89 thoughts on “scary FOOD CONSPIRACY THEORIES exposed

  1. That guy looks like George Clooney, but not THAT much like him. I would never mistake him for Clooney with the glasses off. The first shot with the shades, it would have fooled me for a minute.
    And I'm not a fan of his.

  2. My dad works at McDonald's and thanks to him the ice cream machine works cos he spends extra hours cleaning it and also he doesn't get paid for it but still does it happily 😊❤❤💕

  3. E. Coli is actually a virus that is found in water. It attaches itself to the stomach lining and from there, it absorbs nutrients. You had it mixed up with Salmonella, a virus which attaches itself to the small intestine and takes nutrients through there. Salmonella is found in the fecal matter of amphibians, reptiles, and birds. I just thought you’d want to know 😊

    Ps. I really loved this video!! Keep up the good work.

  4. Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread loved by many all over the world. Since it has dropped to 13% hazelnut, it wouldn't actually have increased the sugar. Since this is a chocolate spread, they would've added more chocolate, which means tons of forests would've been cut down just to cover the 87% remaining with milk cocoa chocolate.

  5. It doesn’t take 3 hours to clean an ice cream machine. Come on. It takes like maybe 40 minutes to clean the Burger King one at least

  6. 98% of the comments: I tHoUgHt It'S jEfFrEe StAr NoT tAyLoR…
    The other 2%: lIkE iF yOu'Re WaTcHiNg ThIs iN * month */ * year *

  7. This is the first video I've seen of yours. I actually think you are an excellent, genuine, very charasmatic presenter. You could have a bright future as a professional personality on a grander scale.

  8. The syrup thing about McDonald's isn't true. The syrup is in a clear plastic bag that is inside a cardboard box. The only thing is if you have a preference for post-mix or bottled.

  9. Im Turkish and it almost never rain's or snows here but i dont live in turkey becasue i got raised in another country, i go to turkey every single year and we turkish people (not all) have farms to grow vegetables and fruits but my family only gorws vegetables and strawberries and i never have ever eaten dominos

  10. The dominos thing I agree with. One time I ordered pizza and it said it was supposed to be at my house…it didn’t arrive till 2 hours later.. and I agree with the McDonald’s choke one, cause their sweet tea is amazing! And the coke, and the sprite.

  11. With the Starbucks one they once spelt my name “India” endia I don’t know how that can happen though. Bit odd to me

  12. The second McDonald's one, the example you used from Israel with someone who looks like Jorge Clooney its says in Hebrew on the top "the actor is not Jorge Clooney"…

  13. These people are crazy it's not a mermaid it's called a SIREN it's logo is a siren it's a siren because sirens attract fishers with there beautiful voice and kill the fisher just like Starbucks attracts customers with there coffee

  14. That’s weird coz a few years ago when the Nutella thing happened I didn’t know about it but I said to my mum It doesn’t taste as nutty as it used to and didn’t really eat it for a while , is it just a coincidence of what xxx

  15. I've only had Nutella once in my whole life (and I can't remember it's taste), I've never been to Starbucks, I've never been to Chipotle, I've never been to Taco Bell, I've never been to Wendy's, I've never been to Walmart, I've never been in a dollar store, I've never been to a bunch of places.

    Yeah… There are many things that exist in the USA that don't exist en Argentina.

    Also Argentina's literally the furthest country from the USA in America (continent) (you could also count Chile), maybe that has something to do?

  16. There was one time the starbuck cashier asked me what was my name, and I said 'don't need' because I didn't want to waste their time. But in the end I received a drink with my name 'don't need' haha

  17. Yeah but it’s not just at night time that it’s broken? The ice cream machine doesn’t work literally everyday

  18. I admit she kind of favors Taylor Swift but she definitely doesn't look exactly like. Taylor Swift has softer features and as cute as abutton. The girl in the commercial is pretty but she's definitely not Taylor Swift.

  19. Nutella idk how to spell it OK yes it tastes different but because my family don't have much money so I never get it but when I doooo. . . It tastes like heaven!

  20. Look at the original Starbucks logo and turn it upside down. It sort of does look like the devil. And that’s why they changed it.

  21. When me and my mom go to mcdonalds and want a ice cream it's always not broken so I cant relate but if I did go and it was broken I would probably replace with apple pie,cookie ect but yeah
    Love your vids!

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