Hello everyone and welcome back to
another travel vlog. This weekend we’re in Santa Maria Valley which is located in
the central coast of California. This weekend is going to be so awesome
because we’re going to be ATVs on the beach, trying some local barbecue, and
also wine tasting so stay tuned if you want to see what we got up to. We are all done ATVing, it was so much
fun. Didn’t flip, didn’t crash, stalled many times but it was super fun. We’re
gonna insert some footage here. Oh my god! So if you guys want to book this is
Steve’s ATV, they are great! Alright so we’re done ATVing, now we’re getting lunch at Willow, on Willow Ave. And they have a lot of good stuff. Lunch was so yum! I had fish and chips, and the portion size was amazing. Highly recommend Willow! Next stop was wine
tasting on the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail. Now Santa Maria Valley has over 34
tasting rooms to choose from, so there’s truly a wine for everyone. We hit up
Riverbench Winery and Foxen Winery and the region actually specializes in
two of my favorite wine varietals being Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. Quick little OOTD before we head out to
dinner tonight, we’re going to a local steakhouse. Dress is Kate Spade via Rent the Runway, Dior bag, BP shoes from Nordstrom, and Bite Beauty lip. Dinner tonight is at Shaw’s Steakhouse. It’s actually right across the street from the hotel, so it’s super convenient. And Santa Maria style (BBQ) is what they’re known for. Salads up! His… and HERS! I’m ready, I’m ready! So we have just checked out of the
Santa Maria Inn. We loved our stay here. The grounds are so beautiful, the rooms
are really nice ,and it just has that like homey, old school feel to it, so
definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. I will have all the details
to the hotel linked down below. You’ll see some shots of course on my Instagram. We had a lot of fun here. We’re a little bit off schedule this morning, just with the
photos, You know, stuff always takes longer than you think. So we’re gonna go
head over to The Luffa Farm where they farm luffa. I actually thought they
came from the ocean so we’re gonna be learning about that today, and then we’re
going to Naughty Oak Brewing, taking some more photos around town, and then heading back home to San Francisco. But from a seed to a harvestable luffa is
a long process at six to nine months because they got to grow the vine and
get all shenanigans going. Now when they turn yellow like this we know they’re
not gonna get any bigger ’cause if I basically say that’s all the weight that
I can support. And what will happen is this little flower will start to
crack like a little perforated strip and just fall off. Oh yeah, this one’s doing it! And that’s how it’ll try to drop its seeds out. I see!
And this one actually is done and we’ve peeled back a bunch to show you the
luffa hiding inside. It’s kind of like the skeletal remains of the
vegetable. We produce on average about 12,000 luffas a year. And that
guy’s really like a boiled egg. So we do it by hand here, everything here on the property. The soaps are all a glycerin base. We have made it to Naughty Oak. I’m doing a beer tasting flight, so we, have let’s see… Chella, Anthony Hopkins, Red Leader, and the mango… mango something, I’ll link it all down below! And then he’s got the Gold Digger which is a lemon sour beer. And of course pretzels. This is like our first meal on Sunday. Don’t mind if I do! The very last stop of the day was for
pizza at Bella Forno before hitting the road back home. I wanted to give a
huge thank you to Santa Maria Valley for hosting us this weekend, we had such an
amazing time! I’m gonna have a blog post linked down below with more information
on how to plan your trip and all the amazing things that are to explore. Last
up, I wanted to thank my friends at Mazda for loaning us the 2018 Mazda 3
Grand Touring. I absolutely loved this car. It had great fuel economy,
a gorgeous interior, and it rode like a dream. I really enjoyed this car. Be sure
you’re following me on Instagram I’m at @chelseapearl across all socials and
you’ll see where I’m traveling next. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you very soon in the next one!


  1. You’re absolutely awesome. Do you ever coupon for your groceries? What stores do you usually shop at? Hopefully you can do some in store grocery videos showing how you shop

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