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[music playing] Let’s start with the tilapia. We have this
beautiful fish here. And we’re going to make a
sauce and grill the fish basically at the same time. So what we’re
going to do is make a version of a classic
butter sauce, known as a beurre blanc in French. And what we’re
going to do is we’re going to take some shallots. We’re going to
peel our shallots. And take some shallots,
some white wine. Some lemon juice
then some lemon zest. So first, we’ll
take the zest off. And you might as well
squeeze some of the juice in there, too. OK. OK, so we’re going to
use our tilapia fillets. And the tilapia is
a– it’s a white fish. It’s very mild in flavor, but
it has a nice density to it. It’s a good, dense fish. Now if you can’t find tilapia,
we could use something like red snapper or halibut. Something along those lines. And we’re going to just rub
that with some canola oil, and salt, and pepper until
we get it on the grill. Season it with salt and pepper. OK. Four minutes on one side. Give it a flip. Another four minutes,
maybe eight minutes total. Now a flakier fish–
such as tilapia, or red snapper, or halibut–
is going to be a little tougher to grill than say,
something that’s in a steak form– like tuna or swordfish. But the key to this is letting
it cook so that it comes away from the grill almost
on it’s own so you can give it one quick flip. Just like that. We’re going to cover this up. And we’re going
to let this cook. We’re going to sort of
keep the heat in there. And then really
it should only be about maybe a minute
and a half longer, and then we’re going
to take it off. Because we don’t want this fish
to overcook or the asparagus. So get our fish off the
grill before it overcooks. And that’s another thing that
people say to me all the time. That they’d like to cook fish on
the grill but they overcook it. Just take it off a little
bit sooner than you think it’s going to take. I mean, it’s really going
to cook almost in no time. OK. Now what we started here was
some shallots, some lemon zest, and some lemon juice. And now we’re going to add
just a touch of heavy cream. Just a touch. This is a really good trick. It’s a good way to
stabilize a butter sauce so that it doesn’t separate. Tricks of the trade. OK. And now we’re just going to
start adding a whole bunch of unsalted butter. OK. Let’s go back over to the fish. OK. And now we could add a whole
bunch of capers in here. And we can actually start to
plate the fish with the sauce. Give it some flavor. [music playing]

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  2. Dish looks very bland and not appetizing at all…I would have organized the plate slightly to bring out the fish rather than hide it…

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