Rogers Report November 2019: Small Business Saturday

November 30th is Small Business Saturday
and since Bowling Green State University is located in one of America’s best
college towns I was thinking wouldn’t it be a great
way to showcase the many wonderful businesses we have here in Bowling Green
we’re going to start with a cookie jar welcome to this month’s Rogers Report Joey tell me a little bit of what are we
doing here today this is our chocolate chip and our most famous most popular
cookie and we will use this and put an Oreo inside you create our inception
cookies well how many batches of cookies do you
make a day probably about five and how many cookies are in the badge oh one
thirty inch to 140 and then five days a week and seven years so think of that
seven years 52 weeks in a year five days a hundred and thirty a day say that
would be 1 million one hundred and eighty three thousand I think right
sounds about right you do great deliveries across campus
and with exams coming up you’re gonna be even more busy No I’ve got a schedule to keep well we
started here in 1978 my mother and father started this place I purchased it
from them in 2011 and ever since it’s just been a blessing to be here in
Bowling Green you’re gonna show us the magic well we’ll start off the day the
pepperoni here then actually put the original items down here comes the cheese it’s what makes the bread stick right and then rolling is very important we all
cook the ends we curl them in can here’s the start of our breadsticks here whoa really good one thing that makes Bowling
Green one of America’s great college towns is Ben’s a store that has
everything this business opened in 1976 as Ben Franklin I’m old enough that I
don’t have to work anymore but I love what I’m doing and I love the customers
I love the people and will just keep on going Floyd thank you for all you do to
make this a great college town it’s so important for this city it’s so
important for our university well you know it works both ways the university
is a big help for us in fact the reason I settled in Bowling Green was because
of the University thank you and we hope you have a great Small Business Saturday
on November 30th thank you we do too yeah Ben’s has everything I feel like a
kid every time I come into Ben’s so tell me about grounds for Thought what does
it mean for this community I think it means a lot for this community we’ve
been here since 1989 I like to think that we’re a great meeting spot for the
community including students so we’re gonna make a cafe Campanas together I’m
gonna tamp it down so that get the ready cool put it up and then if you want to
press this doubles button yeah and so now I’m gonna grab the whipped
cream for you and then if you want to go ahead and put
some whip on top should i shape it like a falcon okay there’s the head okay
there’s the wings and there’s the feet Wow so we are here at mr. spots my
husband had a cat named spot he was a senior in college and was trying to
figure out what he was gonna do after graduation so he decided to open a
restaurant Theresa you’ve got another job I’m the state senator for this area
both of you as graduates of Bowling Green State University and I thank you
for your leadership and your involvement and commitment to the community to both
of you well you know the things you learn at Bowling Green State University
will take you far I’m a very proud alum of BGSU I got my business degree here
and actually my son is a sophomore here at BGSU welcome to mr. Klotz
would you like to supersize that no who’s next let’s go with honey barbecue what do you think about
honey garlic though okay we’ll do honey barbecue would you like a receipt because I don’t
know how to do it so that’s good thank you
cookies and coffee cheesesteaks breadsticks and a store that has
everything that’s what makes a great college town but there’s a lot more to
it as well it’s about a community coming together it’s about the importance of
small business driving the economic vitality of this city and cities across
the country and that’s what it means to drive public good we are here at the
Wooster green in the city of Bowling Green a park that was just open I want
to shout out to Mayor Edwards and all of City Council and all the citizens of
Bowling Green to create yet another Park that is adding to the vitality of this
community it is a great town it is one of America’s great college towns and we
are proud to have our home in the city of Bowling Green we’ll see you next month
on the Rogers Report

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