bismillah hirrahman irr raheem,assalam o alaikum today i m gonna show you the recipe of singaporian rice this is not an authentic or original recipe coz we r asians we do not like food without chillies or hot spices so i m going to change this recipe in a Pakistani or Indian virsion lets note down the ingredients we use in this recipe green bell peppers 1 cup diced carrots chopped 2 cups 2 cups cabbage diced 1 cup green onions green chillies 4,5 chopped ,these are veery hot chillies 2 inch ginger julian 1 tsp crushed red chillies 1 tsp chinies salt it is optional ,if you dont want to use it ,its fine black pepper 1 tsp i pour vineger in 1 bowl for both chicken and veggies i use 2 tsp for veggies 2 tbsp soya sauce woster sauce 2 tsp chilli sauce 2 tbsp these are egg noodles,boiled them as packet instructions drain the water and go through them under cold water and mix 2 tbsp oil in it so they does not stick to each other 2 cups tomato puree 2 cups tomato ketchup half kg chicken boneless 1 tsp red chilli crushed garlic paste 1 tbsp ajinomoto(chinies salt) 1 tbsp black pepper pwd 1 tsp 2 tbsp chilli sauce woster shire sauce 2 tsp light soya sauce 2 tbsp vineger 2 tbsp some other things we need for the layering chopped garlic cloves 1/2 flower ketchup 1/2 cup mayonies 1/2 cup 3 eggs for simple omlet with little salt and pepper first pre heat the oil in a pan and fry garlic till golden and then keep it seperately in a bowl and we will use the same oil for baghar pre heat oil in a wok and make an omlet with little salt,pepper and food colour to make more colourful singaporian rice i will keep it in a bowl once again pre heat 1/4 cup oil in the same wok add green chillies add ginger sautey them for 30 sec flavour of ginger goes great with the rice it enhence the flavour and also give a great aroma to rice then add veggies to sautey sautey veggies for 2,3 minutes on high heat sautey them slightly so they don,t lose their crispiness add green bell pepper in the last and sautey it just 1,2 mins and then keep the veggies in a big bowl i put it in a bowl to lower the tempreture now i will put black pepper pwd in it chilli sauce vineger soya sauce wostershire sauce ajinomoto and green onions i will keep few for garnishing i will mix them all i did,nt add spices and liquid when i sauted the veggies coz they realesed the water at that time and became sauggy i mix all things when vegetables get cool 1 more thing we have to do is take mayonies and ketchup to make a sauce for layaering the singaporian rice its soo simple that only mix mayo with ketchup and keep it a side i,ll show you later pre heat 1/4 cup oil in the same wok add garlic in there and add chicken with it fry it with garlic for 3,4 mins until chicken changed the colour and all water dried chicken has changed the colour and it did,nt release much water coz it is boneless now tomato puree goes in there tomato ketchup ajinomoto crushed red chillies b.pepper pwd add vineger soya sauce woster shire sauce chilli sauce and lastly i will add salt in it after cooking all that things completly i will check the salt in the gravy and then adjust it to taste coz many things has salt like saya sauce,chilli sauce,woster sauce and ketchup i will do the same with vegetables i will adjust before layering after 10 mins of cooking on high flame chicken gets tender gravy is getting thick i will check the salt and now i m adding 1/2 tsp in it do try the same method to avoid extra salt mix it well and the gravy for singaporian rice is ready now put the rice in a big pan i boiled the rice 2 hours ago these are 80% done coz we will be adding veggies and noodles in them so they become perfectly done after simmering i will be adding veggies in there add omlet in it add noodles in there mix all the things well with the help of two spoons i mix the rice completely these are not broken and these are seperate from each other now pour garlic oil in it it has an aroma of garlic so it will make rice more delecious now simmer it with a lid covered with a tea towel i will simmer it for 10 mins on med low flame and then assemble it with the gravy and all things i will start layering of singaporian rice first put some rice on the plate then pour some gravy with the chicken pieces pour sauce as much as you like sprinkle some fried garlic chunks put 2,3 tsp of mayo ketchup sauce put some noodles for garnishing once again add sauce on top and it is ready to sarve singaporian rice plate is ready now siingaporian rice is ready now,they taste amazingly deleciuos it is not a difficult recipe but it is very lenthy you just need proper measurments try this by your self and share your experiences with me in your comments i have a facebook page do like it i also have a dailymotion channel follow me there and remember me in your prayers,Allah Hafiz


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  2. Asallam o Alaikum aap NY vegetables bowl k hisab sy batay hn kindly ya bataya k aap NY kitny rice liya or kitny kitny prices Vegaes Lee jain

  3. MA Sha Allah bohat zabardust cook hain aap . mein ne aap k bataey huey zinger burger banaey they owsum baney . jazakallah hamesha khush rahain aap ki voice aur aap ka lehja mujhe bohat pasand hai ALLAHPAK aap ki Har mamley mein madad farmaey aameen summa aameen

  4. Assalamualiekum kase hain app Zaberdast Singaporean rice recipe
    plz muje weat pasta n noddle type things ka name bata deain coz weat type things se paet kam kharab hota hai instead of meda wali things coz Aj kal hamare ghar Mae Ye zeyada ban rahai hai na mean k Pakistan Mae easily available kon se hain thinks 🌷🌷Stay Blessed 🌷🌷

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