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Howdy Food Tube today we’re going down south
we’re going to do a spicy meat gumbo Louisiana style with a bit of a twist dark meat smokey
spicey just flavoursome goodness now there’s so many different versions of this everybody’s
got their own kinda twist seafood vegetarian but this is our slant on a classic this is
what we started with look at this dark meat thighs drumsticks smokey sausages streaky
bacon we rub this salt pepper smoke paprika and cayenne now you wanna brown off the dark
meat about 15 minutes until it goes golden brown then it’s all about the vegetables this
is the Holy Trinity a traffic light of peppers red yellow green about four stalks of finely
chopped celery and an onion so that’s all being cooked in the juices from the meats
that’s super important back here soften that all up now we do the roux, don’t mess with
the roux, three heaping tablespoons of flour ok and we’re gonna stir it the whole time
add that this is why the fat from the meat is important so now the flour’s in we’re gonna
keep stirring this for about 10-15 minutes the longer you cook it the darker it gets
the better it is, do not flake out and leave it unattended because you don’t want it sticking
to the bottom
the roux and the Holy Trinity are looking good nice colouring, now we add the rest now
we got that dark meat that goes in this is not traditional but it works trust us, we’ve
got a kilo of chopped up sweet potatoes and they soften up they’re just gonna love all
that sauce then we’re gonna add four bay leaves uma doiche treyce quat then we’re gonna do
six sprigs of thyme yeah and then six cloves of garlic finely chopped get in there and
last but not least we need a litre and a half of hot chicken stock we got some organic chicken
stock in here, you can use veg stock use a stock to match what you’re doing in your gumbo
you know we got a lot of chicken in there we got an organic chicken stock, you wanna
make sure that chicken stock covers all your veg and your meat give it a nice big stir
get all those flavours to rock everything’s in there you wanna bring it to a boil once
it’s bubbling get it down to a simmer and give it 45 minutes we need patience right
now this’ll be so worth it, see you in a sec it’s been 45 minutes and look at this pot
of spicy meat gumbo how good does that look it’s gone nice and thick and oh man that’s
gonna be awesome so I’ve already got some rice here so I’m gonna spoon some rice into
the bowl, get in there rice let’s get some of our concoction on there oh yeah want a
bit of everything I want some of that spicy sausages in there and a big old chicken thigh
that’s my favourite bit of the chicken a little parsley on there and we’ve got some spring
onions scallions as we call them in my part of the planet there we have it, spicy meat
gumbo on some rice with that little kind of twist, sweet potatoes nice and soft they soak
up all that nice spicy juice are you guys ready for this here we go let’s dig in that’s some good wholesome food right here
but I wanna here from you guys how do you guys do your gumbo, comment bellow do you
use shrimp do you go veggie y’know what kind of sausages do you put in your gumbo this
one is courtesy of our good friend Jamie Oliver from his Jamie’s America cookbook so thanks
JO I’m DJ BBQ thanks for watching there’s a button there for my channel if you want
to hit it I’d really appreciate it and food tube’s over there-catch ya guys next time!

100 thoughts on “Spicy Meat Gumbo | DJ BBQ

  1. Loving this southern style of cooking! I would put in some ocra to pay hommage to the original. What sausage do you guy recommend, if you can get original New Orleans style andouille?

  2. I make my gumbo completely differently but this is so interesting I actually want to try it. I like the idea of adding sweet potatoes it's like an undercover veggie lol.

  3. Not to crazy about all the capsicum myself, but how about just throwing some of those lovely roasted ones from the jar towards the end instead..?

  4. Looks Mega, embarrassed to say I've never cooked a Gumbo, looks the ideal meal for our family, does it taste better if you talk to it as you're preparing it, a bit like a gardener talking to his plants, LOL, Thanks DJ BBQ, great fun video.

  5. I just made this and am eating it right now! I had to simmer it for about a half hour more or so because I probably had the burner on too low for the first 45 minutes, but damn, this is incredible! :'O Thanks DJBBQ for the video and thanks Jamie for the recipe. Delicious! <3

  6. You changed your hair style , didn't recognize for a moment 🙂
    The dish looks dangerously delicious 💥👌🏻

  7. I have made this recipe several times and it has always gone down a treat. I was about to make JO's vegetarian chilli I learned from MOF North East but I'm thinking I might just use those ingredients for this instead. Thanks DJ!

  8. Dude, this was Aaaaaaawesoooooome! Btw, in Croatian inland there is a similar dish but with catfish and perch ( I put also fish eggs out of a perch)….and you would like it cause it's HOT!

  9. Great combination, creativity sharpens the same, can you do with chicken, beef, vegetables, and to track, in addition to rice, can be a couscous, quinoa steamed or even a mashed potatoes. Very cool you count in Portuguese DJBBQ! Thank you for sharing!

  10. you'll be needing glasses soon, you're finding it more difficult to read the ingredients list being held up behind the camera…

  11. This looks amazing! And so simple too, I love that it looks simple enough that I could add my own spin to it! Got a new subscriber DJ BBQ!

  12. Totally forgot to add the 3 spoons of flour and I kept wondering why the content of my pan stayed so fluid …… blush … Added it at the last 10 minutes when I realised and I am now hoping for the best. The smell is great though.
    edit: I think adding them saved the 'graviness' of the Gumbo and it sure tastes nice. And letting my boneless chicken (I don't like drumsticks and wings) marinate overnight worked out nicely.
    So thank you DJ BBQ!!!!!!!!

  13. lol "a traffic light of peppers" (0:52) That is totally how I'm referring to the three pepper colors from now on 😀

  14. The roux just ain't right. For real gumbo, you need a nice, dark roux. But if you make the roux when the peppers are in there, the moisture seeping out of the peppers makes it really difficult to get the roux to where it needs to be. The roux is the first and most important step of any gumbo.

  15. Wow….. I've never seen anyone cook gumbo like that or with even 50% of those ingredients and my family is from Louisiana. Very interesting. But I'm sure it's delicious. May not be traditional but It looks great!

  16. he man i put some chicken en some chicken meatballs and i put in some redkidnetbeans it sounds strange but it works the rest is about the same as in the recpie

  17. DJ BBQ used to annoy me, but lately I like the guy and his personality a lot. Homey makes some tasty dishes as well. Nice one man.

  18. the basis of the gumbo was whatever you could catch in the marsh; the meal that followed was primarily based on what it was you had in the bottom of the pirogue boat and what was there determined the gumbo you made, more correctly it was the contents of the gumbo that determined the color of the roux. Fish, oysters and anything considered seafood needed to have a light roux that wouldn't over power the subtle flavors of the seafood. Ducks, chicken, crawfish, gator and ham all called for darker, richer roux. We'd typically make several roux's at one time, they keep for long periods in the frig and using a pre-made roux reduced the amount of fuel used to make the roux and the amount of time to make the meal. roux making requires patience and constant stirring, otherwise the flour would burn and turn the roux bitter, not good, just start over if you ever experience such a thing.
    gumbo's were an in expensive way for poor cajuns to make a wonderful meal. it was always served with rice as a meal stretcher. Cajuns learned to live off the biowonderfulness of the marsh….today many consider down home cajun cookin gourmet …..but it's just what momma joe learned to cook based on necessity. then again, is sure tastes good and that's what matters.
    shhhhhh don't tell nobody but there's a duck and caramelized onion(to the point they're black)dish that's even better. but dats a secret ya'll ain't heard nothing bout at all.

    Laissez les bons temps rouxler

  19. 7 out of 10 if you go to someone's house that has gumbo, there won't be a roux. Roux for the tourist, was once told to me. I've lived in Houma, La many childhood years.

  20. Green bell pepper
    Shrimp stock
    24 oz beer
    Bay leaves

  21. Looks amazing! Wondering about Gumbo in general, can you do it like a oven bake? (braise? not sure about english spellining)

  22. I wanted to like this but mate…you fucked with the trinity. 🙁 sounds like a good spin but I'll make it a little more traditional. Green bells, garlic, onion. No fancy colored peppers, come on lol

  23. Hey guys, all the Gumbo recipes I've read include Andouille sausage, but I can't seem to find it in my part of the world (Melbourne, Australia). Can anyone suggest a suitable alternative?

  24. looks delish but looks like more of a stew than a gumbo. if yall wanna know how to make a LA gumbo check out the smokey bones bbq channel. I get that this is a spin on the classic dish… but after enough changes it doesnt have much left in common with a gumbo. Paul Pruddhome would be turning over in his grave to see a rouxless gumbo with any kind of potatoes in it- much less sweet potatoes! Again, looks really delish as a southern styled stew, but this isnt a gumbo.

  25. Hey JD BBQ, just made this recipe…and it is fantastic…the non-traditional sweet potatoes sent me to heaven. Many many thanks, and it was fun watching you.

  26. hey DJ bbq what is a good substitute for andouille sausage? I have a killer sausage and shrimp gumbo recipe but no sausage could you please help?

  27. I suggest to first build the rough after browning the meat, befor putting vegetables in. Makes it easier to stier and thus it doesn't burn so easily. When it's nice and dark, you put the veggies in and sweat them. Both methods work, but I think mine is less dangerous for people who don't have much experience with roughs.

  28. I tried to do this but despite frantic stirring the roux stuck to the bottom about the 6 minute mark. Did I need more oil? Too hot? Stainless steel pot inappropriate?

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