South African Ration Review: 2018 SANDF 24H MRE Menu 7 Part 1 of 2

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the video today we are going to do the they say India if day 7 allow menu all
of the same day if menus are allow there’s expecting a nice box covered
with plastic I’m not sure what this weighs I don’t have a scale where the
first meal is just in a book no envelope I’ll just put this aside and thing but
start unpacking we have 200 grams of chicken elephant 80 grams of instant
sorghum porridge banana flavored the preparation instructions are at the back
35 gram isotonic drinks orange vaporizing instructions are at the back
25 gram angle isotonic drink also preparation instructions are at the back
banana like those free nutritional shake preparation instructions at the back 3
sugars – fruit rolls – coffees some rooibos tea
a peach energy bar orange vitamin C sweets chicken soup
nut butter five coffee creamer two cheese’s cheddar biscuit box of matches
take filter two packets of salt tomato sauce catch mother sauce which is
ketchup and some chutney water purification powders in little satchels
five gums we have some Sam the nutritional information is on this
little sleeve 300 grams of beef part of each four bags this can be used as
drinks bags or to store stuff in and the menu so that’s all that is included in
the SA and EF menu seven or day seven this video will be shot in two parts
breakfast and the contents in the first part and lunch and dinner in the second
part of the video see you at breakfast let’s just check out the stuff we’re not
gonna use this is the water penetration powder it is cloth locks you add this to
a liter of water shake it for one minute and then let it stand for half an hour
the after it rested you filter this through a cotton cloth for example a
t-shirt you get five of them in the Russian this is you it burns for about
15 minutes 10 to 15 minutes it’s enough to heat up food or boil
water on they don’t provide a stove in the South African ration there’s Easter
matches just lie and you get them everywhere that is just normal matches
there are not storm proof it’s a shame about the South African rations if they
don’t have snow proof matches but if you want slightly more wind proof match you
can just buy two of these matches together and it’s a bit more resistant
to the wind you get this everywhere it’s a commercially available so that states
trust stuff we are not going to use welcome at breakfast we’re going to have
bananas all Campari the mango 25 gram isotonic drink the
biscuits the nut butter the coffee this is some primary and sugar if you need
them I just put it in one of the bags I’m not gonna use the barracks for
mixing the drinks in because they sort of always spring leaks and I don’t want
to mess all over the place they’re going to have the orange vitamin C sweets we’re going to have the cheddar cheese
and there is some gum this is an old a Sadie a squash very very old one so them
is this is a trend the preparation instructions are at the back sorghum is it’s got the normal barrage has got the
dog brownish color it’s more difficult to mix then the Mary’s porridge was I
only had this once before I really didn’t like this very much especially
the banana flavor but we’ll try it again this doesn’t have anything no choice
it’s starting to do them did you lemon ate it
this is o si ADF cut hurry I’m gonna use this fork for mixing this s got a banana
smell you can see down there it’s like brown color let’s put this aside you can see it’s
beginning he’s stiffen up it’s not as clumsy as memories porridge was the
coffee does have pain not just these this is extraordinarily weak coffee so
I’m going to use super cup or two per half a cup of water
you can see the freeze-dried know the it’s finally dry you can see the finally
right coffee they rose in the bottom of their cup this is a cup of water
the isotonic drink is 25 grams each preparation instructions and ingredients
or at the back so if you’re interested when you get read them this does not act
a noxious this it is just easier to mix this in my bottle this has got a
definite sort of artificial mango he smells you can see this orange day at
the bottom this smell definitely mango a window it’s in the water
I’ve added half a cup of water to the coffee let’s check out the biscuits you
can see this little civic Mountain Sunday little mountains if think they
stay in suruc they or Emery they’re at the bottom right corner is a quite thick
these are not crackers or more biscuit like see they scramble inside a some
graininess day the biscuits are nice and sweet they’ve got nice crunchy grainy
feel it’s definitely some type of grinding day I got very sweet taste these might be
some oats in there as well then Morel cookie then they all risk it
nutty days some nut butter ton day this cocoa in here and a variety of nuts
including peanuts and some other nice and creamy like really processed peanut
butter there’s not really any pieces in they it’s very sweet
let’s check out no it’s nice with her that’s good
the nut butter is not as strong as the peanut butter it’s much sweeter so the
biscuit tastes much sweeter it’s got the more nutty flavor very very artificial
taste more like or taste very very sweet there’s a lot of sweetener edit a the
cheese needs cheddar you get these commercially they come in more than one
flavor the audience is cheddar the yellow is
coda I do not know there’s some other colors as well that has got other
flavors cheese I’m not sure if it’s red or purple but there is more than just
two colors in this you can see the cheese is quite soft the cheese taste
very salty it just tastes like so to process cheese not a really weird smell
taste to it it’s just creamy and salty it’s much
more saltier than the Gaucho we heard in other Russians let’s check out the
cheese on the biscuit the saltiness of the cheese does tone down the biscuit
the sweetness of the biscuit so you do get the nice cheesy salty flavor and
then some people says that it doesn’t go together with cheese but I like this
with cheese it might be a bit dry sometimes if there’s but this is very
nice it’s chicken just for fun check out the peanut butter and cheese okay the
nut butter and cheese the Eastern’s down the sweetness of the nut
butter quite a lot because you don’t have that overwhelming cheese flavor
you just have a salty overwhelming saltiness it does go well with the nut
butter and the basically just a talking nutty cheesy biscuit check out the coffee because I used so
little water the coffee is not tasteless it’s got a nice nutty flavor very very
weak coffee very light it’s not the strong acidic coffee he don’t like
coffee you will really like this it’s not this doesn’t have that coffee
bitterness as Nescafe and so are the other coffees have it’s a very nice
coffee you can see the porridge stiffened up quite nicely this is the
normal brown color of sorghum porridge it’s not a white porridge life such as
maize porridge or oats it’s very very Brown it’s indigenous to
Africa as far as I know I’m not sure if you get it anywhere else this time it
mixed easier or better than the previous that I had this the previous thought I
had some of this in a Russian I think it was the game range is Russian I’m not
sure one of I think the first one I’m not it was some of this in it was very
very very difficult to mix but this time it mix better it doesn’t have that Mazie
taste you cook it it smells like he doesn’t really smell bananas I will see
if I when I eating a lot of this if you get that banana off the taste I cock the
previous time was a very bitter of the taste this time it just tastes like sort
of them it’s weird to describe the taste it is not Maisie it’s got the same
texture as maize porridge but it doesn’t have that much taste it’s just like
different taste I’ll try and figure out how to say it in the meantime let’s check out the
mango drink this just tastes like sweet mango curry such a shrink up up or
kool-aid he does have a definite mango smell it just tastes very sweet ok the porridge I couldn’t get some
meanings around the house this tastes basically flowery it’s like
even on ie this isn’t base so it doesn’t have that nice taste it’s somewhat
gritty I must say this one tastes better than the previous one that I heard the
other one either very funny aftertaste this one isn’t as bad but I still would
have liked just a normal sort of gum then they were not a flavor these are
orange vitamin C sweets and say that see they’re nice and orange they look
different they look different than supercedes they break easier although
there’s they’ve got sort of the similar structure to super sees they have a very
similar taste to Super Series most of some of the other license you get see
pcs is that a super C so these when you bite down
they’re like a pill or a tablet when you bite down on them they crumble into
sugar you can suck on them for quite a long time
they’re very astringent so they will be very good help in your first this is
halls menthol gum it is very very very strong I’m still gonna finish my
breakfast I’m not trying to take it out and test it now it’s little briquettes
just normal similar briquettes it’s white it’s got a
very strong minty eucalyptus leaf flavor if you’ve got anywhere near a cold it is
very good cold oh they’ll please your cold symptoms
your sinuses will be open for quite a while
the only detriment to this is it’s very minty you or taste will be spoiled for
quite some time after you eat eat in this not a lot of people like this they
say it’s too strong I don’t have a problem with it I know Steve 1999 had a
very interesting reaction to these mints both these come in his South African
Russian news of African Russian video so that was breakfast we’re not gonna use
the sugar and the creamer you can use it I do not like my porridge in my coffee
so sweet and the creamer good I don’t think it would add anything to the
forest and coffee but you can use it it’s available they synapse creamer and
enough sugar especially since you combine the two coffees so you do have
sugar food you get three packets so you’ve got enough sugar for your coffee
and your porridge and your tea so that was breakfast it does the quick recap
the coffee is a bit plain but it but it’s it’s a nice mild coffee the mango
isotonic drink just diced mango a cool drink tea in sweet he definitely smells
like mango the sorghum is a case for sorghum I’m not really a fan of porridge
but it’s not as bad as the first time I tried these it reconstituted much better
the biscuits are good as always the trader is just no more processed cheddar
and the nut butter is just very very sweet and nutty taste and then the
sweets of nice and astringent in orange so that was breakfast thank you for
watching the first part of the saaf menu sip and review with me if you want to
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