Prepare The Way – Feast of Tabernacles 2020

(wind blowing) – [Announcer] Comfort, comfort my people. A voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare the way of the Lord. Make straight in the desert. A highway for our God. For 2,000 years, stones of antisemitism blocked the path between
Jews and Christians. (tape player rumbling) How do we overcome? A group of Christians stepped out and marched through the
streets of Jerusalem to show solidarity with Israel and celebrate the Feast of
Tabernacles in Jerusalem. From this pivotal moment,
the ICEJ was born. We follow the path of those
who have gone before us. The Prophets foretold of a day that a highway would connect
Egypt and Assyria with Israel. A blessing in the midst. As these nations come together, we see the pages of the Bible come to life before our very eyes. The ancient division between Arab and Jew is being reconciled. Every valley shall be lifted up and every mountain and hill be made low. The uneven ground shall become leveled and the rough places a plain and the glory of the
Lord shall be revealed. Clear the path, remove every obstacle between you and an encounter
with the God of Israel. Come, celebrate the Feast of
Tabernacles with the nations. (dramatic orchestral music) – 2020 will be a very
significant Feast of Tabernacles as the ICEJ will be celebrating 40 years of comforting the Jewish people. It all will begin at the
shores of the Dead Sea with an amazing desert
celebration at Ein Gedi. And then we move here to Jerusalem and we’ll gather at the Pais Arena. We also will be marching through
the streets of Jerusalem. And then lastly we will end right here within the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. It is with great expectation that we look forward to the Feast 2020. You don’t want to miss
this milestone celebration and I will see you
right here in Jerusalem. – [Announcer] Register
today at (gentle orchestral music)

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