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– Whether you’re making stir
fry or philly cheese steaks the secret is having
really thinly sliced meat. I’ve got a mad genius tip
that makes it super easy. (funky music) All you do is take your meat,
in this case I’m showing you some beef. A little ribeye. Some pork tenderloin and some chicken. All I do is I pat them
dry with paper towels, I put them either on a
plate or a parchment lined baking sheet like you see here. And I pop it in the freezer
for about 30 minutes until they’re just firm. And watch how easily
you can shave the meat. I mean look how thin I
was able to get this piece of ribeye. But it doesn’t only work with
beef because you can also do it with pork. And last but certainly
not least is boneless, skinless chicken breast. Whether it’s chicken, pork,
or steak, this tip works well every single time. So the next time you find
yourself following a recipe that calls for thinly
sliced meat just remember this technique.
(funky music)

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