like and subscribe for more fun food and… shots shots shots? I have not had sushi in so long!!! I must make a special sauce for dipping. this is a delicious savory and barely sweet dipping sauce you should try! perfection! now we need a drink soju !! don’t do this kids. adults only time yes I am an adult and can totally drink light alcohol like soju without being bothered I am very strong and manly for some reason all this sushi came with those mini rolls in the front right back left is spicy tuna back right are tofu shells filled with rice and crab with spicy roe on top roe is fish eggs and they are the best thing ever I really need to make a roe pizza sometime I would love that middle front is different kinds of sashimi I have to guess the types of fish because I am an uneducated westerner I appreciate high quality and delicious flavor so I do not care what it is I just love that it is good never fear something different or unknown to you you might end up loving it time for more of daddy’s bad drink remember kids leave daddy alone after he has the spicy juice that is his alone time to play overwatch and watch bad movies on amazon prime oh and front left are beef and vegetable dumplings I keep bags of dumplings in my house all the time now that I have an air fryer I can make a few at a time with no mess want a snack of 5 dumplings? great 8 minutes at 400 degrees. it is a real life saver the company that sent me a free air fryer just asked that I share a link once they didn’t even make me make a review video I’ll post the link below because I feel kind of bad about that. I have used it so much. Spicy tuna is always one of my favorite rolls because of the spicy mayo sauce but these giant crab boats are amazing and I adore them let us not forget the beautiful sashimi I think the first piece of fish was eel and that always freaks me out eel looks funny but tastes delicious sea urchin is the same way I love uni, sea urchin, but it is not at cheap sushi restaurants it has been too long since I have been to a real fancy japanese restaurant I think for my birthday I will go to Sakagura I have not been in years and it is on my list of best meals one more shot my friends one too many I am also interested in going to Jose Andres’ new food market in hudson yards I adore spanish food and I love Jose after we got married we went to Bazaar in Vegas it was the best meal of my life just the two of us and a really really good waiter I was too shy to tell him we had gotten married an hour or two before it sounds like something you would say to try to get free stuff but I just wanted to share my happiness with the world my social anxiety won in that instance I didn’t say anything but we still had a wonderful meal I had this leather flavored old fashioned I still remember the taste of I thought this was a sushi video and I’m talking about a spanish chef you guys know I get distracted easily distracted by myself thank you for enjoying all this delicious sushi and dumplings with me I love you all so much your time watching my videos makes my life possible that is an amazing thing I am eternally grateful to you my friends

49 thoughts on “SUSHI FEAST + CRUNCHY DUMPLINGS + 소주 SOJU SHOTS ! 먹방 * ASMR NO TALKING * | Nomnomsammieboy

  1. Oh u know how to drink soju. That chamisul "Original" is so deep tasty than "fresh" . Most Korean ppl drink fresh ver Chamisul. But id like to drink original high level alchol ver ♡

  2. I have never had those crab boats. I'll have to put that on my list of things to try. Also, what does Soju taste like? 💕

  3. I'm kinda terrified of eating sushi again since I ate it quite frequently and picked up anisakiasis which made my life a living hell for weeks

  4. Oooffff! Fantastic food sammieboy! Let’s get this video VIRAL people! Hit that LIKE button before you watch and/or after….💪🏻🤞🏻

  5. "this is his time to overwatch movies on amazon prime" 😂
    looks so good. might just order some sushi tonight 🤤

  6. Would you ever consider doing non food ASMR? I’d love to see that! Also those tofu pockets are called inari I believe?

  7. I eat sushi twice a week but I’ve never had a stuffed tofu shell, deff going to look for them now! Great vid as always 💕

  8. Интересное видео, мне очень понравилось. 🙂 It's a great video СУПЕР. Сome and visit us.

  9. MMMM yummy! can never go wrong with any sushi!!!! really none of your places have uni?! that sucks! so so good!!! you should try uni and tobiko or ikura with quail eggs, SOOO GOOD!!!!! yum yum yum!!! but why soju instead of sake?! hehe… either way i love both drinks!!!! and looooove sushi!!!!

  10. Oye buen video pero te falto poner los subtitulos en español, me encanta leer y ver tus videos, saludos desde mexico 🇲🇽😁✌

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