Pre-Thanksgiving feast for animals at Everland zoo

well the Korean Thanksgiving holiday
Chuseok is just around the corner like we just told you and for many people
it’s time to indulge in food and drinks and gifts and family but humans are not
the only ones celebrating animals at a local zoo or getting some special
treatments as well or um Ji Young helps us get a peek of
animals Chuseok Thanksgiving will be just like any other day for the critters
as South Korea’s Everland zoo time they had a special feast and plenty
of guests to entertain a five-year-old red panda named Lessie is loving the
special treatment he got a traditional Korean plate called Cujo pan full of
fruits like bananas apples and tomatoes this bundle of fur perched in a tree is
in an extra good mood today greeting his keeper and the dozens of visitors who
and ah that panda is eating all the delicious fruit I want to get some for
Chuseok to the ring-tailed lemurs are also getting some treats it’s up to the
zookeeper who’s wearing the traditional Korean hanbok to make sure they all get
to enjoy the feast it’s fun for the visitors to watch the animals find play
with and eat their tree we’re doing this to celebrate Thanksgiving and have some
fun with the animals living here at the zoo we’ve set up some special ways to
feed them like the cruiser pun in putting bananas into hay the treats are
different for each species elephants get bundles of hay decorated with fruits and
vegetables which they gather around and put their snouts in the zoo is located
in Yongin gyeonggi-do province and is home to more than 1600 animals the pre
Thanksgiving feast has been a pleasure for the animals and the zoo goers alike
on ji-yong arirang news

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