Ration Challenge 2016 – Day 1

good morning guys its day one first
thing I will say though I was completely underprepared for how how much I would
desperately want a coffee like I thought you know I’ll be fine i
got a couple of days but the first pangs this morning wasn’t even hunger was just
like I my morning ritual coffee and I can’t have it so i have no idea what I’m
gonna be like by saturday but we’ll see here is some of well actually all of my
ingredients for a week I got a lot of spice which is nice and
I’ve also got a bit of extra protein and veggies in the fridge which is kind of
cool so I’m going to make I saw a really cool
recipe on the other day it was dumplings so on saturday my reward will be my last
meal will be dumplings but first thing I’m going to do is check out these
recipes because the guide that they send has handle recipes for each day this is as you can see day one and
recipe 1 & 2 so I’m going to start with a simple flat
bread so this one is just flour and water which i used to know as a kid
as glue

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