Super Meat Boy in Super Mario Maker

Super Meat Boy! Hey, guys! André here, and this is one of the levels from the game: Super Meat Boy recited in Super Mario Maker. Make sure to subscribe and enjoy the video! This level would probably go into the Super Expert mode of 100 Mario Challenge. To unlock Super Expert mode, you need to beat Expert mode at least one time. Unless this level will give you nightmares, you should probably ignore the course ID. But it’s this: BA34-0000-0015-F8AC Oh, my God, I almost turned into meat! Get it? Because it’s Super “Meat” Boy.

100 thoughts on “Super Meat Boy in Super Mario Maker

  1. Everybody is playing this level! I myself came here from Vinesauce, but I've heard that loads more people have played this! Well done!

  2. I loved this level, took me quite a while, but always felt fair (unlike some hard levels with tons of thrown hammers and alike).
    I actually made a level that was inspired by this, the code is: 7803-0000-006A-3F43
    Any feedback or just plays in the first place would be much apprechiated!
    (A hint: When you are on the moving skulls, after the jump over the 2 sawblades you'll need a walljump against the direction of movement. Don't run, just stand, "airspin" towards the wall, and walljump. The coins will help aswell.)

  3. I'm playing this right now and at 0:37 the buzzsaws are in a different pattern. No matter what I do I alway jump straight into the top right one. I can also see one of the yellow sponge blocks at the botom of the buzzsaw pit has been replaced with a block. Also worth noting the course is named super meat bros instead of super meat boy

  4. Just beat it today. Very well done! Looks like a couple of small changes have been made to the level since this video was posted.

  5. Looks WAY easier than Super Meat Boy. Chain Chomps move WAY slower than bullets, falling platforms don't disappear instantly, and the jumps aren't nearly as intricate.

  6. Lobos Jr has made some pretty good Super Meat Boy inspired levels. I hope you don't mind the promotion (he's not aware of me doing this).

  7. Did you create this? I've played it and felt so good when I finally beat it! Probably took me a couple of hours. (I'm not very good at 2D Mario).
    Tip for n00bs: to walljump, you need to move towards (not away from) the wall you're jumping off of, as you press jump. This was probably what I was struggling the most with.
    Tip for this level: you can spin jump on top of the thwomp, when it's at its lowest, and wait for it to get to the top again.

  8. Took me 30 minutes to beat this level, I have to admit this is a really good die hard challenge at 0:56 that chain chomp cannon got to me XD

  9. SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!

  10. There is a small tribute to something you did in this 079A-0000-01DB-EBB0 level. My level is a lot longer though. At the 2nd check point there are three ways you can proceed to finish the level itself. All three paths have been beaten. Let me know if you try it, what you think of it. So yeah this level took me 8 hours to upload because I had to beat it start to finish with no check points and then the other 2 check points. Mistakes were made.

  11. At the beginning I wondered if I'd ever beat this level, but once muscle memory kicks in it's very doable. Glad I'm part of the 0.5 or whatever it is. Great lvl.

  12. I made a sequel (ish) to this level! Can you show it?

  13. I like how this and Panga's levels were considered 'insane' at the beginning of the game. Fast Forward one year later and we have Shellspace and Surgical Shells 2.

  14. Wow, That Game Has Lots of Things You Can Do, The Label On The 3DS Version Said That The 3DS Version Had A Lot More Than The Original Super Mario Maker, But It Only Had Less Than The Original

  15. GameXplain: Posts Super Meat Boy whatever in SMM2.

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