Rwanda: Growing Rice

RICE GROWING Can you please tell us what you are doing here? Right now, I am harvesting rice in Kanyonyomba marsh land. Here, rice grows more abundantly than any other crop. It generates great income for us. And we don’t experience famine during the dry season. I have been growing rice for six years. Thank you for talking with us. Our problem with growing rice is that we use traditional tools during the harvest season. We have neither reapers nor threshing machines. When hulling, the rice mixes with dust due to the lack of sheeting, and our crops get spoiled. All we need is your advocacy so that we can get the appropriate tools that will make the harvesting process quicker and more efficient. Niyobugingo Lauben,Nyirimana Saidi, Nibagwire Claudette, Ntabanganyimama Jeune, Nyiramuhire Divine, Buhigiro Jean Bosco, Mbabazi Olive

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