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[theme music] It’s really great to
live in modern times where we have a portable
version of everything that surrounds us– a phone, a computer,
even an orange. Technically, this
is a kumquat, but I like to call it tiny orange. You know what, even an
analogue record player has its own compact version. Very incredible and amazing. But you know what I wish I had
a portable version as well? Our favorite desserts. I mean, are we always supposed
to make a pie to share? Of course not. Today, I’m going to show
you how to make a very perfect and classic
lemon meringue pie, but in a stick for you to
carry around anywhere you go. And then you can
also eat by yourself and not feel guilty
to make a huge pie. So I’m going to start by
making the lemon curd, which is a super delicious
filling, very traditional. And I’m going to start
making my lemon curd by zesting one lemon. Don’t zest the white pith,
because it’s too bitter. I’m going to squeeze
the juice in here. Don’t worry about the seeds,
we’re going to sift it later. Always use fresh citrus fruit. And if you buy from a can,
it doesn’t have the tanginess that we need here. So right here I’m
going to add my eggs. It’s still going to be
cooked in a double boiler. And I’m also going
to add my sugar. And now I’m going
to add my butter. Beautiful. So here I have everything
in the double boiler, a pan with water underneath. Don’t let the water touch
the bottom of the bowl, cause this is going to increase
the temperature too much. And the eggs need to
settle– oh [bleep]. Oh, I dropped this. So the eggs need to
settle very slowly, otherwise it will curdle. And you don’t want
your lemon curd to look like scrambled eggs. Cook you curd for
approximately 25 minutes, stirring every once in a while. This is going to get
thick and opaque. Hydrate the gelatin
sheets in cold water and add it to the
warm lemon curd. This is going to
melt beautifully. Look at the viscosity of this. You strain your curd
to remove the seeds and pour it over a pan
covered with plastic wrap. Now we just have to freeze the
lemon curd for at least four hours in my portable freezer. [music playing] It didn’t fit in
there, so now I have to place the curd in my real but
boring and unportable freezer. This is the perfect combination
between sweet and sour. But a real lemon
meringue pie is not a pie without a graham cracker crust. And of course, I’m
going to show you how to make a homemade version. In a bowl add butter,
honey, and brown sugar. Mix it until pale
yellow and very fluffy. Then you can add salt,
cinnamon, baking soda, flour, wheat flour, and wheat germ. Stir everything until combined. Sprinkle some flour
on top of the dough. And with the help
of a rolling pin, open the dough until you reach
a half inch of thickness. Slice the dough in rectangles
of five by one inches. Cut off the edges and freezes
this dough for 10 minutes. Then you can bake it at 350
Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Remove the lemon
curd from the freezer and slice it into the size
you want your pop to be. Insert one graham cracker
stick on each pop. It slides in so easy
because the lemon curd never completely freezes. If you don’t want to use
the cracker as the stick, you can use a
regular would stick. Make sure you insert
a graham cracker inside the pop before
the stick, so you get the crunchiness from it. [music playing] Let’s pretend this
never happened. Now we just have to
make the last step of the recipe, the meringue. In a bowl for a double
boiler, add the egg whites and the sugar, and
cook over medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. If you dip your
fingers, you shouldn’t feel any crystals left. Immediately transfer
to a mixer and mix it until it’s cool, fluffy,
beautiful, and shiny, also known as a hard peak. A hard peak is a spike that
forms in the tip of the whisk. As soon as you achieve
this, stop whipping, or you’ll stretch the
egg whites too much and they will collapse. The meringue is ready. And now we just have
to dip the pop into it. So I’m going to transfer
this to another container. It has to be high enough so we
can cover the entire surface of the pop with it. Beautiful. And you dip in. [music playing] With the back of a
spoon, make the surface wavy and resemble a lemon pie. And torch it until it’s
toasty and beautiful. Now that my lemon meringue
pie on a stick is ready, I can finally take
it anywhere I want. [music playing] (SINGING) I move with the
sound, give every part of me. I move with the sound. I move with the sound,
bleach out the fat in me. I move with the sound. It’s hard to believe
that all these flavors were just in one single stick. (SINGING) I move with the sound. Yes. It is better than a regular
lemon meringue pie, my friends. I you want more awesome
videos like this, subscribe to Food
Network’s YouTube channel. We have it all there. So many options.

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