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Hi my Followers, I’m VDK_POST ! OMG, OMG, my Followers !… This is the big day, this is the best moment in
my life !…. Ok guys, so…, today I will react to the wedding of: Matt & Glory !…. My Followers, I don’t know if you know them ? Slice and Rice ?! No…? Okay, so my Followers, I put all the information about their YouTube channel ! You need to take a look at…, because oh my God, there are my favorite youtuber ! They are so GOOD, so GREAT, so FUNNY OMG, please go ahead take a look at their YouTube channel…, a lot of love, a lot of everything ! It’s funny and…, they are together for so long, they are so beautiful together So,… He is “Slice” and she is “Rice” He is African-American and she is Asian-American and Oh my God ! it’s the most beautiful couple on YouTube ! OK, I’m so sorry… I’m really excited, because… they just got Married ! Okay guys !… So, they made a movie,
a video about their wedding to share this moment with their followers and
subscribers… So,…… I will react on it ! Oh my God, I’m so happy for them !… Matt + Glory, you
are so amazing ! I love you so much, you are the best youtuber ! OMG, Oh my God, I’m so excited okay guys so I put all the information,
if you don’t know them, if you don’t know their YouTube channel, all the information
is in the description of the video go ahead take a look at… ! Okay my Followers !… Let’s go, Oh my God, Oh my God, OMG ! It’s the big day, okay !… I need to be
ready for the wedding okay let’s go…, wait !…. I told you, I’m not
ready for that okay, okay, …. Matt + Glory ;
CONGRATULATIONS ! I love you so much…. Okay, let see… Oh Matt… Don’t cry Matt… They are so Beautiful ! oh wow….. oh my God ! look at the Dress, guys ! Matt’s smile is everything ! OMG it’s so BIG, guys ! Aww the dance with the father,
oh my God ! Look at the Dress, come ON ! OMG a lot of FUN ! Oh woooow the Korean wedding ! …Wooooooow He is always like this, so funny ! Matt

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  2. Came from SliceandRice IG story, and I must say I got your excitement cause I was like that too when I watched their video

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