Samoyed Vs American Eskimo

American Eskimos versus Samoyeds. They
both look alike, but what’s the difference between the two breeds? Up
next on Yeti’s Place. To find the best tips and tricks for owning a Samoyed,
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anything. Yeti got his Bullymake Box. We’re gonna unwrap it while we’re
sitting here talking. So Bullymake makes a lot of really great dog treats for
your dog, that your dog absolutely goes crazy over and they also do some hard,
sturdy toys, for those really strong, super tough chewers, like Yeti. This acorn
has a hole in the bottom, so that you can stick treats. So then, when your dog is
working on it, the treats will fall out and your dog will be left really
happy. Both Samoyeds and American Eskimos, are both Spitz breed dogs. Samoyeds, like Yeti, are members of the working dog group. And American Eskimos, are
members of the non-sporting dog group. We’ll get these open okay. These are Bullymake leaf
treats. American Eskimos have oil on their fur and Samoyeds do not have oil
on the fur, which makes a Samoyed a good fit for you, if you have dog fur
allergies. Although, a Samoyed and American Eskimo, because of the long fur,
everything gets trapped in their fur. So even though you might not be allergic to
a Samoyed, because Samoyeds don’t have oil in their coats, versus American
Eskimos, who do have a little bit of oil in their coat, because everything gets
stuck on their fur, you’ll have….you’ll probably get
allergies acting up. ‘Cuz this fur is really long. It’s super thick. It’s
heavy-duty. These treats are called turkey berry bites and they are little
turkey sticks and these are drummies. I bet they’re like turkey drumsticks. Sweetie, you drooled all over my foot.
Yuck! Neither dog should be left by themselves in your yard.
‘Cuz Samoyeds, when they are bored, they dig and they dig giant holes really
quickly. And they bark a lot to get your attention. They can be a nuisance for
neighbors to listen to. Because a Samoyed, when they want something, they let
everyone know that they need that thing right now. Both breeds of dogs have to be
with their people. They’re not meant to live outside on their own. American
Eskimos slow down a little bit, once they hit middle age. A Samoyed never slows
down. They are active, crazy dogs until well… With Chewy, my first Samoyed, he
was active and crazy until two weeks before he passed away.
Yeti has just been waiting and waiting like crazy for me to open his Bullymake
Box with him. He loves Bullymake Boxes. And you too
would like a Bullymake Box for your dog ‘cuz your dog will just go crazy over
these treats. Additionally, the toys are made really
strong and super sturdy. Heavy-duty for your strong, powerful chewer, like Yeti.
The link is in the description box below. American Eskimos are attached to one
person. When I was young, I had an American Eskimo. His name was Muppet and
Muppet loved my Mom. Me, he didn’t really care too much for me and he got mad at
me a few times, because Muppet was more attached to just that one person. Yeti
and all the Samoyeds that I’ve known, love everyone. They want to be with
people wherever they are. American Eskimos would be good if you’re a single
person or if you like the beauty of a Samoyed, but just can’t deal with the
size of a Samoyed, an American Eskimo is about half as big as Yeti. Good dogs
for just one person. Training is difficult with a Samoyed, because a
Samoyed likes to do what they want to do. They also really like treats. They
like attention. So, if you get that figured out, then maybe you’d have some
luck with training a Samoyed. American Eskimos are easier to train and they’re
much easier to groom. I used to groom Muppet every single day and it wouldn’t
take me too long to groom him, because Muppet, was half the size of Yeti. So it’s a
smaller dog to groom. And Muppet used to enjoy being groomed so much. He would
roll over onto his back and stick his four paws up in the air and let me just
groom his belly. When I’d ask him to roll over so I could groom the rest of him,
Muppet would roll over for like two minutes and then he’d roll back onto his
back for me to brush more of his belly. He loved getting the belly brushed. Yeti…
it takes me a long time to groom him, because he’s double the size and Yeti
isn’t always patient, because he has better things to do than being groomed.
American Eskimos learn best by watching other dogs do tricks. And they learn
pretty quickly. And they’re obedient. Samoyeds… not so much with the
obedience. American Eskimos have been used in
vaudeville events and also in the circus, because they are so easily trainable. A
Samoyed…. no. But, if you had treats, well then they might do well for a little bit.
And then after a while, they’d wander away, because they want to do their own
thing. American Eskimos are fantastic watchdogs. Muppet, my old American Eskimo,
whenever we would have visitors come over,
visitors, friends… Muppet did not like my friends at all. He didn’t like boyfriends.
He did not like my brother’s girlfriends. He didn’t like anyone other than the
family. Muppet would go crazy. He would attack the door. He would jump at the
windows. He was crazy dog. We had to always put Muppet in his crate whenever
a visitor would come over, because Muppet just was crazy. With Yeti, or with any
other Samoyed, Samoyeds are super, super friendly dogs. They want… run up to the
person quietly and they lick them and hug them and pay all types of attention
to them. And then they bark at people asking them, play with me. Play with me.
Come on, play…. Whoops. I dropped that, sweetie. American Eskimos are very loyal
dogs to one person. As I stated previously, Muppet loved my Mom. The rest
of us kind of would pay attention to occasionally. When I would get the dog
brush out, Muppet would come racing to me and he’d be my best friend while I
was brushing him. The moment I stopped brushing him, Muppet would go back over
to Mom and pay all types of attention to Mom. Very one person oriented dogs.
American Eskimos originated in Germany. They’re also known as the German Spitz
dog. Samoyeds originated in Siberia, hanging
out with the Siberian people…. or hanging out with the Samoyed people, who were a
nomadic tribe of Siberia. Living inside with their owners and then hanging out
outside, being good reindeer dogs…. reindeer herders and sled pullers. Now,
due to World War II, the German Spitz dogs, the American Eskimo, came over to
America. Once they came over to America, their names…
their name was changed to the American Eskimo. They were recognized by the
American Kennel Club in 1919 as being the American Eskimo. Both are very vocal
dogs, but for totally different reasons. Yeti and Samoyeds, in general, they bark
all the time because they want things. Like Yeti barks at me because, Mom, let’s
go film YouTube. Mom, I have to go outside and go potty. Mom, play fetch with me.
Mom, I want treats. Mom. Mom, you have to do this for me. Mom. Mom. They’re very
demanding. Demanding dogs, because they want things. But, they’re not mean dogs at
all, so their bark is never ever a mean bark. It’s always a, well I want
something, so therefore I’m going to talk and I’m going to talk a lot. You may have
seen Bigby and Quimby on previous videos of ours.
Bigby is like the first quiet Samoyed that I’ve ever known in my life.
Bigby doesn’t bark very much. When he barks though, you pay attention to him.
Sweetie, you’re gonna finish all these treats. These treats are really good treats
this month, aren’t they? So American Eskimos bark, because they’re guarding something.
Like Muppet used to bark a lot because… well, visitors would come over and Muppet
had to protect his family from the visitors, because, oh my goodness, those
visitors, they could be mean visitors. So, Muppet had to protect us… from our
friends. Yeti and Quimby and Bigby, they bark at people when they come over,
because, well, you guys want to play with me? You wanna play with me? Do you want to
pet me? Do you…Can you get me a treat? Give me a toy. I want to play fetch. Come
on play. Play. Play. Play. Play. That’s why the Samoyed barks. Samoyeds also bark
because they like belly rubs. Okay sweetie, can you roll over? Roll over. If you have an American Eskimo, you have to
be observant with them around small children. Because an American Eskimo can
get nippy sometimes. So you want to pay good, close attention to an American
Eskimo around children. ‘Cuz children sometimes pull on their fur.They sometimes
wrestle around with an American Eskimo. American Eskimos don’t have any patience
at all for that. Yeti could care less what a child does to him. Children could
crawl over him. Children can pull his fur. Children can
throw tennis balls and things all over the place for
Yeti and Yeti would just love that. Yeti likes small children. He likes big people
too. Both breeds of dogs need daily brushing, or very very close to daily
brushing. Muppet’s fur would be as thick and as long as Yeti’s and it would get
tangled really easily. So we used to… so I used to brush Muppet every day. Both dogs
are epic shedders. They shed 365 days a year. On Leap Years, it is 366 days a year.
Yeah, you shed a lot. Samoyeds of course, they shed more because they’re bigger
dogs and there’s more floof to them. Muppet used to shed in single strands of
fur… a lot. There’d be single strands hanging out all over the place. Samoyeds shed in clumps. Oh yeah and the belly rub on the Yeti.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Belly rub. So, KCViking, look at what Yeti likes. He likes his belly rub!
KCViking is one of Yeti’s fans, and he always tells me, give Yeti
of good belly rub from me. So KCViking, this is from you. If you want more
tips and tricks for owning a Samoyed, be sure to check out more of our videos.
Thanks for watching.

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  1. Confused on what the difference is between a Samoyed and an American Eskimo? There is a big difference between them, from their size, to personalities and their working ability and energy level. They both love the snow. Muppet, my American Eskimo, would roll around in the snow and he'd get excited when it was snowing. Yeti loves it too.

  2. Great information… Not got the space for a big doggo, especially a furball like Yeti but he is such a handsome boy.

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