sub)Delicious fried rice noodles,Chinese style food,Simple cuisineEp.06

Hello everyone, I am eating delicious fried rice noodles at noon today. The following is the operation process Beat two eggs into the bowl Break up the eggs Cut a small garlic It’s good to cut it so long. River powder should also be cut into small pieces Add cooking oil to the pot Pour egg liquid Stir fry eggs Fried eggs, first plate Add cooking oil to the pot Put in garlic leaves Stir fry Add bean sprouts Continue to stir fry Can pour into the river powder Still stir fry Add the fried eggs just now. With salt Chicken powder a spoonful of soy sauce Continue to stir fry Ok, it’s fried. Plate loading Add cooking oil to the pot Put in ginger slices Add 500ML of water Ready to make a soup The water is boiled and put into the flower pot Cook for 5 minutes on high heat The flower buds are cooked and can be picked up. Ok, I want to enjoy my lunch. Ok. Delicious fried rice noodles The flower garden is very sweet and delicious. Try it out

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