Rapid Fire With Steve Harvey: Coming to America, Jeopardy, Omega Psi Phi, and Gluten-Free Foods

(upbeat music) – [Steve] Ah hell yeah, who don’t? (audience laughs) But my doctor took me off
gluten three weeks ago. Can’t have gluten. I don’t know what gluten is, but they need to put it
the (beep) back in the food I don’t know what the (beep) it is. I think it’s a Latin word, means flavor. (audience laughs) – I tell you right now.
You ever had gluten bread? You might as well put that (beep) on notebook paper. (audience laughs) Take your peanut butter,
spread that (beep) on some notebook paper and (beep) eat it. (audience laughs) Had some gluten-free mac and cheese Saturday before last. (Pronounces in three
syllables) Tri-fuh-ling! – I don’t like none of them but this one. (audience laughs) Oh, seriously. I never watch, I definitely don’t like Jeopardy. I remember years ago I had a job. Man I was sick for two
weeks I didn’t go to work. I watched Jeopardy every day. Didn’t answer a (beep) question. (Audience laughs) Two weeks. Watched it every
day. Didn’t know (beep). (Audience laughs) That little (beep) on that
show had like 800 million (beep) dollars. That little (beep) knew
every (beep) thing. What’s the circumference of the dialysis of the chimetric meter? 2.685 That’s correct. (Audience laughs) I’ll take more (beep)
Steve doesn’t know for 800. (Audience laughs) Oh (beep) it was just sin. He knew everything. I never saw I was sitting there
watching, and I was curious I said, “Man, (beep) do you have a bike?” Do you ever play sports? do you ever Have you ever kissed a girl? Have you been studying
your whole (beep) life? How can you know everything? How are you that (beep) smart? You know, you can be so smart
that you’re actually stupid You can’t do that. That’s my nipple. You can’t do that. Audience laughs I’m’a report your (beep)
‘cuz you did just like that. And I don’t like that when
you do that I don’t like that. It do (beep) to me. My wife did that to me. She got both (beep) cars. (Audience laughs) – I don’t know what to tell you. It is what it is. You already know. Nuh-uh. ‘Cuz I’m not going to have the
reaction in front of y’all. (Audience laughs) That song, unhh. The lyrics are, this is a story about a dog. A famous dog. A rhythmic dog. Little did I know they
was talking about me. (Audience laughs) – Oh, Brave Heart. (audience whoops and applauds) I love Brave Heart. They runnin’ across them
fields killin’ each other? I love that naked dude with the skirt on. With a (beep) stick with a ball
on it with some nails in it. That’s the (beep). Right? I like movies where you
had to go kill ’em (beep). You had to go over there
(beep) that shootin’ I like, you gotta brain yo? (Beep) cross this field. We meet in the middle of the river and just beat the (beep)
out of each other. Wasn’t no fast deaths back then. They beat the I like that. I like that. That’s my favorite movie, Brave Heart. Then after Brave Heart,
I like gangster movies. The Godfathers, (mumble) 1, 2, 3. American Gangster, Denzel, that was cold. I liked that one. I liked Training Day, too. I like Heat. I like gangster movies. I like Casino. I like Casino, I like Hoodlums. I like Good Fellas. Good Fellas, Good (beep) movie. Favorite comedy movie of all time, Coming to America. That’s the best comedy the most laughs I’ve ever had in a movie. I don’t laugh much at comedies. I don’t like watching comedies. ‘Cuz I always know what they’re gonna say. But Coming to America was so
good, that damn Eddie Murphy. ♪ Because ♪ ♪ the greatest ♪ ♪ love of all ♪ ♪ inside of ♪ ♪ me ♪ Sexy Chocolate! (audience laughs) Sexy Chocolate! That (beep) went round
that drum cymbal, I was howling laughing, man. (upbeat music)

18 thoughts on “Rapid Fire With Steve Harvey: Coming to America, Jeopardy, Omega Psi Phi, and Gluten-Free Foods

  1. Hi Steve I'm sorry that comcast in Ma, has canceled your show! This is awful. Always enjoyed watching you. Love your YouTube channel. Have a wonderful day ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. MAC CHEESE is number one FOOD 🥘




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