Rice in Japan – Student Perspective

Everyday we met for class for about four hours. It was for six weeks. But it was two semesters worth of materials. Because of that, we learned grammar very, very quickly. This was very fun. Then again, it was also difficult. My Sensee was my Sensee at Rice University. But there was another teacher as well. This teacher’s teaching style was a little different. I think this fact was interesting. My Japanese class at Rice is a lot of fun. My Japanese Sensee is amazing. But after class, we can’t speak in Japanese. Because there are no Japanese. And also, Rice in Japan was a lot of fun. After class, there were many Japanese people. So I was able to speak in Japanese any time. And my Japanese improved. My host family was very kind Mother, Father, a younger sister, and younger brother. We always spoke in Japanese. They always kindly let me practice my Japanese. So we spoke together all the time. Also, I often played cards with the children. In Japan, we went to an elementary school in Japan. There we taught some classes. We had activities like games. The name of this game was “Sailors and Ships”. Other that that, we also went to a nursing home. There we played games with Japanese people and chatted.

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