Reaction!! American Tries Brazilian Food Feijão Tropeiro

the made of a star at the interphase you know they can make all right so today I’m gonna try cooking the Brazilian dish I’ll see how it turns out and the reason I’m cooking it is that Layla’s here being all pregnant and stuff and she wants to rest so here it is supposed to come out looking like that do you think I can do it all right so I’ll cook it and then we’ll come back we’ll see if I can make it taste good everything yellow yeah all by myself [Music] I think you guys will be proud of me actually cooked a lot of this dish myself I supposed to do it all myself but Leila couldn’t handle just watching so she helped me saw me when I was messing up it’s on the way right what she did Leila is actually frying the egg to put on the top it’s a little garnish thingy everyone is called will clarify one way the times good uh here it is look at that look at that so we got some rice then we got this mixture of beans eggs sausage some color greens and then another egg on top did you look amazing it’s called Bayesian wrote a show that’s true throat a yo face y’all throat a yo it’s alright later thinks it’s funny so must be wrong some water just in case you need to wash the taste of this food out of my mouth in two forks [Music] waiting baby here she comes [Music] nice now we cook this with a little bit less salt in the recipe call for because it’s Leila’s pregnant we want to keep her blood pressure down for low-sodium diet so we’ll see it still tastes good I thought it was a lot of things cooking all at once yeah because all these little ingredients were cooking in different pans all at once and watching them all make sure they don’t burn make sure the pressure panting explode it was like a lot action going on what this dish by all by yourself kinda yeah I helped she hoped you tried to do the dish like the big tree we are putting here yes a picture so we did see I think it looks pretty close let’s see a little bit of our first so do I get a bite of everything all together in one fight yeah it’s just some sauces some peas some rice what wait here it is which to expect okay here we go [Music] pretty good 3u second bite to get a complete [Music] this dude this reminds me of like a say like an egg scramble type of it it’s kind of like scrambled eggs with whole bunch of other stuff added together so the pinto beans were a substitute for different type of beans yes I think I might like it better with a different type of bees mm-hmm the pinto beans they have like almost like a grainy texture but I think it’s good very good next time we do this we’ll try different table yeah I think it’s pitot bees are good but I think things I worry about the texture yeah the pinto beans have kind of a crumbly what’s it called again visual cook beetle bees entropay oh no – a little bit be sure to appear oh yeah so if you got like an afternoon to try a different style of food to normal it was only is less than an hour to put this women we didn’t really time it was it’s not very long it’s just lots of things going on at once because you’re cooking all the different greens into four pots it goes much faster if you have a pressure cooker for the babies yes I think it takes a long time if you don’t so look for the recipe on the internet for vacation Tom Hale the website that we got the recipe in Olivia’s Brasilia and she her website is good because we can replace the gradient because don’t know every every gradient you can find huge yeah you’d find in a supermarket yes but there was one thing we ordered on Amazon is the flower oh yeah what’s a flower called cassava flour yeah who put an Amazon these no description if you buy it through here you help the channel yes yes so just click the link description you’ll get started on this ingredient this recipe yourself everything else we found in our local supermarket all right don’t forget to pull it here so what there so you’ll try this first radio yes Mike like subscribe to do all that good stuff and stay tuned because this baby is getting closer and closer to tend to be born yeah we have lots of food and lots of baseball videos coming [Music] the news [Music]

11 thoughts on “Reaction!! American Tries Brazilian Food Feijão Tropeiro

  1. Adorei o vídeo, comida mineira é muito boa mesmo. Leila está arrasando nas receitas, adorei a vaca tolada também. Beijos para vcs!

  2. Vocês tem que ir em uma churrascaria brasileira aí.
    Acho que criança também vai se fã de Star Wars.

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