Plant Intelligence – Silly Meat Eater Comments #1 (Remastered Edition)

It is awful that thousands of people die of
starvation every day, yet there is not a lot I can do to stop it. I do not live in regions of the world where
I can provide hands-on aid to starving people. Often the cause of so much death is due to
political instability, wars and lack of resources. As an outsider there is not much I can do
to remedy this. Just like i can have no impact on the denuclearization
of my country or others, i have to choose my efforts and battles wisely. As a vegan, i realize that I need to eat at
least 3 times a day and its entirely in my control what I put into my body. Regardless of what you eat or don’t, you still
need to go grocery shopping. Regardless of what you wear, you still need
to purchase clothing. As a vegan I find it morally repugnant to
enslave, use and kill other sentient animals. I recognize that eating and using animals
is no longer a necessity for the large majority of people on the planet, and it takes little
effort on my part to avoid directly supporting the industry. When I go shopping, it takes almost no additional
effort to choose vegan options over non-vegan options. Every-time i buy food, clothing or consumer
goods, i vote with my wallet. We live in a world with a lot of pain and
suffering, much of which stems from human activity. I choose to support compassionate, sustainable,
and environmentally responsible foods and products because we share this world with
other humans and non-human animals, and it is the responsibility of all to make this
world a better place for all. Lone Rook had this to say: Oh, the irony. What Lone Rook has failed to understand here,
is that most deforestation worldwide is directly connected with raising animals for food. Over 70% of soy crops world wide end up as
animal feed. Large tracts of rain forest are also cleared
for grazing land. This means that due to the increase in demand
for animal products, more land has to be cleared in order to plant crops, crops which will
mostly go to feed farmed animals directly. Over 56 billion land animals worldwide are
killed each year for food. These animals need to be fed and hydrated. The amount of resources that go into raising
these animals for their bodies is unbelievable and entirely unnecessary, irresponsible and
immoral. Reforming the industry will not eliminate
the need to feed and hydrate the billions of animals each year. Animals used for food and experimentation
are considered property by the industry. How animals are used and treated is dependant
on their net worth. The animal’s care and attention will always
be limited by the industry’s desire to maximize profits. Alakai 1721 made this comment: I don’t believe in making anyone do anything
they do not want to do, however as a parent it is your responsibility to educate and raise
those under your care. Parents teach their children their own values,
customs, and beliefs. The large majority of the people in this world
teach their children that non-human animals are food and that its perfectly okay to kill
and eat them. Kids grow up into adults and parents and then
teach this same perspective without question to the next generation. I believe that parents should not teach children
WHAT to believe, but rather teach them how to think. Teaching a child to be skeptical of claims,
to demand evidence and to believe in things only when there is good reason to believe
is always good. Wanting something to be true does not make
it real. Fantasy should be identified and exposed for
what it is. If my future child decides to be vegan, i
will be very happy for their choice. If she does not become vegan, i will respect
her right to believe what she chooses to believe. Samizer gifted us with this comment: Not the plant sentience argument again. Every longtime vegan has heard this horrible
argument and dreads explaining how this is wrong. Plants do not have sense organs, do not have
a brain, and do not have nerve endings. Plants react to their environmental stimuli
however they do not choose their actions. They track the sun, respond to gravity, react
to the lack of the suns energy during the night, and emit chemicals that react with
other plants. From an evolutionary perspective you have
to ask what is the point of sentience. What does sentience do for animals? Sentience is the ability to sense, perceive
and consciously interact with the natural world. It is the ability of an animal to react to
a situation of danger and survive. It is the ability of an animal to choose an
action and prosper. In times of danger, an animal’s ability to
perceive the danger gives it an advantage. The animal is able to try and avoid the danger
and survive another day. Plants are affixed to the earth. They have no way of avoiding danger should
it present itself. What would be the point of developing sentience
if it does nothing to further your chances of survival? Even if I would concede that planets have
a type of sentience and interest in their own survival, it would still make sense to
be a vegan. You have to kill a lot more plants to feed
farmed animals than would be required to feed a human directly. It is always much more efficient to eat plants
directly then eat an animal who has wasted a lot of that plant energy in the development
and maintenance of their body. We know what its like to be a sentient animal
living on this planet. We can extrapolate that further and empathize
how other sentient non-human animals may feel. We do not need to eat other animals to be
healthy, and therefore we choose to breed, enslave, torture and kill animals for reasons
other then necessity. When the actions of one sentient being effects
another, it is our responsibility to evaluate the interests of each party and ensure that
the right to life and freedom is not negatively effecting the other. We understand this when discussing human to
human interactions, however due to our speciesism we seem to be inconsistent with the other
animals we share this world. This would be a very different discussion
if we had a real need to eat animals for our survival, however most of us don’t live in
that world. Doctors typically get very little nutritional
training and bring with them already held biases from their upbringing. My suggestion would be to do a search of the
following doctors and nutritionists and see for yourself that a balanced vegan diet is
very healthy and that most of the leading causes of death in developed nations are caused
by the consumption of animal products. here are some famous vegan md’s: Dr. Michael
Greger, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. T. Collin Campbell,
Dr. Joel Furhman, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Dean Ornish. Some well known vegan dietitians include:
Brenda Davis, and Jack Norris. These lists are by no means exhaustive list
of vegan medical professionals. Lastly, 3ddon602 made a fool of himself with
this gem: As an atheist i couldn’t care less what jesus
the historical or mythical figure ate or did not eat. The outrages claims of the bible have not
been verified to be true with evidence. Therefore if jesus did exist, there is no
reason to think he was anything more then a human being and i don’t care in the slightest
what an uneducated carpenter’s son thought we should eat or not. The supernatural claims in the bible have
not been confirmed to be true and therefore the most one can say about jesus was that
he was a cult leader with a small following that ended up becoming popular. I take my nutritional advice from dietitians
and medical professionals, not the printed words attributed to someone who may or may
not have ever lived millennia ago.

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  1. Just letting you know, I'm a huge fan, and I'm also a vegan and an atheist. Subscribed to both of your channels 🙂

  2. You made a great call splitting into two channels. This is content is so underrated and I'm so glad you're back in business! 🙂

  3. It is of today that I have subscribed to a new YouTube channel of a YouTuber that I have been subscribed for 4 years.

  4. Hello TVA! Recently found your old channel (and now this one as well), and became a fan, because I too am a vegan atheist. I was wondering if you could address the following argument in a future video that somebody made against veganism:
    "Eating fruits and vegetables, as well as other plants still contributes to animal cruelty, because they are often treated with pesticides. Pesticides, obviously kill pests, and therefore by buying a fruit/veg treated with it, you contribute to the killing of those animals."

  5. I find arguments for both sides of the coin convincing personally. Whether religious or not, as many religions actually teach at the bare minimum, vegetarianism, it is more logical to be a vegan. If you want higher risk of disease, cancers, parasites etc, sure eat meat. Either way, I like your videos. And good call on splitting it.

  6. As an Atheist, long time subscriber and someone who is going vegan, I and I'm sure others would love to see some vegan meal videos. Keep up the good work and amazing content.

  7. I would love it if you did a response to al the Bearing anti vegan stupidity!!! From a fellow vegan atheist ❤️

  8. Brenda Davis
    Jack Norris
    Michael Greger
    Neal Barnard
    Caldwell Esselstyn
    T. Colin Campbell
    Joel Fuhrman
    Michael Klaper
    Dean Ornish

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