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I thought I did. But I guess I thought wrong. I remember mine. But it won’t be as easy as you think. Come on, I even know the dish. You need to know my mood as well? I guess… I was… Surprise! Tomo! What the hell are you doing here? How are you doing, man? I took a late flight, thought Mom messaged you. I guess I must have forgotten to check my messages at work. What brings you here, anyway? I’ve got an interview at a firm tomorrow. Nice, congrats! Somebody’s getting lucky. Am I going to be a third wheel tonight? Don’t worry, my wife’s away for a conference. I’ll introduce you guys later. Wife? What? Why didn’t you say anything? We only just did the registration. She’s a foreigner, and her visa was running out. Are you sure she isn’t a scammer out to get a green card? Relax, we’re already saving up for the traditional ceremony for our side of the family, and hers. You’ll love her. She’s Singaporean, she’s got a Master’s degree in psychology, she’s amazing, man. This is too much. You must be hungry. Let me see if I can make something for you. Thank you for waiting. Wow. That will be 50 bucks, sir. Really? You know, I thought it would be fitting since you have an interview tomorrow. Oh man, that brings me back. Remember, Mom used to make all those tonkatsu before exams? For luck, she said. Didn’t help our abysmal grades. Try it. I humbly receive this food. It’s Spam! As expected of you, Orion. It’s delicious. He made Spam katsudon (Spam cutlet bowl), modelled after a menchi katsu (Minced cutlet). Because I had an interview the next day. So, did it work? Yeah, it did. I got the job, but was posted to a different city. Did he… Did he mention me? He did. But I must say, you weren’t what I expected. So, will you make it? The katsudon? I’m usually unable to speak to the deceased when it happens. But I can, right? Alright. But I think it can only work once, so please don’t screw it up. What was his mood like on that day? Mash the spam, and mix with breadcrumbs, egg, flour, minced onions. Mould into patties. Flour, egg wash, breadcrumbs. Heat the oil to 180 degrees. First fry. Second pot of oil at 220 degrees. Flash fry. Into a pan of onions, egg, mirin, shoyu, dashi, sake. Pour over rice. You ready? I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for this. Let’s eat. It was delicious, but I guess that wasn’t it? Is there anything different? I don’t know, I’m not a chef. You’re supposed to be helping me. And you’re not being of much help right now. Well, I told you the dish, isn’t that enough? Think deeper. Funny words coming from someone who doesn’t remember their last dish. Won’t you hypnotize me or something, shrink? I just need to find the right stimulus, alright? Arguing with you gets me nowhere. Grandma! My girl! Who is this? Hello, I’m Tomo. “Tau-mo”? (Hair in Teochew) He’s that Japanese boyfriend of yours, isn’t he? Not really… we’re going to break up. He’s useless. What? Oh, I just told her you’re very handsome. Oh, thanks. Hey. Wow, I can finally eat something cooked by a master chef. Grandma, this is something new, I haven’t finished researching your friend’s lauk pindang. Huh? What’s lauk pindang? It’s nothing, eat. Is that luncheon meat? Yes? You shouldn’t bring her so much unhealthy food. Don’t give that to her, she can have the kitchen’s porridge later. Hey. As a member of a Spam-loving culture, please understand the need for food for the soul. Perhaps she just wants to recall a little bit of her youth. Spam was an important source of protein in places with connections to the U.S. military. It’s been used as currency in barter trade. Incorporated into cultures such as the Japanese-American Spam musubi, the Korean budae jjigae, and the Filipino… I believe the term was… Spamsilog? Whatever. Am I useful now? Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk so much. The food’s gotten cold, soggy, and disgusting. I don’t want to eat it anymore. Well, this I can translate. She’s complaining the food is soggy. Hey shrink, good job, I just remembered. What? The katsudon was crunchy. Thanks, Captain Obvious, it was crunchier when we took it out of the wok. But I mean, it was really, really crunchy. Like, the sauce didn’t soak into the katsu so much. So they must have been separated. And the egg sauce poured on just before serving, instead of being simmered the traditional way. Well, I didn’t see him cooking it, but, it’s worth a try. Let’s eat. I humbly receive this food. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, baby, I’m sorry. Try it. It’s great to see you again. Great. Don’t forget the 50 bucks. Tomo, tell him I’m sorry. Tell him I still love him and that I was going to come back. Please. You know… the thing about your insurance… What’s up with the nihongo? (Japanese) Yeah, I got a new one. How did you know? Are you sure you’re saying the right thing? Does your wife know about it? Well, we are a family, after all. I’m your family too. Do you really love your wife? Yeah, I truly love Verona. I heard my name. I’m here, baby, I’m here, baby! I’m here, I’m here! No. Got it. Then, don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of everything. I know I could count on you. I guess this is it. I’m glad I got to see you one last time. Thank you for the food. How could you… you promised! I’m sorry. I had something I needed to ask him. What was with the Japanese? Couldn’t you have done it in English? It was something I had to do. That was my last chance, and you ruined it! There’s your last meal, right? Get out. Get out! I’m sorry. That’s right. I’ve met her. The money? It seems like she doesn’t know about it. I understand.

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