Ration Challenge 2016 – Day 5

day 5 almost over two days left to go which I can’t wait for I am not liking
this anymore a couple of things I’ve noticed is that
I’m having a really hard time keeping myself warm so I had to wear like large
jackets I find my my hand and feet just cold all the time so obviously not taking on enough energy
just to deal with the day to day coldness or it could just be that it’s winter and I
should stop complaining this morning I made falafels two of them I tonight I’m going to make some rice
lentils and sardines with a bit of oil so that’s gonna be nice and you know I
thought things were gonna get easy with work but tomorrow I have a four
hour meeting at Apple where we have to discuss their ability
and our ability to work together in education so that’s gonna be fun well you know I can’t think because I
just don’t have the power to I’m sort of like a zombie at work if people come up
to me and talk to me i can respond that’s fine maybe trying to their brains not really
but um I can’t really think or I dunno what you’d call it like push beyond that do my own see now I’m blanking on words this is
what happens my mind is just drawing blanks with everything motivated I don’t have a whole lot of motivation
to push myself to do other things me even now cooking tonight’s dinner is
taking all the energy I have left so yaaaay two days and then I finish I think the
big thing i’m looking forward to is seriously a toasted cheese sandwich I mean that might sound crazy but that’s
that and a coffee that’s what I’m looking forward to that
would be amazing yeah check in with you guys tomorrow

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