’s considered to be one of the healthiest meats. So do you actually eat this
in an Australian home? Do people actually eat kangaroo? Well people people do, typically on the barbecue. And also in mince form. This is of course an interpretation to the
Polish taste, given the tartare is very popular in Poland. Well it smells very fresh, there’s not a
potent odor from the meat, which I suppose is a very good thing. And I’ll just dive right in I guess. I think I would have to get used to that,
it’s different, for sure. Well Ryan I assure you the next
kangaroo dish will be cooked. Alright so it’s kangaroo curry
with black rice cracker, is that how you described it? And peppers, and I suspect it’s going to
be and fresh chilli, yeah. I intuitively know that I’m going to to like it. Watch the spicy chilli. I want the full experience. Wow, that is outstanding. It becomes a whole different beast. You couldn’t do the wine tasting so we prepared
something special for you. Australian steak tasting. Forgive me for being a typical American about
these, but what kind of meats are these? I was hoping that you taste it
and guess and tell me, but let me reveal their surprise here. You’ve got Australian lamb,
Australian Wagyu beef, and emu. All right I’m going in the deep end,
I’m going to actually start with the emu, but the meat looks gorgeous actually. It looks very tender. Oh it smells delicious too. Wow, you know it’s not typical
supermarket meat. Seems very organic. So now this that I’m cut this piece of meat that
I’m cutting into right now is actually proper beef. This is beef, that’s right. This is Australian Wagyu beef. At a certain point I just kind
of run out of vocabulary to describe how delicious this meat is. If I were to compare those steaks with American
steaks I’d have to say that the ones that I ate with the Ambassador were actually far better. I’m full in my stomach, but I’m also full in my
mind and in my heart, so.. Well I hope you can activate your second stomach
because we have a bit of dessert coming up come and join me in their living. I knew you were gonna say that. We have something lovely
and something very Australian. Wow. It is an interpretation on one of our famous desserts
the Pavlova, this one with fresh Australian mango. Okay well I love mango. Amazing and it’s competing with Polish hospitality. I have to say… Well, cheers. Enjoy your dessert. Thank you. I’ve got to tell you, Paul, that as elegant
is this food is, that it is surprisingly homemade. You know, the earlier dishes were not over
killed with salt, this is not overkill with sugar. Well I’m glad you’re enjoying it and I hope
it’s an opportunity to encourage you and your viewers to taste Australian food and
Australian taste for themselves. Maybe Australia is not such a bad option. I know that I’m probably going to visit after
your gracious hospitality, anyways. Absolutely, well I hope you do come and visit
and you know we we think we are a fantastic country. Not just to visit, but also to come
and live in. If that is your choice. So we do well. We certainly do welcome interest from prospective
migrants who want to come and contribute, who have the right qualifications
and the right attitude to become Australians. Mmm well you managed to finish it. Thank you so much. I’m pretty full. Well thank you very much for coming and
visiting and trying the Australian food. Now, I have to run to the office and finish
a few things but you take your time, enjoy your residence and I’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for having me, Paul.
It was really an honour. All the best. Cheers. Well I really enjoyed the lunch with Ryan. I was in fact rushing a bit because I had
a few other things to do. All right come on guys let’s show Australia
some love share this video with all of your friends, give it a thumbs up, and write some
nice comments, please. Iza, thank you so much, it was magnificent,
Paweł, I’m full and happy. Thank you a lot. Bye bye guys. Ambassador’s work is never done.

50 thoughts on “Taste Testing Australian food With Australian Ambassador [Kult America]

  1. It was a great…no! … it was fuc…g amazing video. Great film editing, good interview and everything at all. Thumb up and more like this one. Btw, the ambassador had a very clean english. Good job Ryan!

  2. Polska to gościnny kraj mogą tu przyjechać wszyscy, ale nie mogą okazywać arogancji bo Polscy też umieją okazać arogancję.

  3. Ryan, if you ever decide to go to Australia, hit me up when you up end in Sydney. I'm Polish, but I've been living here for 10 years, and consider Sydney my home.

  4. I'm Polish and Australian (at the same time). I'm actually living in Australia since February. I have to say that a lot of these types of dishes I've have met before. Also I want to ask, what about pies, especially beef pie, which is one of the most popular and national food in Australia ???

  5. Looks amazing 😉 and food presentation, a really top shelf ambassador ! comparable to 3 michellin star restaurant well done !

  6. An explanation to those who discussed the accent of the Ambassador. He was born in Poland and his family moved to Australia in the 1980's so I am guessing that English is not his first language. I am a Pole in Australia and can say the accent of the Ambassador is very similar to that of other Australians of polish origin. Poles in Australia are very proud that we have an Ambassador of Polish birth in the role. And as the ambassador said in another video he is unique in this regard because he is the only foreign Ambassador in Poland of Polish origin.

  7. There so much utter nonsense of the food presented here. Probably 90-95% of Australians have not seen Kangaroo, Emu, Crocodile in a supermarket or a butcher shop, probably because we wouldn't even buy it. The scone looks like nothing I have seen in Australia and is about a quarter of the traditional size. Sausage roll is something some may buy from a cake shop but I have never known anyone to make it at home. Chiko Roll a staple? No No No!. It is something that can be bought which is fried from frozen in oil in takeaway shops but has declined dramatically in the last 10-15 years and to even suggest it has crocodile meat in sales to the general public is plain stupid. Aussies have never heard of your chilled cucumber soup. Ambassador where on earth did you dream up this one?. Oh yeah, raw tuna is so huge in Australia. Not. And now Kangaroo tatare. This is about as common in Australia as Poles eating the Polish White Eagle raw. And that we commonly eat kangaroo on the barbeque is absolutely rubbish. The kangaroo curry looks absolutely ugly, burnt to death and so horrible. Your chef Pawel Michalowski and the waitress must have been howling in laughter in the kitchen thinking this is any way what Australians eat, especially in serving an American who has no idea of Australian food and culture.

  8. Vegemite? Really. Its discussing unless u r born in oz. Chico and sausage rolls r the best I've seen. In fact if they were like that I would b eating them. Instead I ve only sample them once million years ago when there was nothing else available. U can still purchase them in regional areas. The soup and steaks looks great. Can we have this sheff here in Sydney? Lol. Ausie food has changed soo much since I came here in 1981.at that time if u pull out a ham and lettuce sandwich on a decent bread people would call it wog food. Peasant in they eyes. English r not famous for cooking. I only when migrants came the food improved drastically. Today u can eat authentic food from around the world on nearly every corner in majoy cities. Greetings from Sydney.

  9. Take an etiquette class dude. Between the complaining, the smacking, the boyish comments, and general unpleasantness, I wouldn't expect to see another invitation. I'm glad you no longer represent the United States.

  10. What a load of crap!!! I am Australian I have never eating Emu or crocodile and kangaroo maybe twice in my life… WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! And the Australian ambassador does not have an Australia accent!!!

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