Sesame Street: Rosita’s Family Feast

VEGETABLES: Stay happy and
healthy on Sesame Street. ROSITA: Hola. You know, there are lots
of great foods from all around the world. In Mexico we have the
most delicious enchiladas, tacos, burritos. And the best meals happen when
my whole family gets together! Do you know what we’re
having today? ALL: Chinese food! ROSITA: Like I said, there’s
great food from all around the world.

50 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Rosita’s Family Feast

  1. @LikeaN1nj4 …says the adult that used to love Sesame Street and is subscribed to their YouTube channel. Stop trying to act tough, Sesame Street rocks and that's the truth (I'm a 26 year old Sesame Street lover) ^____^

  2. @blackerthanebony100 …I don't know, because you're inner child is dying to come out and once in a while feel free to go down memory lane. I'm 26 years old and I'm subbed to Sesame Street…I have three kids though…but they never see the videos…only I do. hahaha I'm kind of childish but I'm happy.

  3. Yeah Everyone knows Maria is from Puerto Rico………….but when Rosita made her first appearance years ago.She said that she came from a long line of flying monsters from Puerto Rico.

  4. @RandomDouche0421

    I was wondering about that too! I remember the TV special that dealt with him getting injured in the war. Do you know if there were any sequential episodes of the series in which he was seen or mentioned?

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