Serial Killer’s Last Meals on Death Row (React)

– (FBE) Society has
long been fascinated with serial killers,
down to the detail of their last meal request.
What do you think of that? – I mean, I understand
because it’s a morbid fascination of just wanting to know
what motivates these people to be like this. – (FBE) We’re going to look
at several serial killers and what they chose
for their last meal. – I mean, I understand
their last meal, why it’s significant,
because it is their last meal and I think we romanticize
it more than it is. But at the same time,
why are we so fascinated that we need to know every detail? – It seems like the people
who get the death penalty honestly just need
a lot of mental rehabilitation. They’re more just
very, very sick individuals that originates from
a really abusive childhood. – I’m not a huge fan
of the whole death penalty, but there’s some cases
where I’m like, okay, you’re a psychopath
and you killed tons of people. The world is better without you. – There’s a book or an article
or something that I read not too long ago
that was kind of sharing all of these criminals’ last meals,
the last meal requests, and some of them
are super extravagant, and some of them are super basic. So that, to me, is
really interesting to see, what people would
want as their last meal. – (FBE) Let me
show you this first guy. Let me see if you recognize him.
– Not off the top of my head. He’s from Illinois though. – He looks like he
dealt coke in the ’70s, but I feel like that’s not enough
for the death penalty. – I don’t remember his first name,
but I know it’s “Gacy” something and he would dress up as a clown. – (FBE) Okay, so this
is John Wayne Gacy. Gacy was an American serial killer
and rapist who sexually assaulted, tortured, and murdered
33 teenage boys and young men. – That’s so [bleep] scary.
Oh, my god. – (FBE) Prior to his conviction,
he was the manager of three KFCs and held a side job as a party clown. This led to him being
known as the Killer Clown. – The Killer Clown? Okay, I could see this guy
being a killer clown. Like, he looks like a clown gone wild. – I already [bleep] hate clowns.
I’m not a fan. – I’m not personally afraid of clowns,
but that’s now someone can be like, look,
I have a legitimate fear. There was a serial killer
who was a clown. – (FBE) For his last meal,
Gacy requested 12 fried shrimp, a bucket of KFC, french fries,
and a pound of strawberries. – Wow. Very classy. See, this is interesting
because the amount he gave them. It was a set amount. – I haven’t eaten today yet,
so that looks [bleep] phenomenal. – That looks delicious. I’m gonna be honest with you. I think the thing that makes me
the most uncomfortable about this is that all
the food’s touching, and that’s probably not
what I should be the most uncomfortable about. – The strawberries also go in. I don’t know, but that’s
making me think clown, like cheery and happy. It’s like the two
different sides of him, the KFC dude and the clown. – He didn’t understand
what was healthy for him necessarily because even in his last meal,
it was very indulgent. – (FBE) His last words
were “kiss my ass.” – (laughing) – (FBE) Now let’s talk about
this next person here. – Oh, wow. A woman? What? – It’s gonna be hard,
just pulling a picture up and knowing a serial killer’s name. – That is Aileen. I’m blanking on her last name. – This is Eileen or Aileen? – (FBE) This is Aileen Wuornos. She was an American serial killer
who murdered seven men in Florida between 1989 and 1990
by shooting them at pointblank range. She claimed that her victims
had either raped or attempted to rape her
while she was working as a prostitute.
– Yeah. That’s murder, all right. – I believe that the first kill
was in self-defense after reading stuff about it,
but I think kind of after that is when she got a taste for,
ooh, this is– I like killing people. So I think after that,
that’s when she purposely led men in and then killed them. – I remember watching
her documentary on Netflix and just watching the way she thought
was just really, really strange. She seemed really normal
and she was admitting to her crimes, then the next moment, she’s like,
“No, no, no. It wasn’t me.” – (FBE) This was her decision
for the final meal. – (snorting) Wow, really?
Just straight black coffee? That’s hardcore. She didn’t even want food. – That was a waste. You probably get
coffee in prison anyway, and it’s probably
not a good cup of coffee. – They do say if
you drink coffee black, you’re a [bleep] serial killer. – (FBE) Her last words were
“I’ll be back, like, Independence Day with Jesus on June 6.”
– Coming back June 6? That’s my birthday. – June 6 already happened.
Did she come back? – It’s also scary to think about.
It’s 2002– you know, it feels like forever ago,
but it really wasn’t. – I don’t think she
was a sociopath at all. I just think she was
kinda a regular person who just, from circumstances
of growing up and, you know, probably some chemical imbalances
in her head, just, you know, kinda went off the rails. – (FBE) Here our next.
– They just look like normal people. – He’s got a serial killer mustache. – All male serial killers
had long hair and mustaches and they look like they led a cult. – If you look into his eyes,
to me, he just looks soulless. He doesn’t look all there. – (FBE) This is William George Bonin. He was responsible for
the deaths, assault, and torture of 21 young men and boys
between 1979 and 1980 in Southern California. Because he repeatedly would
dump bodies along California freeways,
he was known as the Freeway Killer. – Oh, did you say Southern California? Man, see, it gets so strange too
because you’re talking about this and it’s like this just happened
where you live, just so you know. – (FBE) He grew up
in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father
and a grandfather who was a convicted child molester.
– Gosh. Yeah. It just makes you think, like,
if he was molested as a young boy and stuff like that,
how that can warp a person’s perception of life
and then it’s just so [bleep] up. – I don’t think it’s a coincidence
that his grandfather was a child molester and then
he became one, too. You don’t have to be the person
that your parents or your relatives were,
but I think it kind of starts you at a disadvantage. – (FBE) This is what
he chose for his final meal. – He chose a high school lunch? – Oh! Damn! Yes, he has a damn buffet. Two pizzas, chocolate ice cream, coke. – This is very basic. – (FBE) It was also said
that Bonin wanted to die of diabetes before
the lethal injection, so he consumed 18 servings
of Coca-Cola and Pepsi right before his execution.
– (laughing) Can you imagine
you’re about to get executed and you’re like,
“I have a stomach ache.” – That’s cool. If I’m gonna go out,
I’m going out with a bang. I’m banging diabetes and sugar. That’s how you should go out. – It’s kind of like a kid fantasy. You know, like, oh,
I want to eat all the pizza and soda and ice cream I can,
but my parents won’t let me. – To me, it seems very childlike. I’m guessing these
were the only good things in his childhood, like these
were his go-to comfort items. – (FBE) Here is another. – Wow. So weird. The first thought in my mind was
he could be an attorney. – He looks like someone’s dad. If you saw a guy like this,
you would trust him pretty much immediately
because he looks like a pretty trustworthy guy. – He has very big, expressive eyes,
and I feel like he’s hiding murder behind them. – (FBE) This is Danny Rolling,
AKA the Gainesville Ripper. – The Gainesville Ripper? – (FBE) He was responsible
for the death of five students in Florida during a four-day robbery
and murder spree in last August, 1990. – We need to just cut Florida off.
That’s where it all starts. – I feel like he would
have requested a nice meal. – (FBE) His last meal
consisted of lobster tail, served with drawn butter,
butterfly shrimp with cocktail sauce, a baked potato
with sour cream and butter, a strawberry cheesecake,
and sweet tea. – Wow. – That’s booshie.
He is an expensive date. – Honestly, that’s
a pretty great last meal. – (FBE) He eventually confessed
to the murders in a written statement and died singing a gospel hymn.
– Ah. He’s like, “I’m sorry
I killed a bunch of people. Is that cool?” – (FBE) All right, here is our next.
– You can see how [bleep] crazy she is in her eyes. – She definitely looks like a grandma. – Oh, god! I know who this is. I’ve definitely seen this face before,
but I can’t think of their name. – (FBE) This is Velma Barfield,
AKA the Death Row Granny, whose victims were all close to her,
and they all died mysteriously. – What do you mean “close to her”?
Like family? – (FBE) Her mother
, on-and-off fiancé, second husband, two elderly people
she was hired to care for were all done in by arsenic
that she added to their food or drink. – That’s absolutely terrifying
because it’s someone you wouldn’t expect. That’s insane. It’s scary to think you
never really know someone. – Sounds like the plot
of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. – I’m not eating any of her cookies. If she has a bake sale
or anything, just stay away. – She would definitely like something
like a grandma make– I don’t know, like a pot pie. – (FBE) So this was her request.
– Cheese puffs? – Everyone likes a Coke. Is that the drink of serial killers? – (FBE) She declined her final meal
and instead opted for a bag of cheese doodles and a Coke. – I mean, if it’s your last meal,
you gotta get what you like, I guess. – I honestly don’t get the people
denying their last meals though. Come on! – (FBE) So her motive
in these killings was money. She’d become addicted
to prescription drugs after having had a nervous breakdown,
and her behavior became really erratic. – Interesting. Okay. So drug addict murderer.
That’s a new spin. – Addiction is a disease.
People don’t understand or know that but it is.
It takes over the mind. It takes over them physically. – Money is the big root of evil. It’s just something everyone wants.
It’s something people will do anything for. You hear it on the news all the time. People kill for it all the time. They’ll kill you for a pair of shoes. It’s so, so sad. – (FBE) Here is your last.
– Is that Ted Bundy? – (all) Is this Ted Bundy? – (FBE) Correct.
– Yeah! – Everyone gets this now
because they have Zach Efron playing him and then they have
the actual Ted Bundy tapes that were on Netflix. I know Hulu’s doing
something with Ted Bundy as well. – (FBE) So Ted Bundy
was an American serial killer, kidnapper, racist,
burglar, and necrophile who assaulted and murdered
over 30 people across seven states between 1974 and 1978.
– Yeah. It’s crazy the amount of people
they think he killed because they can’t even
prove all of it. – His eyes are terrifying. He’s staring into my soul
and I don’t like it. I’m gonna be honest with you. – He’s really charismatic as a guy
and people were very surprised to hear that he did all the crimes. He looks just like a normal white guy. You look at this guy, you’re like,
oh, he doesn’t look crazy or anything. – He had a cast on and stuff
like that when he kidnapped a girl, and then there was one
where he was acting like a cop, saying someone–
your car’s being broken into and then they’d go.
Ah, [bleep]! – He actually gave up
a lot of locations about his victims. I mean, I don’t know
if he gave up all of them. I’m so fascinated by him
because it’s just why? Everyone wants to know the why. – (FBE) This is what he ate.
– Ah! That’s a nice breakfast though. He got milk and orange juice?
That costs extra. – (FBE) He actually refused
the last meal and this was the standard meal
that they served him– a steak cooked medium rare,
eggs over easy, hash browns, toast with butter and jelly,
milk and juice. – What jail is that? I want to go there. – How many people are murdering people
and then refusing meals? Why do they have a standard? – To me, this seems
like if you were to say what is the cliche
American country breakfast, this is it. – I feel like this kind of suits him. You can get this at [bleep] IHOP. No one really thought
he was a serial killer because he looked normal
and didn’t act crazy. This kind of suits him. – It seems like the through line
between all of them is they had a really rough childhood upbringing,
whether they were abused or molested, so I think it really starts at home. It depends on how you raise your kid. It’s a big responsibility
and if you’re a [bleep], you’re gonna make a [bleep]. – We really need to bring it
back to the reality that these people did horrible things,
very, very atrocious, horrible crimes and that we need to realize that
when we’re watching these documentaries
or looking at their last meals. I don’t think there’s
ever going to be a way to stomp out all the evil. – (FBE) So ending on a lighter note,
if you could choose your last meal, what would it be?
– Yeah, I mean, people– this is a normal question, honestly. My last meal would be
either sushi, or ramen, or pho. Any Vietnamese dish–
and then some kind of gelato. Oh, yeah, and some champagne. – If I could have just
a last meal in general, yeah, it’d be my dad’s tacos. – My last meal would
definitely be filet mignon, crab cake– I love crab cakes. And I would have
a strawberry daiquiri. That’s one of my favorite drinks. – Eggplant parmesan
because it’s just something I really love. Now I feel really bad
about eating those things. I’m like, oh gosh, no. – Cereal. I’d be
a “cereal” not killer, but I’d be a cereal eater.
Nah, a steak. – A steak seems good,
medium-rare, filet mignon, maybe tender greens,
a steak sandwich, too. Eggs sound good.
Hash browns are really– I’m gonna go with
a smorgasbord and a waffle. Why not? And a waffle.
And french toast. [Bleep] it. (laughing) It’s my last meal.
I’m balling out. (laughing) – Thanks for watching us
dissect criminals on the React channel. – If you liked this episode,
then hit that Like button, murderer. – Subscribe. New shows every day. – Bye, guys! – Hey, guys, Sabrina here,
a React channel producer. Subscribe so you can see
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