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Angel this is the golden dip steak. What? Are
you ready for this? Boom! Golden dip! The golden dip baby! Check it out! Butter and steak is the perfect marriage.
Whenever you’re cooking our steak and it’s almost done when finishing it with
butter it takes it to another level. I am one of those believers that says butter
makes everything better. But what if we cook the whole steak in
butter? I have already done that. Even though it turns out good the issue is that
it dilutes the flavor. Some way somehow it just gets washed off. And today I’m
gonna test several different ways to find out which way is the best way to
use butter with your steaks. So let’s do it! And these are the stars of the show. They
are one and a half inches thick prime New York Strip. Just by looking at them
you can see that the marbling is amazing. And one of the things I like to
recommend to you is get to know your meat dealer because he will always take
good care of you. Since I have three of them this is how
the experiment is gonna go down. The very first one I am not going to be seasoning it now and that’s because we already know that it will dilute the flavor
once it’s been cooked in butter. Once the temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit is
reached I’ll be taking it off and searing it as fast as possible. Then right before
serving it will get its seasoning. The second one I will season it now. It’s
also going to dry brine, then I’m going to be searing it as fast as possible. Once
that’s done I’ll be cooking it in indirect heat until reaches an internal
temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. And right at the end I’ll be doing the
golden dip, which means to dip it in butter and serve. The third and last one
will be our control. I’m going to season it now and let it dry brine as well. Then
I’m going to be putting a beautiful sear on it and also baste it with
butter then I’m gonna be cooking in indirect heat until I reach 135 degrees
Fahrenheit. We know that works because it is my go to steak. And by the time I’m
done with these three beautiful steaks we’re gonna know which way is the best
way to use butter with your steaks. I kept the seasoning simple with salt,
freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder. The two steaks that were seasoned
I am going to let them dry brine. To make sure I get a perfect sear and fast I’m
going to be using my chimney of insanity, that allows me to sear my steaks in
seconds versus minutes. But now I say it is enough talking and it is time to cook
these beautiful steaks. So let’s do it! All right everybody here we have our
beautiful steaks all cooked to perfection. What do you think Angel? I’m
trying to, I’m trying to of figure this one out. You trying to figure you’re not gonna be
able to figure this one out you can’t tell just by looking at it. All right
let’s go for it. Let’s go with the first one.
I’m actually curious to find out what it tastes like.
Very first one my nephew. You ready? Cheers! Cheers everybody! Well that’s a good steak right there. That’s so
good that it feels like a wagyu steak. It’s not wagyu. So what do you think? It’s
not is not a Guga steak but it feels like it’s close to a Ggua steak. What does that
mean? They don’t understand what that means. It feels like it tastes kind of like a Guga steak but I did a little bit better than a Guga steak bro. I did a little bit different my brother it’s not always that we normally
do you know I stirred it with a charcoal chimney today. So you get up yeah it has
a very different and unique flavor, not like what we normally used to. By searing
with the chimney starter it gives it a different and unique flavor doesn’t it.
Like you can tell that it’s different I feel like there’s definitely like I can
taste that charcoal like is in there. But if you are wondering if it’s amazing,
absolutely. Are you ready for the second one? Let’s go bro. All right let’s go because
I’m excited to find out if there’s difference or not. Is this a good experiment or? It is! Second steak everybody we’re gonna let you know. Cheers! That is nice! This one is definitely a
really good steak and it’s close to that one. Yeah this one is above right now I
agree I preferred this one a lot more. This is it’s just a bit higher up. I would
say that it’s lacking a little bit of flavor. Yeah. This one feels more like legit. Like all the
flavor is in there and this one kind of like the flavor washed out a little bit.
What do you think? That’s what I think so too. Would that be a good description for it? I
think that’s a good description. Did you try to make it tender or something is that why? No not at all
you’re gonna be surprised with this experiment. Okay last one cheers
everybody! Oh this one is very different. It’s not
bad, it’s just completely different. Weird! What do you think? It’s a different
spectrum it has it is not a bad steak. It tastes fine it’s good but in comparison
to this one it doesn’t have the same flavor. For the first one compared to the
first one. Yeah. I agree. But is a good steak though I
think. I think that you do get a lot of flavor because you seasoned it
afterwards with the salt mm-hmm. But this one just has the the season. Throughout
the entire thing? Yeah this is just on top. This one like external. This one is like for real you know
this is for real. This one’s like yeah some people prefer the salt after. I’m
gonna explain to you the idea and then you’re gonna tell me what you think
about it. This is a regular Guga steak but I seared it on the chimney starter.
That’s the only difference today and it is incredible everybody it tastes
actually different than a regular if you seared it like I normally do. And if you
have a never tried that method I recommend you do, because it gives them
more burn flavor and more charcoal pronounced flavor. Right I wouldn’t say
burnt but I would say like the charcoal really penetrated. Yeah like the charcoal goes
deeply especially when you’re blowing the hot air on top of it like on the
bottom of it I mean. Yeah. It just comes in and that flavor is really, really intense and
it’s different than a regular steak. This one here Angel I did the same thing as
the first steak but then what I did was I grabbed it and I did a golden dip.
Butter! I golden dipped on it you know what I mean. So I dipped it nicely
in butter. Now here’s the thing, a lot of people think that because I
golden dip it you know I’m gonna keep saying golden dip . You like that. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Just call it the golden dip video. I know right because it was a golden color. Anyway a lot of people think that
because I you know put the steak and the dip of butter what would happen is all
that butter will stay on top of the steak, but it does not. It does not feel
overly buttery did you even notice that there was overly buttery.
No not really not at all actually. If you’re asking me I didn’t even really
taste the butter that much. You didn’t even taste it, see that’s what I’m
talking about the
only butter you eat is the one that remains on the top so it doesn’t matter
if you grab the steak and you dip it in butter and then you take it out you’re
not gonna eat all that butter. The butter will not penetrate inside of the steak
so it just basically it doesn’t even matter. It’s better off actually doing
the first one because the second one when you dip it and you take it out the
flavor kind of I like oh. Yeah maybe like you say washed off. It washed off exactly you
washed off all that nice flavor on top of the steak and the butter dipping it
does nothing. The last one I cooked it in butter. So I cooked it in like kind of
like indirect heat first and completely butter submerged when you see this
video you probably gonna freak out like oh my God. I’m over here like what did I eat? But the same thing since it
was poached in butter you cannot tell that it was like so too much butter. Yes.
Because it doesn’t penetrate. You don’t really taste like wow there’s definitely butter
here. No! Maybe you might have a thought in your mind like all the way in the
back of your mind like. Exactly. You used a little butter on this. Yeah. It does not work. I would have never
thought that you straight-up cooked it in butter. Cooked it in butter and then
we seared it off. Yeah that is the best one. This is definitely I would say these two methods
here are complete gimmick you know what I mean. To because it sounds good right?
You’re gonna dip it in butter and you’re gonna cook it in butter. I’m gonna cook this in some butter. Everybody is gonna love this! Who’s not gonna like this…Yeah. I almost cursed on that one. Who’s gonna like this stuff bro like. It’s just, it’s just…come on bro butter? Exactly It is all a gimmick everybody it does not do anything for
your steak. What it does this actually removes the flavor from the steak and I don’t recommend it. Yeah you gotta use your butter the same way you put it on your pancake at the end. Yes nice and finishing it off with the butter is the best way to go like I
normally do. Or sear it first then butter baste it and let it cook it in indirect
heat that is the best method to use butter. I want to be clear
I recommend basting with butter I just don’t recommend cooking it in
butter or dipping it in the golden dip. Don’t do the golden dip! Agree? I mean I
bet the golden tip looks nice. It looks nice, I bet it’s appealing to the eye. I
know it sounds good. Anyway guys these are the results I hope you guys enjoyed
this video is and it was informative to you. If you do enjoy make sure give it a
thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos.
Remember if you’re interested in anything I use everything is always in
the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys
on the next one take care everybody bye-bye. Bro the golden dip, who’s not gonna like
this stuff bro like ah golden dip!

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