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  1. I believe the salts are meant to be mixed in water and then drink. It's like Gatorade. Condensed milk can be used on cookies, biscuits, bread or alone 😊

  2. Wow! Was listening to Ed Sherans "Shape of You!" … & When You Said "come-on" IT was like 2 second off from His "come-on baby…" so cool!… Yeah Now abt Rations: Wonder how Much 1 costs? Wuddd loove to Try IT! Especially! Lunch! 😋 – Taste Like Swimming Pool? – Wonder How Much water a tablet 4x the size of That!! Tab?! Is Needed?! (Seen those 4x tabs over here) & WOW!! Your White is so Teeth! 😁
    Anyway Love Your Tryouts! & your "Byeee!" At the End! 😻😘🤗🤗

  3. I gotta say Emmy…When the Zombie Apocalypse comes you are all set…..You have the ration thing down pat and you wield that knife like a biker chick…LOL

    Love you videos…Unlike other people that do this, you are straight to the point and clear and concise…Thanks from Las Vegas

  4. wow that's awesome … Hi Emmymadeinjapan🙏 taste test 👅and now Spanish MRE breakfast…🇪🇸 it's like a hot chocolate wow awesome that's great and they gave you a hanitizer wow Lol.. that's great they gave you toothbrush and toothpaste like a traveling size and seems like I like the aloe color of the toothbrush that was good dental hygiene💯♈️🌏🗽🇵🇷🇺🇸

  5. Biscuit and condense is common here in the philippines.. We even make that as a filling for our bread like pandesal.. So yummy!!

  6. New subie here.. I find myself spending too much time now watching almost all ur videos about mre.. Haha

  7. I love eating sweetened condensed milk straight cause I'm gross lol but that kinda looks almost like caramel. Maybe because it was exposed to heat? I've heard if you put condensed milk in a slow cooker it makes caramel.

  8. I think condensed milk does not go with the cereal. I am spanish, so I highly bet it would match with the biscuits, spreading it over the biscuit as if it was butter or marmalade. Instead you would use milk powder with the cereal.

  9. the Spaniards use the condensed milk with the hot cocoa… that is the way to make a delicious hot chocolate to put the granola inside

  10. I'm Mexican and I know we eat crackers, vanilla cookies and plain white bread with condensed milk… Alot of our customs come from Spain so I imagine that the extra milk might have been for the cookies..

  11. I'm pretty sure you use the "chocolate bar" to warm condensed milk to make hot chocolate. You should look into trying Abuelita. It would make more sense lol

  12. A handful of granola crackers chocolate water sweet milk water and chocolate. IS NOT A DECENT BREAKFAST. Lord it seems the Spanish army would starve in a really war 🤦

  13. Life is unfair. I have her exact hair cut, and she looks great with it, but with me, people on the street hand me money, and tell things will get better. Love your videos.

  14. The biscuits are meant to be dunked into sweetened tea or coffee. Coffee is very important. Freeze dried is not popular. Chocolate is supposed to be thick.. almost thick enough to spread.

  15. As a Spanish person that has lived in Asia, out food is definitely tooooo sweet for the Asian taste, now I can realize that too, and I have reduced the amounts of sugar in my "Spanish" diet

  16. i know this is a little late but its sweetened condensed milk which is like dulce de leche used alot in ice cream making in the usa

  17. Love the ending music! Creepy! Like the begging of an old school horror movie as they swoop in to the first scene.

  18. Endulcorante = sugar alcohol. Hispanics in general really like condensed milk. A general favorite among us is condensed milk with coffee or with malt beer.

  19. Ok, the condensed milk is brown because is spoiled. And BTW, the cocoa powder must be prepared with the condensed milk, not only with water

  20. I love hearing Americans try to speak Spanish, the pronunciation makes my day haha it sounds so cute when they don’t know what they are saying

  21. When you said the hot chocolate was light on chocolate flavor and then you opened up the chocolate bar, my thought was to put a bit of that bar into the hot chocolate. I do that with Swiss Miss chocolate and it makes it 100 times better!

  22. Here's the Dollar Tree version:

    Assured Travel-Sized Hand Sanitizer, 2 ct.
    Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, 6 ct. 16.9 oz. (no water purification tablets, so here's some drinkable water)
    Diamond Strike-on-Box Matches, 10 ct.
    Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar
    Lil Dutch Maid Butter Ring Cookies, 11.5 oz.
    Nestle La Lechera Sweetened Condensed Milk, 7.05 oz.
    Plackers Travel Toothbrush with Crest Toothpaste
    Post Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds Cereal, 4.3 oz.
    Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, 6 ct.
    Trident Peppermint Sugar-Free Gum, 20 ct.
    White Guest Napkins, 18 ct.
    Wyler’s Light Lemonade Singles to Go, 10 ct.

  23. emmy youre not supposed to eat the salts!! its a beverage, something like an instant gatorade. it's electrolytes

  24. The toothbrush and toothpaste are a nice practical touch. Especially after eating a breakfast like granola.

  25. Italians don't drink freeze dried coffee bullshit! The unit carries around an Italian coffee maker and fresh coffee grounds!!
    THAT'S what the condensed milk is for!!!

    JK Emmy, is for use on the biscuits 🤭😉😜

  26. I used to LUV the crackers that were included in those cheese snacks we got as kids. Very buttery, usually very fresh, to.

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