Seafood Feast in Dampa Seaside at Pasay City PH

This is it guys the ultimate and
majestic Lobster tail Are you ready? We are here at the famous seafood market Dampa Seaside located in Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard Pasay City We are very excited to eat lobsters, giant
prawns, shellfish, and more. So, guys are you ready? we are going to make you
really hungry So let’s go! This is heavy Bro! How much is the Tiger Prawn? I want the jumbo size May I see? PHP1,800? C’mon give me discount! PHP1,200? Okay! What kilo is it already? Five pieces PHP800? Okay I will get it. VENDORS AT THE BACK: Hey! They already took so many pictures VENDORS AT THE BACK: How much will they pay for the picture taking? VENDORS AT THE BACK: PHP100 for the lobster picture taking VENDORS AT THE BACK: Oyster picture taking is PHP20 VENDORS AT THE BACK: What else did they took photo with? VENDOR: Hey! Shut up! They are taking a video! Do you want me to speak in English, Tagalog or Bisaya? So, these are the seafoods that we bought from ABC Ilonngcana We’ve got a big discount The total amount of our expenses is PHP2,250 only This is the breakdown We bought Tiger Prawn This is jumbo size As you can see, it is like the size of my face It reached half kilo For PHP600 Then, we also bought lobsters We have three pieces and the weight is… also half kilo for just PHP900 Amazing right? We also bought scallops It also reached half kilo then for just PHP600 So I think it’s already cheap and then, the last one The oyster It reached 1 kilo We just got it for PHP150 Here in Dampa They will cook it the way you want it So, I’m really really excited We are having our seafood feast here in Aling Tonya’s PHP200-300 is the cooking fee per dish We’ve got special lobster cooked with Oyster sauce Buttered prawns with garlic Baked scallops with cheese and then, the streamed oyster I don’t want this to take longer I really want to eat. I’m so hungry. Let’s try it out First, I would like to try the buttered prawn with garlic This is a jumbo size It is really huge Very buttery and garlicky Let’s try it out. Look at this. The size is so big. Let’s remove the shells and feet This is my first time to eat a prawn this size I can’t wait Amazing! I will dip it again in the butter and garlic So I can really taste the goodness Golden butter with garlic This is it The moment I’ve been waiting for This is really good Buttery, garlicky The prawn is sweet It’s tender. It’s very delicious Let’s dip it again Second bite for the buttered prawn It’s really good If this is a dream, don’t wake me up It’s really good You will get jealous It’s really good. Very juicy, soft, tender buttery. Overall, seafood heaven! Next, let’s try this baked scallops with cheese The scallop is small and it has fried garlic on its side. There’s melted cheese Let’s try it out guys Let’s scoop it well, so we can get all the cheese and garlic in just one bite. Okay. This is it guys It’s really good You can really taste that it’s cheesy Then, the taste of the garlic will follow Then the scallop is soft But unfortunately, the scallop is small That’s why it was overpowered by cheese Of course I will not allow that my bite is only one I will get another one Scoop it in So we can get all the cheese and garlic For the second bite of the baked scallops Next, let’s try this steamed oysters Let’s squeeze some calamansi Since this is a little raw There you go, oyster with calamansi Let’s remove the seeds This is it Let’s scoop it So it will deattach to its shell It’s really good So, the taste is a little salty or has a little taste of the seawater But, it’s okay because when you squeezed a calamansi, it mixes the taste of the calamansi and the oyster the taste becomes delicious Now, it’s time for the main event The lobster Let’s get it There you go. This is the head I’ve been waiting for this our main event of all these seafoods that we ordered. The lobster Oh! Look at this. There’s a roe inside the head It looks very satisfying I will taste it now. Here it is I’ve been waiting for this main event Special lobster with oyster sauce It doesn’t want me to eat it There you go This is it guys Are you all ready? It’s very delicious Tender, juicy You can taste the sweetness of the oyster sauce in the end I really want this roe This is very special. Delicacy It’s delicious, guys If this is really a dream Please. Don’t wake me up. The best! Seafood heaven. Seafood feast in Dampa This is our first time, but.. everything is really good Even just the sauce it’s already a winner Almost the same size of my face Right? Same size of my palm It’s really good It’s packed I’ve never been tried eating this packed This is also my first time here I’m speechless. It’s really good Delicious Shout-out to 2M Journey Check out his YouTube channel here and then, shout-out to and also shout-out To brother Jason For giving us a big discount earlier in our seafoods in Dampa market Yes correct! and shout-out to Zoomget family Hello guys! So guys Please like, comment and share and don’t forget to subscribe for more travel and food vlogs! Thank you guys for watching all the way until the end and see our next video. Bye!

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