Sesame Street: Michelle Obama & the Most Important Meal

CHRIS: Mrs. Obama,
here is your breakfast. Let’s see, we have oatmeal,
and we have low fat milk. We have some fresh yogurt
and a tasty fruit salad. MICHELLE OBAMA: Oh,
thank you, Chris. It looks delicious
and very healthy. CHRIS: Enjoy. MICHELLE OBAMA: OK. GROVER: Wait a minute. Are you first lady
Mrs. Michelle Obama? MICHELLE OBAMA: I am, Grover. Hi, how are you? GROVER: Oh, this is amazing. And you know my name. Oh, I can not believe it. What are you doing
here on Sesame Street? MICHELLE OBAMA:
I’m about to have this nice, healthy breakfast. GROVER: Hmm. Breakfast, you say? MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah, breakfast. You know, the very
first meal of the day. GROVER: The first meal
for the first lady. MICHELLE OBAMA:
Grover, breakfast isn’t just for first ladies. Everyone should have
a healthy breakfast. GROVER: Oh, not me. No, no. I am a very busy monster. I have no time for breakfast. MICHELLE OBAMA: Even
if you’re busy, Grover, breakfast is still a
very important meal. GROVER: Really? I did not know that. Well, if it is so important,
you’d better get right to it. Go ahead and eat your
healthy breakfast. MICHELLE OBAMA: All right. Thank you. GROVER: Wait a minute. MICHELLE OBAMA:
What is it, Grover? GROVER: I just
realized something. MICHELLE OBAMA: What’s that? GROVER: I realized that
if this healthy breakfast thing is so important, well,
then I need to do something. MICHELLE OBAMA: Eat a
healthy breakfast too? GROVER: No, I need to
march back and forth to make sure no one
does disturbs you during your very important meal. MICHELLE OBAMA: Thanks,
Grover, but I really don’t think that’ll
be necessary. GROVER: Oh, of course,
it is necessary. Do not worry Mrs. O.
Eat your important meal and I, cute and
furry Grover, will make sure no one disturbs you. MICHELLE OBAMA: OK. I guess. GROVER: Here I march. Here I go. No one bother Mrs.
O. Here I march. Here I go. No one bother– oh. MICHELLE OBAMA: Grover. Grover, Grover. Are you OK? GROVER: I think so. I do not know what it is. I am very tired
and have no energy. MICHELLE OBAMA: I think
I know what would help. GROVER: What? Secret Service? Air Force One? MICHELLE OBAMA: No, Grover,
a healthy breakfast. GROVER: Breakfast? You mean, that important meal
you were talking about earlier? MICHELLE OBAMA:
Absolutely, Grover. You see the reason a healthy
breakfast is important is because it gives
you lots of energy to have fun and play
with your friends. It even helps you think
and focus and learn better at school. GROVER: Wow. No wonder this breakfast
meal is so important. I’d better get some
breakfast right away. MICHELLE OBAMA: Yes, you should. GROVER: Oh, look. Here’s some healthy
breakfast right here. MICHELLE OBAMA: Grover. Grover. Hey– that’s my– wait, Grover. I was going to eat that. Grover. GROVER: Now that I have eaten
that very important and very healthy breakfast I have enough
energy to march back and forth and make sure nobody interrupts
your breakfast, Mrs. Obama. Here I march. Here I go. No one bothers Mrs.
O. Here I march. Here I go. MICHELLE OBAMA: Next time, I’m
staying home for breakfast. WOMAN: Hey. ELMO: Welcome to Sesame Street. LUPITA NYONG’O: Hello. CHRISTINA HENDRICKS: Hi. JONAH HILL: Uh oh. ICE CUBE: An ice cube. JANELLE MONAE:
[SINGING] Power of yet–

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