Quick Fried Rice Recipe

hello and welcome to good for you living
this is the first video in the cooking basics series where I’m
going to show you a simple two-step method that’s going to
allow you to cook eighty percent meals known to man. Ok maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration
but you get the idea like most things, to be successful you need good preparation and plenty of
practice so what’s this two-step method I’m
talking about okay first it about oil and water, you separate your
ingredients that you going to cook in oil and those that going to cook in water and
second everything’s a salad, so if you have ever made a salad before you’ll be able to make this dish wihout a problem. to illustrate this we’re making fried rice. traditionally it’s a savory dish with a hint of
sweetness its very versatile inexpensive and it’s very easy to make so I hope this is going to be good for
you and let’s start cooking okay let’s fire up
the wok over a high heat we’ll get it nice and hot and I like using walk
because it’s like a large salad bowl first principle
is about oil and water you click on the link for more detailed
explanation let’s start with heating up some oil and our oil ingredients are eggs, onion and
some ham some shallots or scallions our water
ingredients carrots peas prawns or shrimp some rice and oyster sauce and soy
sauce okay beating up the egg really well folding in lots of air to make it nice
and fluffy now we have this on a high heat and we want to cook this really hot and fast.now I’ve added a pinch of salt to the egg already to bring
out that extra sweetness of the yolk and
there are two reasons why we cooking the egg first. one is that we don’t want the egg liquid to mix with the other ingredients and that’s coming
along nicely and you don’t have to cook it all the
way through and the second we don’t want to burn as we go along so we’re going to remove it back to
its bowl. OK we throw in the onion first as this is going to take the longest to
cook if you need to add some extra oil then do so now you can see the onion is thinly sliced for faster cooking. OK that’s about one
minute and the onion is starting to brown and the aroma is popping out. we are adding in the ham and we just let that fry. It’s already cooked so we only need to heat it up but if you want it crunchy then cook it a little
bit longer. In go the shallots or scallions this will be quick and give
them the a bit of a mix and no we can start moving
to our water ingredients first its will be there carrots and see
it’s just a salad with warm ingredients so it’s just a matter
of tossing and turning and next we’re going to move on to the
peas throw them in and have a look at the color of this dish
it’s looking great so that’s been cooking for about
two minutes now can introduce our egg back into the mix and break it up a little bit and that’s
coming up really nice now for the rice let’s put that in let’s get every last speck of rice we can in there
once we have this cooking the ingredients will become more fragile so we
don’t want to overdo it with the mixing what we will do is pat the dish down to
cover more surface area and let it cook. we are ready for the final
stage in a salad that is the dressing which is water intensive
it’s just gonna be a dash of salt and we’ll throw in a bit of pepper and
finally some soy sauce, and straight away you hear it sizzle as your sauce reduces and intensifies and the colour is coming along quite well so we’ll give this a good mix through now I’m gonna add some oyster sauce here and traditionally you would not add any oyster sauce but its my cheat ingredient if you’re not getting the restaurant
flavour or its bit too bland put a small amount of this oyster sauce in to give your fried rice full flavoured taste so finally the cooked prawns or shrimp they only need to be heated gently as we don’t want to dry them out with overcooking and we’ll just toss this
round like a salad and let it get consistent heat through it we
started with our oil ingredients, onion ham, shallots and eggs then followed by our water ingredients in order of how long they need to be
cooked so carrots peas rice prawns then the dressing for our
salad salt pepper soy sauce and my cheat ingredient oyster sauce all up cooking time was under six
minutes and it’s ready when you say so if you want the rice a
little bit crunchy just cook it for a longer and it will dry out and wow that looks amazing it’s so mouth
watering and just one final touch I’m just going to dress it up with
some of the green scallions or shallots there you have it could you explained with 2 easy principles first it’s about oil and water and
second everything’s a salad. Keep those things in
mind when you tackle future recipes in future videos I’ll be putting this
theory to the test where I make pastas, stir frys currys and a whole lot more I started off with fried rice because
its versatility and now you can try different spices maybe chilli and garlic, you can try
different meats chicken and seafood ground beef and try different combinations go
vegetarian try ham and pineapple, meat lovers supreme, OK they sound a lot like pizza toppings and that’s because they’re
very interchangeable start experimenting and start creating
your own signature dish visit good for you living dot com like my videos leave a comment send me a recipe challenge or just
tell me how you doing and above all remember living it’s good for you

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