South African Ration Review: 2018 SANDF 24H MRE Menu 8 Part 1 of 2

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page the link is in the description below this is a indie if Russian 24
hours menu number eight like all the other South African Russians it is in a
box covered by plastic I don’t know what this weighs I don’t have a scale the
first item in the box you can see it’s 200 grams or the vaporizing all the
ingredients of the different furniture meals are on the box between savory
mints I just move this box inside and then you’ll even black enough space to
put this on out on vanilla instant maize porridge 80 grams the preparation and
surface of all the products are at the back strawberry lactose free nutritional
shake 50 grams tropical isotonic drink 25 grams 12 oz isotonic drink peanut
butter to go to Jesus banana baseball pitches beef soup
biscuits I feel today a box of matches five
coffee cleaner two coffees three sugars eight enough torches this is the only
ten in the bay in the F ration chutney and tomato sauce or ketchup
we have hundreds and 50 grams or mace pop we have 150 grams of savory rice
have only two packets of gum two packets of salt to water purification sachets
black tea some to the Seas here are four bags this can be used for storage or for
eating or drinking and we have a menu so that’s all that’s in the S&F menu eight
this video is going to be in two parts the first is going to be the contents
and breakfast and the second is going to be lunch and dinner
we seems to be missing free of the gum packages and some water purification
powders normally there is more in it there’s always five gums in this so I
don’t know way that gone when choose ok let’s check out the external stuff
the water purification powder you pour this into a liter of water let it stand
for half an hour then you filter it through a cotton cloth or t-shirt before
drinking the bird can be for storage or you can use it to mix your drinks in I’m
not going to use it for drinking it’s something suppose it’s so flimsy or not
then this stuff normally springs a leak when you turn one thing to the lion
matches these are just normal matches they are not winter even no waterproof
be sure about the perfect matches not be windproof or waterproof but if you like
two matches as ones each sort of is it between proof not going to use them
today Oh in this these meals they burn for 10
to 15 minutes depending on the wind they’re enough to boil water or to eat a
meal so there’s two extra stuff I say this time the only gave to water
purification sachets normally they ask more about four or five of these for breakfast we are going to have it
strawberry like there’s three nutritional shake 50 grams of it this
makes a cup to mix this I’m going to use bit of hot water to start it with and
then cold voltage with the preparation instructions and ingredients are at the
back we’re going to have to 25 grams of peanut butter we’re going to have eight
or nine supercedes I just whipped it superseded in one of
little plastic bags to keep them all together we’re going to end the meal
with come they should be five comes normally but this time they only gave
two we’re going to have the vanilla my instant – porridge 80 grams the
preparation instructions and ingredients are at the back we have 50 grams of
biscuits we have to powder cheese’s I normally use 1 cheese breakfast and one
with one of the other meals but I can’t really see that there’s any of the meals
that really needs cheese today and we are going to have two coffees I’m going
to combine them in half a cup of water because they are so weak that you can’t
really use more water or less coffee and then there is some sugar and coffee
creamer if I need them I also put them in a bag so that I don’t lie all over
the place do you prepare the maize porridge I’m going to add a little bit a
little bit at a time to some hot water I’ll just get everything ready and
prepared and then I’ll be back at the coffee they have tennis Coffee is very fine most like if we
start or not they don’t really say but really fine coffee let this really
nutritional gene does not have the energy it’s just the whitish powder it’s
got a verifying fake strawberry smell to it okay I have mixed the coffee and it
is no Shankly it’s going to do the porridge
although so I’m going to use sa the old SAT if pop and old si DF cutlery I’m
going to use my fork to mix everything off since it’s just easier to mix with a
fork the porridge does not have ten notches this just herb amazing smells you don’t really smell the vanilla yay the porridge is mixed now you can see
this still little lumps but mixing it like this does seems to take care of
most of the big lumps I’m just going to take this all out of
sleep a peerless is one of the biscuits you can see these are nice and thick
there’s a mountain sundae and I’m not sure if you said it fits right in there
om re let’s have a very sweet smell you can see it’s a nice crumbly inside its
ot there’s some grain in there it’s got a very very so it sort of sweet taste it
dies out see you can be a bit dry let’s check out this peanut butter is nice and
so peanut butter is a bit drier and Malcolm
L feel dry it’s got some crunchy bits it’s very small crunchy bits of peanuts
in it the biscuit can be considered more of a cookie leaner
cracker the cheese the cheese is nice and pliable the
cheese is nice and pliable it’s not as salty as Chile it just tastes like
processed cheese it’s check out the best clip with the peanut butter the
basically put the peanut butter is a bit dry you do taste peanut team goes well
with the biscuit biscuit and cheese please dry and lace sweet then the
biscuit and peanut butter you do get a little bit of salty taste with a sweet I
like it a lot of people says that she shouldn’t be eaten with these biscuits
but I like this the oats and the cheese curds well sup together let’s check out
how peanut butter and cheese whoa guys the cheese turns down the sweetness of
the peanut butter with the cookie or the biscuit
it’s still a bit dry because of the peanut butter so let’s just check out
the coffee the coffee has got a nice nutty smell and nutty taste if you don’t
use a whole cup of water and both coffee sensei says she sashays it’s not a very
strong cup of coffee let’s try a biscuit with the coffee the coffee doesn’t
really influence the taste of the biscuit much coffee is not really that
strong you need a nice strong coffee to give a biscuit of the taste so coffee is
really so weak that it doesn’t really change the thickness of the biscuit the
schizos flavor is too strong let’s check out the porridge you can see the
porridge a stiffened up nicely even take that it does have a little bit nellis
now you can take this just small lumps left the vanilla helped to turn down the
extreme ice taste of porridge you still get a bit of nice taste you can add some
creamer and sugar any if you want it sweeter I don’t like my porridge very
sweet so I’m not going to use it this is the base tasting of all the core of the
the three types of porridge you get I don’t know why they make banana and
strawberry just a sweet but this one that just have
been in love with their maize taste the base the vanilla just sort of break down
the mainstays to get let’s check out this strawberry lactose free drink you
still get that may is a film on on the drink but it doesn’t s that
overwhelmingly made his taste that it has since it’s got corn starch thickener
in it I forgot the light artificial strawberry
taste it’s very sweet the I don’t know why they use corn
starch freakin having this and I know if they want to recreate some in Kumar’s or
my whole type drink but both of those are fermented milk drink so I don’t know
why they use thickener in this or if they want to maybe try and recreate the
milkshake I would have liked it more if it was thicker like a pudding this just
don’t know what it wants to be well we have to show you here let’s just try
some biscuits with it and there’s it’s nice and thick the foam
sticks to the brisket it’s nice and it works nice with the biscuits it’s like
photos and you have a little biscuit II strawberry pudding
since the foam stick to the biscuit and you forget that strawberry taste
together with the biscuits let’s check out the soup PC I don’t know you can see
it it’s quite difficult to break it’s like a big bowl tablet you can bite
through it though when you bite through this it turns sugary just have a
definite watermelon taste it sort of the sweeter
ones of superseal he’ll get watermelon you’ll get orange you get grenade Allah
or passion fruit as it’s also known you get nachi you Kate
I think it’s the other tangible thing Nachi sort of a tangerine type of thing
you do get Mandarin funnily enough you do a miniature which you are not cheese
but you picked and then you get lemon lime and there’s some other flavours
that comes and goes but this is it looks this long if you said it just if you
don’t brighten this this will last quite a while in your mouth most of them has
got the little sourness to it so it helps you contain your first I’ve looked
all of them together I know Baxter you can eat them throughout the morning nice
thing you say is our individually wrapped so you can even keep them for
the rest of the day or fold up in the evening or whenever you want to eat them
this is the gum it’s the only thing we still have left I’m not gonna taste it
now because I want to finish my food this is main cell holes it’s very strong
gum it tastes eucalyptus eventually it’s very it’s really really strong it will
open your sinuses it’s like just normal holes just income form it does they stay
with you for a bit a lot of people don’t like this they say it’s too strong I
don’t have a problem with it but I still want to finish all of this that was
breakfast just a quick overview the biscuits are on and nice as always the
cheese it’s just no more regular code or processed cheese the peanut butter is
just peanut butter it is bit Roy it’s got little small crunchy nuts in it it’s
not a crunchy peanut butter that has got big pieces in it
the porridge is the best one of the free flavors you get the coffee is very mild
if you don’t like coffee you don’t have a problem with this coffee because it
does not have any better or shop off the taste it’s a nutty Lytro taste the
colder this coffee becomes the stronger it’s diced becomes it
preparing clean mean it’s very out you don’t tell you see test as nice as
always well when it’s but called the you get a much more coffee taste and the
nutritional shake strawberry it’s just stroke artificial strawberry milk
if you can’t milk that of drink so that was the whole breakfast and the it’s the
end of the first part of the they say in the F menu or die eight review all of
the same diff menus or allow the next video will be lunch and dinner if you
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  1. Hi that was a great review it looks tasty but a.ot of contents in one box like our or box's so well done on part 1

  2. Great part 1 BlindFox! The SA rations sure seem to have a lot of food in them. Really interesting on how they package the cheese i thought it was going to be braunschweiger. Thanks for sharing!

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