[SUB] How to make Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice 김치밥만들기

Today’s dish,
Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice Ingredients, rice, kimchi, green onion, sausage, mozzarella cheese For reference, because the chopping board is kimchi
I put vinyl on it for dye transfer. First, slice kimchi Kimchi slicing complete And slice the leeks Sliced ​​green onion Finally, slice the sausage Sausage Slicing Complete I’m going to make a sauce 3 tablespoons of water 1 tablespoon red pepper powder Add a tablespoon of sugar and mix A plausible marina is born Raise a fan fire Put a lot of oil Stir in the ingredients Sizzling When it smells good, add some sauce Stir it for a few more minutes
Turn off the light Put the rice in the mixing bowl Put the roasted ingredients Mix It seems to be delicious even if we eat like this Put the ingredients back on the pan
Bake on low heat The bear shaped me pretty. The bear spread the material thinly When it feels delicious
Put the cheese Close the lid Wait for the cheese to melt Opening This is important when you put it on a plate You should cover the cheese like this My love parsley wow Now let’s eat My love radish Cheese is art Yum Yum It’s really delicious Try Coco Coco: It’s really delicious! hurray! Spicy and sweet
Taste of cheese goes well It’s heaven to eat with radish Already the last bite full I have to eat an apple Snow White’s favorite apple Apple shearing done Yum Yum yummy Dessert completed Today’s video is here See you next time ~ Likes, subscriptions, and comments
It is a great strength for me!

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  1. 김치밥 비주얼에 군침이 꼴깍!
    치즈가 듬뿍! 들어가서 너무 맛있겠어요~

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