Pink Slime–Proof Your Kitchen How to Grind Your Own Meat

Pink slime proof your kitchen how to grind your own meat if the pink slime controversy and its recent comeback as you seeing red then consider grinding beef and poultry at home it’s a simple just slice well chilled boneless cuts into one or two cubes and run them through the food processor or use a special attachment for your stand mixer you’ll avoid fillers and enjoy a better texture and fresher taste store in the fridge for two days or freeze up to three months one chill the meat and the food processor blade in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes cold mead and equipment make grinding easier and yielded better texture it will also help keep the meet at a safe temperature while you handle it cut the meat into small about 1 to 2 chunks to transfer the meat to the food processor bowl calls the food processor about 10 times and check the consistency if necessary remove the cover and use a spatula to move the meat off the blade and back into the bowl continue pulsing until the meat reaches the desired consistency finely ground but not pasty three remove the ground meat with a spatula to a plate if using immediately or wrap tightly in plastic and store in refrigerator for two days or form into desired shapes portions and frees up to three months immediately clean 30 equipment with warm soapy water and sanitize work surfaces

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  3. Pink Slime– Proof Your Kitchen How to Grind Your Own Meat. It will in like manner help keep the meat at a protected temperature while you handle it. Cut the meat into little (around 1" to 2") pieces.

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