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Hellooooo! and welcome to Katie Pix [Through gritted teeth] Oh my God! [gasps] I almost did that thing when you’re a kid and you make your blood vessels go So today I’m going to kick things off with one of my favourite recipes that I have most Friday nights, but if I’m honest I might order it Why would you do that? Because it’s so cheap and so easy have I even told you what we’re cooking? No Welcome to egg fried rice So I’ve got here three spring onions just going to lop off the bottoms going to lop off the tops, or the green bits we’re just going to rattle through those we’re then going to go in with a teaspoon of ginger best way to get rid of the skin of your ginger is to use a teaspoon and you’re just going to scrape it off and we’re just, again, going to finely chop this and we’re also going to go in with two garlic cloves ooh do I have a garlic press? No! So we’re only going to do this for about a minute and what we’re just looking for is to get them a little bit soft but we want that crunch, we want that texture in your rice right, whilst that’s just having a little moment more in to your this 200 grams of pre-cooked rice now what I’ve used here in microwave rice best thing you can just cause it’s just so easy 100 grams of peas that I’ve just let frozen peas, that I’ve just let thaw out a little bit as well some chilli jam this is a Jamie Oliver tip and it’s such a good one because it adds so much flavour without you needing to have loads of ingredients Ahhh flicked one Two… tablespoons of chilli jam as well keep that heat really nice and high it’s called a stir fry for a reason so do fry it and stir it! [laughs] It’s not- we’re not making stir fry though! We’re making fried rice, but you know potato, potato And as I say just let that heat get through it all if you want to know how to make chilli jam if in doubt just Google Katie Pix chilli jam Katie Pix pie chocolate brownies vegan chocolate brownies I’ve done it all! I’m going to grab a bowl and crack three eggs in to the bowl So now we’re going to create a well in the centre of our dish and take the heat down a little bit and then you’ve. got your three eggs and I’ve also got here 200 grams of silken tofu now, this is very.. basically not a solid tofu, silken is a bit softer it crumbles very easily which is perfect for this it’s just going to add another layer of texture I’m going to pop our egg in to the well and then I’m going to crumble in the tofu on top of that as well and then I’m going to start stirring in If you do it in kind of big full turns give it a chance to cook again and then go in again it means you’re going to get those lovely kind of lovely ribbons of egg rather than, essentially, scrambled egg with some rice in it also if you do let it sit a bit then you get those kind of crunchy bits of rice look at that that that that that that that! That! Tofu itself doesn’t really have a huge amount of flavour so what we want to do here is be really clever about how we season it go in with some proper soy sauce don’t scrimp, get the nice stuff! I’m going to go in with a generous glug of soy in to that as well yeah! That was a really satisfying spout! Now obviously soy is a quite salty, so ease up on your salt a little bit but feel free to try it and do it to your flavour Gonna have a little tidy up and then best part of the meal taste time! Woosh! And how easy was that? Like, how simple? And this, you can pimp it up as much as you want prawns in there a bit of pancetta or… if you want to take the egg out do it go for it make it your own Right and now it’s just another- I mean let’s not lie, I’ve eaten quite a bit already.. that is delicious the fragrance of the ginger is coming through the fact that tofu is a really nice texture in it and all squidgy! And it’s just.. that’s cracking Guys, I hope you give this a go if you like this recipe make sure you give it a little thumbs up it means the blummin’ world to me! Until next time! I’ll see you next week, ciao! Mutters: Oh my god, that is delicious I mean I’m giving my local a run for it’s money there..

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