Revealing Christ in the Passover (Pesach) – Feasts of the Bible with Sam Nadler

Shalom! This is Sam Nadler. I was raised in an orthodox Jewish home. We celebrate the feasts of Israel but it never occurred to
me that these very festivals of Israel spoke of the Messiah and spoke of the
Savior of the world. Growing up in a jewish home we didn’t hear the good news
of Jesus and wasn’t until much later on that someone had the nerve to tell me
about Jesus as my Messiah. After looking into it I realized he is my Messiah, the
Savior of the world, and the festivals of Israel all speak of the redemptive
program that Jesus fulfills by his life, his death, his resurrection, and his
return It’s called the matzah-tash, bread bag, but we actually called it the Echad,
the Unity or Oneness. We call it that but it was kind of a mystery to me that we
did because in this one bread bag there was three compartments with three slices of
matzah. Always three inside the one unity and each year I was asked my father or
grandfather who I was leading the service that year “Why three this year?
How about two? Why not four?” and every year I would be taught yet another
tradition of why it must be three inside the one bag. One year I was taught how
would represented the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and just like in the
scriptures the middle patriarch Isaac was taken out for sacrifice in Genesis
chapter 22 so also at this time the middle slice of matzah alone is
removed from the bag. Another year I was taught how the three-in-one reminded us
of the people, the priesthood and the Lord Himself and how the middle section,
the priesthood, they alone made sacrifices to reconcile us unto God.
The middle piece taken out this held up as declared “This is the bread of
affliction.” Its broken half would go back into the bag and the other half is
taken and wrapped in a white linen shroud-like cloth and then hidden away until the
third cup. At the third cup, the youngsters under the age of 13 run around looking
for this broken piece of matzah and the child who finds it gets a reward from
the head of the house. Now this is a beautiful picture of what God has done
for us because from where I sit now this three-in-one reminds me of the Triune
God of Israel, who came to our aid. You say the Triune God of Israel? Yes that’s
strictly from the Scriptures. Isaiah 48:16 and many other portions. And so we
see that the Messiah, the Son of God, the middle piece, if I may. The second person of the
Triunity. How he came, died for our sins was wrapped and buried until the third
day when he was raised from the dead giving gifts unto the sons of men and
all who find him, all who trust in Him would receive not only a reward from the head
of a house but the unspeakable gift of God: eternal life, forgiveness of sins, and a relationship
with the living God

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  1. Thank you for this. I saw this a couple of months ago with my studies. I wasn't able to do the other sessions, but I will get the DVD to show to my husband and for my own edification and deepening of my faith in Messiah.

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