Scottish People Try American Snacks for the first time

24 thoughts on “Scottish People Try American Snacks for the first time

  1. The Welch's fruit snacks are meant to be eaten all. They are not daily vitamins. We put them the packages in the kids lunch boxes.

  2. Ah, Shaun, you should see the children on Halloween after trick or treating! We have to peel them off the ceiling! Like you two after all the candy, but with less self-control!

  3. Oh my god! Cheddar and sour cream chips are so good! In particular the ruffles brand. I love to eat those with salsa. I don't know what it is about that food combo but I love it.

  4. My old girlfriend was Scottish. Her name was Ann Honeymen. I met her when she was stripping at the Kit Kat Klub. Love her accent. She was also in a magazine called Tease.

  5. Just to let you know, here in the states we have deep fried Twinkies. Mainly at carnivals and the like. Quite good. The Reese's are my favorite.

  6. A little history lesson related to the candy tasting you did some time ago. I think the reason that American sweet's are so much sweeter than yours is that we grow cane sugar here as well peanuts. The UK has always had to import sugar and it was very expensive. Peanuts are grown in the deep south. To keep the industry viable they invent new things all the time. Some people even make their own peanut butter. Peanut oil is a healthier form of cooking oil.

  7. Welch's Fruit Snacks aren't considered vitamins. They're just candy and may have a minute amount of a vitamin but not enough for a mouse.

  8. It's interesting that you guys like Hershey's chocolate because most Americans I talk to openly agree that Europe makes better chocolate than the US, including the Cadbury's brand

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