South African Ration Review: 2018 SANDF 24H MRE Menu 8 Part 2 of 2

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get started with this review if this will be a welcome one sighing lunch and
dinner you see there is a little menu and give you some suggestions of what to
do what meals to do for lunch and dinner so I’ll be back with lunch welcome at lunch we’re going to have 150
gram savory rice starch all the starches available from Syria or most of them are
listed on this page called a paper recording thing I’ll put this on my
Facebook page if someone is interested we’re going to have some peaches you’re
going to have 25 gram which makes a cup of guava isotonic drink main make going
to have some savoury mince 200 terms the preparation surface of all these meals
are on the back and they also this one also firming a little got in with older
or a little sleeve with all the ingredients of all the main meals 200
remains this is just chutney in salted and some ketchup or tomato sauce I might
use it I’m not sure if I’m going to use it and I don’t have which meal I’m going
to use it so I put everything together we just have black tea
they don’t say what might this is and then we have some creamer and sugar so
if you want to use it without tea they only had two little gums in here so we
don’t have a gum for this meal normally they have got five little gums or
packets of thumb so we’re not going to have any come with this today’s lunch
let’s get start it we said a quick look at the drinks okay just like tea it’s
any black tea it doesn’t matter what kind it is as long as it’s not rooibos
or green tea or some other color tea if it’s like a brownish it’s called like
tea or in South Africa it is in season and ice the plot bag to keep your back
nice and dry I just gonna pop it in here now throw
some hot water in there later I’m going to use my bottle to mix the isotonic
drink in in here is a cup of water this is 25 grams it makes a cup the
preparation instructions and the ingredients are at the dash and if this
does not have it’s got a orange color and you can’t really smell any robot yeah you smell artificial if you know
it’s gaba you can say it’s the future guava it does smell really artificial
and you can say it’s very orange this does mix very easily you can see it’s
nice pliable you can taste this at this looks like it still has its skin on its
taste this they taste nice and natural no sugar doesn’t taste for instance any
sugar added this definitely the skin is still on got a nice speech if taste
here’s nothing added to this it doesn’t seems to like it
it just tastes like normal dried peaches and you gave let’s just go and put water
in here food is ready this is a normal black tea
I’ll just put it down here to steep some is still waiting for our food to heat up
them it start with the rice you see this got a stay notice price was
very sheet like when it was cold it’s still have a cheat like but it’s much
more loose now then it’s really taught this opens relatively easy you can see
they the rice can see there the rice he does have a Cuban II smell this is the
only problem I have with South Africans South African Russians there’s a lot of
cumin used in this there’s only a few Russians that doesn’t have cumin in them
two or three days that doesn’t have no cumin but this definitely has human in
it this is all is ADF cutlery you see the stuff starts into the night you can
see the rice is quite loose its they stole some in sheets but it’s relatively sometimes they some beans in they but
they don’t see any in they know you can see the rice is nicing you know it some
tumor recurs edit a this definitely got some cumin in there’s like that this
infant if some definitely something in here with a little bone so that the
South African Russians had to have a lot of curry or does have a lot of curry or
curry related stuff in we do get a slight cumin I taste this elements has
become very very liquidy it was equity when it was told but not
as much as it’s now you can see these pouches does open easily see these demands I just took some mints
see this potato there’s some Terrence I think there’s some corn in they the main
sides a nice savory taste it might be a bit tomato him the mince itself does not
have a curry or chili I did the rice when you mix the right in the minister
can definitely taste the cumin enos of the rice through the Mint’s you get the
burn slight burn off the rice I’m not gonna add any chutney or anything since
it’s a it’s Martha sauce and chutney so no such a little order get super tough
need something little bit of them they don’t really influence the taste after
whole dish and I don’t think this needs salt
this is not as curry tasting dishes mouths or surfing in dishes although you
get that slight burn from the rice the savoriness of the men starts tone down
the cumin taste a bit you can see the tears steeped now nicely it’s got to
definitely taste it’s got side started bitterness of some black teas I’m not
gonna add any trimmer or sugar just simply I don’t like them in my tea
I do like white strong tea because it’s not strong enough yet but it is just a
normal black tea it’s stronger than rooibos tea ease
it’s check out this guava isotonic drink now they still quite a bit left you can
see it’s a light dark orange artificial color
it smells like artificial guava it’s very very sweet it almost tastes like
it’s a lot like drink up up Oh kool-aid or even
rehydration fluid it almost tastes like ground-up supercedes all those vitamins
weeds it’s definitely a lot of artificial sugars in here it is very
very sweet didn’t if you don’t didn’t know this was Grover you would still be
able to drink this you can’t really taste the guava initial it’s not very
guava it’s a artificially guava ish it’s not really it doesn’t it just tastes
like a fruity fruit flavored pudding this again is very nice the savoriness
of the men’s help to turn down the few minutes of the rice I don’t know why
they don’t have plain white rice for some of these dishes it gets a bit
boring all the cumin in the South African meals even when it was even
going it’s not a curry dish that I sometimes give or they give savory rice
and then itself you many you could almost be a curry dish number it’s nice
it’s not it’s not as much curry as all the other some of the other meals
I like the men’s it’s nice and saucy it’s not very dry because it’s meant and
it tastes like real men’s whether the meat gave me sometimes if it’s not
minced up it’s gonna be very somewhere dry in this these Russians the mints
negate that so it’s nice and saucy teachers are just normal beaches so and
it goes as a tonic drink it’s just normal anti black teas just no mo black
tea there is nothing else to taste in this
meal since they don’t have a gum no thanks for joining me for lunch
see you at dinner welcome at dinner this is going to be a
rather interesting dinner meets containing they only tin in the South
African Defense for the loss of African National Defence Force si in D rations
this is pop not that or other weird pronunciation it’s basically Afrikaans
were just taken over by English pop is made of the same ground marries me all
that porridge is made only it’s much much much thicker in Afrikaans pop mean
is used for both porridge and the stiff variety of maize porridge or Mesbah
but this in English pub normally means the stiffer iya tea which you eat with a
saucy dish for lunch or dinner whereas for each is normally eaten with
mobile sugar pop is eaten with anything with a sauce we’ve got some beef soup
you’ve got gum for the end of the meal they only included two packets of
calming this lesson I don’t know where the other free weights we’ve got tropical isotonic Lee Venus
all France this might pick up we’ve got a banana baseball I don’t really like
these these are somewhat sometimes even if Larissa do in your mouth so take this
out and then we have the poachers in tomato sauce this is eating a lot of pop
says it is nice and saucy and fishy depends on your culture what you eat
with your pop you get one way then I use the pub and layer it with bacon and
mushrooms and cheese in sort of a tower or a boy concept then you eat it as a
separate dish without anything over it like see people do a lot
they tomato and onion or the tomato he sauce with the pup but puff is normally
unflavored just stuff maize porridge isn’t it that it isn’t any flavoring put
in because the karai’s its flavoring from the dish most cultures in South
Africa eat pop it’s normally eaten some people eat it with a barbeque or bright
flies other people eat it as I say just the pub and the saucy dish it can be
replaced by rice or samp so let’s get started mixing all of this stuff the
beef soup doesn’t have pain or chest I’m going to use the old si D if cup to mix
this in you can see it’s just too powdered I don’t see any real vegetable
stuff in there the tonic drink also does not have pain or trip I’m going to mix
it in my bottle there is a cup of water in lay this just smells slightly
pineapple a it actually smells more like yellow jelly then cooking you can see
it’s orange there you can’t really smell dominant fruit it might be mango it
might be by naturally I don’t know I’m going to use old as far as I know that
is what it is I don’t know if the new cutter is the same hey there is a ring
po see there’s sufficient the motors also connect going to heat this in the
microwave good taste in them this is not a motto sauce with the fish
it’s gonna taste a bit of this cold it’s a piece the bones are still in here the
bones are so fine you don’t you retrace them you can remove to me if you want to
get this job it’s very tasty the motto resources really come out to be very
nice and flavorful see it’s a bit hard to to in it’s cold it’s a bit dry it
softens up when you heat it up so I’m gonna heat this up in microwave
good mix this stuff and my briefing up you can see that it is you can see it
opens very easily you can see it stole about sheet-like inside there I’m not
going to mix the fish on top up you can see the puppy still it’s very thick it’s
in a sheet like form the puppies very bland but it should be
since the flavor comes from the fish it makes some of the pop entities together
let’s take out the fish it’s now hot it’s much more crumbly than when it was
cold it’s much softer now the fish has at the motor we taste does
have a strong fish taste it’s a good thing to have with nice polish since
it’s got such a strong taste you taste the herbs from tomato sauce for each and
then plate it together does dominate the borage you still get a
bit of mayonnaise but to the matter of taste is nice it’s from each sort of
takes over the flavor of the porridge which as it should be let’s check out
the soup there is some vegetables is thickened up a bit and some leek tasting
it we clean they do taste onion you taste meat or beef not a very strong
taste it’s a very mild beef soup this is just the indeterminable orange color it
doesn’t have a dominating smell it tastes you can’t really figure out what
fruit fruit taste it is it just tastes fruity it tastes like sweet cool drink
sort of drink or pop cool I’d like a bit rehydration fluid it’s very sweet
it’s just normal it’s not really a quality please check
out the maze she smells like artificial bananas it
breaks easily it’s grainy like all chopped protein maze bars type things
ciello it smells artificially but not your Nonna
it’s sweet it does leave a residue in your mouth which is not nice you do get
that banana taste I don’t really like this you do get the nice taste as well
it’s a bit weird the rice is really weird I do like some of the other energy
power bars more than these maize bars it’s just it’s just a weird punani taste the last thing is the gum I’m not going
to taste it now it’s very strong it you mean for flavoring its holes it just
tastes like whores in a gum form it’s extraordinary strong a lot of people
don’t like this I don’t have a problem with it but I’m still wanting I still
want to eat all of the food so I’m not gonna spoil my diced with just wing them
it’s just normal steamer obliques we thought of taste eucalyptus cement a
very strong so that was dinner the fish in the pup is a normal combination the
fish just this is not a strong taste so it takes over the blandness off the body
of the pup quite nice the soup is a bit bland it could have been a bit more
flavorful and the isotonic drink is just the indeterminable fruity taste but it
was the last menu they all menu of they say India freshens thanks for watching
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