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Hi guys! Today, I’m going to film something fun! It’s 2p.m. now which it quite late for lunch. But I usually eat my lunch late so no problem! hehe Ta-da! Ta-da! Today, I’m going to eat and review USA army ration MRE! MRE is short for Meal, Ready-to-Eat. It’s a one meal package for soldiers. I heard there are 24 menus in MRE. I have 2 of them and I’m going to review one package today. I have menu no.10 which is chili and macaroni. There are several contents in this bag. Including: Let’s see what’s inside and review it together! I’m excited to try MRE for the first time! It will be fun. Shall we start and look up what’s inside? Let’s go! There were 10 contents in this package including the spoon. Let’s see what we have. First of all, this is the main course which is chilli and macaroni. I guess this is one of the side dish? or spread of cheese. It’s cheese spread with jalapeño. It said there’s a dessert or a snack. I think this cherry blueberry cobbler is dessert. And it said there’s cracker or bread and I got Italian bread stick. This is chocolate chip cookie. My package had chocolate protein drink powder. And this is accessory pack which includes, Xylitol chewing gum, matches, napkin/toilet paper, sugar and seasoning etc… This is hot beverage mixing bag. I guess this bag is for coffee or tea. Lastly, this is flamless ration heater. Let’s put our main course to FRH and warm up the food. I came to kitchen to warm up this main dish. As I read it in the instructions, it said after pouring water into FRH, we need to put FRH bag into this bag because it’s hot Let’s tear this up. I guess we should put this main dish into FRH. Like this. It says DO NOT OVERFILL I think we only need to pour water this much. (Under the line) I don’t need too much water to use this. After pouring the water, we need to put it into this original package I hear the water is already starting to boil. The bottom part is already hot. It’s already really hot! In the instruction, it said I should place it on the rock or something. So I laid mine on the desk to make sure the water reaches all parts of FRH. The bag didn’t melt down but it smells like it’s melting down. I think it’s ready to eat because it’s all warmed up! The ingredients are: It’s time to open the package. Camera!! Work!! You need to capture this steam!!! If you look into this bag, like this there’s steam inside. So cool!! I never used this before. There is one more line to tear this up. I’m going to use the spoon from the package. All the contents including this spoon is all military color. Importance of concealment. lol It looks yummy, isn’t it? It just looks like an instant food. It smells like instant tomato pasta. The one that you can buy it from convenience store. Let me try it out! It’s like It’s actually quite delicious. Maybe it’s because I’m hungry 😛 But it also taste like an instant food. I should eat my lunch now. hehe There are macaronis, beef which looks like small meatball and a chili sauce which you can find it from chili cheese fries. Oh! I remembered we have this cheese spread with jalapeño. Let me open this up. I totally forgot to put this 🙁 I can smell cheese jalapeños. It fell into my main dish. lol I just forgot to put this before. I’ll try it with cheese. It smells okay. It’s way better with the cheese spread. I already ate quite a lot of chili and macaroni. haha I’ll save it for later. Let’s try other foods too. Shall we open the accessory pack first? Why do we need matches? We have instant coffee, napkin, creamer for coffee or tea, moist towelette, salt, sugar and gums. Now I ate my main dish but I think this Italian bread stick was an appetizer. I forgot to eat this appetizer first so let’s try this one first. The bread stick looks like a flat bread. I can smell something cheesy. It’s 190kcal. It might be better with the chili sauce. I can taste something cheesy and lot of spices. I’ll pass the instant coffee because it will be same as other instant coffee. I’ll try this chocolate chip cookie. Awwwww 🙁 Chocolate has melt down.. It’s a big cookie. There’s a one big chocolate chip cookie inside the package. Chocolates are on the top. haha. Less chocolates on the bottom part. Let’s try it out! It’s just a normal chocolate chip cookie. Nothing special. Now it’s time for my dessert! Cherry blueberry cobbler. I’ll open it. I cut off the clip but I showed the picture of the dessert earlier. It looked like this. However, When I try touching the package, it was too squashy. As you can see, it’s squashy. I was expecting some crumbles inside after watching the image but it’s SQUASHY.. It doesn’t have a strong smell. Just smells like blueberries? But the visual of this dessert is terrible. I’ll show you guys how it looks like. This is not what I was expecting. What the heck is this…… I’ll just eat this much first. You know those canned fruits, right? Actually, those canned fruits are better. The texture is like a mixture of those canned fruits with jellies. I had high expectations because it was dessert….. But the main course was way better. It’s not delicious at all. It was terrible. I had two bites. OMG….. The last but not least, I have chocolate protein drink powder. I actually want to drink this after I exercise. I’ll try this out this evening when I go to gym. Ta-da! I went to my cousin’s after shooting the video. It’s already almost 9p.m. but I want to go to the gym. So I’m trying to take this powder drink with me. It just smells like chocolate powder. It said I need to 8oz of water so I measured and bring it with me. After pouring the water, it said I need to shake it for a minute. Done! I want to pour it into my tumbler. Is it mixed well…? It looks thick. Let’s try it out! It’s okay. It tastes very strong. I’m going to add some ice and bring this with me. Bye~ Hi guys! I’m here at the gym. I was vlogging myself at the gym with my protein drink but my camera suddenly died 🙁 I wanted to film myself working out but the camera is not helping me. haha I only had a small cup of protein powder drink before. But this drink taste like good ice chocolate drink. It doesn’t taste something different. You know that Swiss Miss and other hot chocolate packs are meant to mix with water, right? It’s just like those drinks. Swiss Miss with ice. I’ll give 4.5 stars for this! I think this is one of the best from the package. lol Anyway, I don’t have much time left so I should go. Bye~~ Finally, I ate all the thing from my first package. I ate everything except gum and instant coffee. So I ate and reviewed menu number 10. Chili and macaroni. In my opinion, the main course was very good. It was way better than I thought. However, to be honest, it just tastes like a cheap instant food. I ate all of them. The cheese spread was nice too. The worst menu from this package was the dessert: cherry blueberry cobbler. Firstly, the texture was weird when I touched the package. After I opened the content, it looked terrible. Chocolate chip cookie was just a normal cookie. It was okay. And the Italian bread stick was not good as well as the dessert. lol For me, it was too strong. It’s just not delicious for me. This is all for today’s video. Reviewing MRE for the first time is now finished.

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