Street Food in Peshawar – SUPERHUMAN Curry + 100 Egg BIGGEST Chapli Kebabs + Pakistani Street Food!

– All right, check it out
guys, it’s Trevor James. We’re super deep in the back
alleys of Peshawar, Pakistan, and today we’re going deep for tons of amazing Peshawari street food. Let’s check it out. (traditional folk music) Today, we’re bringing you in full-on for five incredible street
foods, right here in Peshawar, the land of hospitality in Pakistan. So make sure to watch all
the way until the end, because this video has some
super-unique street foods that you’re gonna love. Let’s eat. And we are having food
all day today, guys. We are in the bustling
markets of Peshawar, the rich culture-soaked alleyways, and there’s so much going on. This is a true cultural hub of Pakistan. There’s so much history here. And right up ahead,
we’re gonna explore lots and get tons of delicious street food. And I think we’ve found
a local bean stall. Oh, look at this, guys. We’ve got the biggest
channa stew I’ve ever seen. And then look at these kidney beans here. And you can get it all mixed up. Amazing. That is incredible. And you can see they’re
just serving a ton of these in bags to go, but they’ve also got potato in the back there. Ooh, and look at this. – [Stall Worker] Ghee, ghee. – Ghee. Oh, we’re just putting
the ghee in as well. – Good.
– Good. Very good. We’re definitely gonna
have to try this out. Oh, so it’s kidney bean, and
you can get chutney on top. And you’ve got a selection
of either kidney bean or the channa. This is just crazy. And this is one of the most fastest, craziest street food stalls
you’ll ever see here. (people chattering) (car horns honking) This is crazy here! (speaking in foreign language) Thank you! Whoa, this is the upgraded channa. Look at that. It’s a rich chickpea stew
and they cover it with ghee and it’s also covered
with a pudina chutney, a mint chutney and a potato on top. Mm! Oh wow, that’s tasty. – Tasty.
– Oh, it’s minty. – Nice.
– Very nice. It’s like a minty channa. That is really refreshing
and spicy at the same time. Thank you very much, thank you, very nice. And we’re gonna keep exploring, guys. Absolutely amazing here in Peshawar. And this is just amazing, guys, we’re having so much food all day. You’re gonna love this video, so make sure to watch all
the way until the end, because we have so much food coming up. This is one of the coolest
cities I’ve ever visited and one that you definitely have to visit if you love traveling to new places with tons of delicious food. And you will fall in love with Peshawar as soon as you visit. Look at this, guys. We are going to a famous kebab joint, but right on the way,
this is the sajji chicken. You can see the chicken just grilling right beside the coals here. This is a famous dish you
can find all over Pakistan. And right up here, this
is Jalil Kabob House, with the famous chapli kabob. Wow. – Okay.
– Oh. – Chapli kabob.
– Chapli kabob. Look at these guys, we’ve
got the chapli kabobs in the deep, darkest, richest oil. So these are beef and
they’re full of local spices. The chapli kabob at Jalil. – Jalil Kabob.
– Jalil Kabob. Chapli kabob, Peshawar. Ooh. (speaking in foreign language) Tasty! Look at that, we just got
a mini hamburger kabob. Look at that! This is full of so many spices. We’re gonna order up a
couple of these patties, these upgraded hamburger patties. These honestly, they’re so good with naan, but if you put those in a burger, that is next level best burgers
in the world, guaranteed. This has to be brought to the world, the chapli kabobs of Pakistan. – Wah! – Mm, whoa! – Whoa! Good. – Mm! Whoa! That right there is the best patty you’ll ever eat. Oh, and we’re just covering
that mountain with onions and look at all the
spices and tons of chili. Look at that. That is incredible! Tons of this coriander seed, just mountains of coriander seed. Beautiful, and pomegranate! That is the real hamburger patty. (traditional folk music) (people chattering) This is insane! Look at all the tomatoes! Oh, tomatoes! Pure heaven here, guys. Wow! Have you ever seen a kabob of meat patty mountain that big, with that many spices,
with pomegranate seed? Because this is what’s worth
coming to Pakistan for, this is it right here, guys. Oh, (laughing) unbelievable. And look what we’ve found here! The 100-egg omelet! And look at how dark that oil is. That is gonna give it so
much flavor, the kabob meat, the patty meat flavor is
infused into that oil. And it’s so dark! Look at this! There’s nothing in the world like this. It’s dark. Wow! And look at that oil, that is really dark. That is really dark oil. Oh, that is gonna give it a lot of flavor. And they’re scooping that up
and that’s gonna go on to, oh, look at that, that’s going on to the kabob patty meat. Wow! Unreal! Unreal! We just fried up what looked like 50 eggs, threw them in, and now
we’re just mixing through the hot fried eggs into that batter. Thank you. We’re gonna go try one now, guys. Oh and the naan. Thank you. Look at this, guys, we got the ultimate
Pakistani burger patties. These are called kabobs in Pakistan. They are fatty, plump, filled with spice, fried in the deepest,
darkest oil, just saturated. And this here could go on
any hamburger and make it the best in the world. That’s all you need, look at that. Full of onions and spice and right here, you can
just pour some raita, yogurt with mint and
cumin, it’s all in there. Just touch it up and then
of course, a little lemon just a touch. Mm! Oh yeah! Oh, very tasty. – Very tasty. – Whoa! That is so greasy and meaty and heavy and you just make the ultimate
sloppy naan wrap with that. Really nice with the
onions, the coriander. I’ll take this over a hamburger any day, with the raita, the mint,
the yogurt, a little sour. And the saturated, fatty
egg-infused, coriander-infused, delicious, plump patty, oh, with the naan. It’s soft. That right there, that’s all you need. And there’s just so much
here, guys, right up here. I think we’ve found the most
ultimate mountain of pulao rice with beef bones, tender beef bones, and it’s just right up here. Let’s go try it out. And here we are, guys. – How are you?
– How are you? – I’m fine, thank you. – The Shinwari pulao.
– Yes, yes, yes. – Oh, beef.
– Beef, beef, beef. – Can we take a look? – Yes.
– Okay. Look at this, guys. Oh! There it is! That is a mountain! That is the ultimate shinwari pulao rice. And this is just the beginning. We are gonna be putting
in the delicious beef and carrots and spices, oh wow. And here comes the beef. Look at this! We’ve got this stew,
this natural thick broth full of the most tender
beef you’ll ever see. Look at that! And we’re just scooping out that rich, insanely succulent soft beef and we’re gonna pour it
in to that pulao rice, that delicious and fluffy-looking rice. Look at this! They give you huge chunks
of bone, cover it in pulao so it’s a pulao enclosure
and then just garnish it with mountains of carrot
and raisin and cinnamon. Look at those carrots. We’ve got, oh, carrots in ghee. That is so thick. Those are gonna be sweet
and there’s actually raisins in there are as well. And I think I smell a
little bit of cinnamon. And that’s it. (laughs) And that’s the pulao right there. We’re gonna have a big plate of that. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
– Welcome, welcome. – Whoa! And we’re gonna make a
fresh batch right here. Whoa! That’s beef stock we’re
just throwing in here. Oh. – Oil. Ghee.
– Ghee. And that’s the ghee. And here’s the rice,
the basmati (chuckles) into that beef stock with ghee. And that is just gonna simmer and infuse and get fluffy in that beef and ghee. Very nice. Oh, thank you. Oh, and there’s the light masala. – Garam masala.
– Masala, garam masala. Oh, and you can smell
the cumin and the pepper. And that right there is going
to be mixed with the beef and the carrot and the raisin
and the light cinnamon, the light spices. It’s going to be the perfect pulao, one of the best pulaos
ever, you can just tell. Your good name?
– Lockman Han. – Lockman?
– Yes. – Nice to meet you.
– Thank you. – Thank you for having us here. So this is your special beef pulao? – Yes, yes, shinwari beef pulao. – Shinwari beef pulao.
– Yes. – And this is the most
tender-looking beef here, guys. Look at this stew. So you use a little masala? – [Lockman] No. – No masala?
– Yes. – [Trevor] No masala,
just natural flavor here? Natural? – Yes.
– No masala? – All natural.
– Oh. Look at that, guys. We’ve got the bones, we’ve got the beef, we’ve got the marrow. It’s rich, it’s fatty, and
we’ve got so many of these. And we’re gonna go try out a bowl. And this is it. The ultimate pulao. (people chattering) Thank you. Thank you very much. What’s so interesting about pulao is that you can find it
all through Central Asia. And it slightly changes as
you go to different countries. So they have it in
China, they call it polo. They have it in Uzbekistan. All over, it’s called by different names. But usually it sounds close to pulao. But look at that. They gave us a bone with
a big chunk of meat, oh. Oh, look at that! That’s a huge chunk of meat there. That’s caveman style. Delicious! And I just love how they put
carrot and raisin in there. So it’s gonna be slightly
sweet, and the rice is fluffy. And we’re just gonna take
a big chunk of that meat. And I just want to taste it. I want to make sure that
we get a good taste. I want a taste of those
carrots and raisin and rice on the bite, so it’s gonna
be perfectly aromatic. Mm! Mm! Oh! Oh, wow. That is really good! That is insanely tender beef. That just falls apart
and melts in your mouth. And it’s just naturally sweet
from raisins, and fluffy. And that bone is just meant
for eating caveman style. Oh yeah, oh. And look what we got next. – Wow! And just look what we found here, guys. The Peshawari grilled fish. This is rohu fish. And you can see it’s
coated in light masala, and it’s cooking in that deep, dark oil. And look at that big filet
there we’re just turning. Whoa! That’s beautiful! And we’re pressing it to get all the juices infused in there. It’s just sizzling. Oh, that’s is what it’s all
about right there, with masala. Oh! And we’re gonna go sit
inside and try it out. Oh, thank you. Beautiful. And we just got the rohu fish. And there it is, guys. This is the special Peshawari fish. And we’re gonna take a big
chunk of that rohu fish. Mm! Mm! Mm! Oh, it’s so nice! That is so, so flavorful, with the masala. And crispy, and full of fleshy juice. That is one of the best
fried fishes you’ll ever eat. The masala mixed with the lemon, mixed with the crunchy, crispy skin, and the soft, juicy flesh. Wow. Very nice! – Very nice, so much tasty. – So tasty. Wow! That was delicious! Thank you. Amazing food here, in Peshawar. And you can see, that is some of the most
fresh and delicious fish, covered in that masala. That is worth flying to
Peshawar for, just right here. Wow! And we are just so, so deep
in these alleyways now, guys. Look at all the food around us. And right up here. – Wow! – Eggs.
– Eggs. So we’ve got, look at this, guys. So we’ve got a local Pakistani omelet. And we’re going to get that. And it’s mixed with liver. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, for power? (man laughing) Can I get egg plate, please? Awesome and we’re gonna get it mixed with the liver and masala. With masala. – Yeah, yes. – Awesome. Oh, and the tomatoes go right in there. Yeah, tomato. So we’re gonna make a fresh omelet here. Beautiful. – Ketchup? – Ketchup. Natural ketchup, with the tomato. – Ketchup. – Yeah. – Pakistan.
– Hello. – Hi.
– Welcome to Pakistan. – Thank you so much.
– Welcome. – Thank you so much.
– Welcome. – We love Pakistan. – Yeah, yeah, why not. – Very beautiful country. – Everybody, everything is nice. – Friendly.
– Yes. – Very friendly.
– Why not? – Oh, and the chili, yes, please. Chili. That’s the chili. Oh, and masala. – [Man] Masala. – [Trevor] Wow, we got
chili, masala, salt, it’s all in there. – [Man] Channa Salt. – Beautiful. Yes. And there’s the fresh red chili. Amazing. – Amazing. (speaking in foreign language) – Why not? – Tasty. – Looks tasty. Yeah, very nice
– Very tasty. – Everything is good. – Everything is good – China, Japan? – China.
– China – China, good friend. (men laughing) (speaking in foreign language) – This is just amazing, guys. Oh yeah, and here come the eggs. Oh, we’re gonna get five eggs in there. – You are Chinese, no?
– No, I’m not Chinese. – Which is your country?
– Canada. – [Man] Wow. (speaking in foreign language) – [Trevor] Oh, and here they come. We’re getting five eggs in there. This is the ultimate
Pakistani street food. – [Man] Egg, egg. – [Man] Why not? – [Man] Okay. – Oh, okay. There they are. Looks really good! – Why not, why not? – This is Peshawari omelet. Thank you. Whoa! Look at this, guys. There it is, and you can see
it’s just full of green chili and masala, oh, and the liver. He just put in cumin, and
masala, and chili on that. And we’re gonna try that bite
out with a chunk of liver, and all of these eggs. Mm! Mm! Mm! – Tasty, okay.
– Tasty, thank you. Oh, this is just amazing. It’s all about the liver. It’s really light, yet heavy
at the same time with the ghee. Oh, and the tomatoes! That is nice. What do you think, Ting? – So good. – Do you like that?
– Yeah. – Really good, right? And that was the most amazing
omelet, and right here I think we just found curry heaven. Nice to meet you. So what do we have here? Oh, so many curries! Oh, I think this is a potato and chicken. Aloo? – Chicken, chicken.
– Aloo chicken. Oh, and this is the pakora, with kadhi, which is a yogurt curry. We totally just found curry heaven here. Look at this. We’ve got a huge selection
of delicious curries, lentils, dals, gravies, chickens. It’s all here. You can get anything mixed with anything. Dal with egg, with curry,
with gravy, with coriander. And we’ve just got so much here. People are just taking it all in. Oh, and look at this. This is dal. – Dal mash.
– Dal mash, with egg. We’ve got chicken in the back here. We’ve got beans. Oh, look at that! And then we’ve got more dal. So many varieties of lentils here. And this is the real special. Saag, saag. That is the mustard greens
gravy, and you can see there’s fresh red chili on top. It’s all here. Can I get egg plate mixed curry, please? Egg plate mixed curry, and egg plate dal? (speaking in foreign language). And egg plate curry? (speaking in foreign language) And egg plate, maybe, this kheema? – Kheema. – Kheema aloo. Oh, and look at that. Amazing. This is amazing, guys. Chicken, and he’s just
covering it with the gravy. So much flavor and aroma coming
from this stall right now, masala, and pepper, and coriander. And as you can see, it’s
just a beautiful scene here. And these are all for us. Wow, and these are them,
special Peshawari curries. So this is it, the curry heaven. Look at this, guys. We’ve got a beautiful dal,
lentils with coriander, with black pepper, and masala, and a little bit of oil on there, it’s just looking so beautiful. And then this right here is the kadhi, – [Man] Kadhi pakora. – ]Trevor] Kadhi pakora. So it’s delicious kadhi, which is yogurt with masala, and then we’ve got
these gram flour pakoras also covered in masala and black pepper. And then look at this, we’ve
got a delicious stewed chicken with light masala and
stewed potatoes as well. Black pepper and coriander. And a saag. This is the saag. – Saag.
– And a saag. – Palak.
– So this is palak? Oh, palak? Palak? Oh, so this is palak, which is spinach. And I think they also put a
bit of mustard greens in there. So spinach and mustard greens
mix, and it’s also covered in that same masala, black pepper, and they give you an egg as well. And we’re just gonna
break this naan and go in. What’s your favorite, the saag? – Saag.
– Saag? Okay, let’s go in for saag. Oh, yeah, dip it in! (speaking in foreign language)
– Mm! – That’s good.
– Mm! – Good!
– Oh, tasty. – Yes. – It’s just like a spinach
gravy, seasoned well, with a little pepper. Mm! And this is just one of the thousands of little curry joints
you can get in Peshawar. So now we can try the kadhi. – Kadhi.
– Kadhi. – [Trevor] This is gram
flour pakora in a yogurt. The kadhi is a yogurt-based
sauce, and it’s full of masala. – [Man] Yes, good. – Okay, I’m gonna take the kadhi. Oh, look at that! Tasty. Very nice. Mm! – Mm! (man laughing) (speaking in foreign language) – It’s a really light curry, with masala, and a super soft gram flour pakora. You like the pakora?
– Ah. – Oh yeah. This is what life’s about, guys. Amazing food. Friendly people. Thank you so much. This is incredible food, and so amazing to be here, in Peshawar. The Peshawari curry delight. – This is all so– – Chicken aloo.
– Chicken aloo. – Chicken aloo. – Amazing guys. Thank you, boss, thank you. Thank you, thank you very much. That was amazing, thank you. I would love to hear from you down below. Please click that little
subscribe and bell notification so you don’t miss any of these videos. Pakistan is an amazing destination, and I hope you can visit. Very nice. Beautiful. (laughing) Amazing. People are so friendly here.

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