People Try Weird American Food That Shouldn’t Exist

– This tastes great. I’m sorry, what? (upbeat, fun instrumental music) – [Voiceover] Gourmet fry
sauce, premium dipping sauce. – Fries don’t need sauce, necessarily. – Is it like burger sauce? – Ooh, that is really good. – I love the catchphrase, which is, “Fries want it, ketchup wants to be it.” – There’s gotta be a lot
of mayonnaise in here. – It’s a little decadent. – And there is. – It’s burger sauce. – Tastes like cake. – This is honestly like
my favorite sauce ever. I would put this on everything. – [Voiceover] Reindeer hot dog? – This is reindeer? – No way, is it, wait, no, what? – No. – I’m so excited to eat
this, is that freaky? – Let’s see how it tastes. – Tastes like a hot dog, but gourmet. – It’s pretty good. – This is phenomenal. – It’s a bit more meaty. – Let’s kill more
reindeer, it’s delicious. – I would eat that with fry sauce. – This is a gamey hot dog. Reindeer is game meat, I’m game. – [Voiceover] The Elvis
sandwich, this is very exciting. – I really love, like, banana
and peanut butter, and bacon, but the thought of them
together is a little strange. – Here’s to you, baby. – Oh my God, that’s amazing. – I don’t like it. – That’s the most confusing
mouthful I’ve ever had. – All right, I get it. – The texture of a banana and bacon should never be together. – What a way to go. In fact, I guess this is the
sandwich you wanna die on. – [Voiceover] Courgar Gold, rrahrh. – Washington State University. – Canned cheese, does it go back? – You show up to my house with this, I mean, yeah, you can come in, but I have a lot of
questions, who are you? – That’s a fine cheese. – What is going on? My taste buds are like, hurting right now. – I can see being drunk
at 3 AM and comin’ home and just ripping this thing open. – Okay, you show up to my house with this, we can hang out. – This is really similar to,
like, British strong cheddar. Yes, this is what you need
in this country more often. – Cougar Gold, you are golden. – All right, and dessert. – Have I heard of pigs feet, yeah. That’s the thing that you say I won’t eat unless you do this. – Oh my God, I wish you could
smell through the camera. – All right. – I feel really bad for
anyone that likes this food, I’m sorry, I don’t mean
to be an asshole about it. – Nice to meet you, bro, nice to meet you. – Oh, no. – I can say no, right. (upbeat, fun instrumental music) – Hun-uh, hun-uh. – Oh, it’s pickled? – And now it’s kinda gelatinous
and a little bit gross. Like, here’s the inside view. – Oh my God, nope. – I mean, I can see, like,
maybe it’s an acquired taste. – I’m actually really curious to find someone that likes that, ’cause I want to talk to them about it. – Listen, what you just
did was inappropriate. Um, you’ve crossed a line. – It’s just so sad what’s
happening over there. – Oh, yeah, mm-hmm. You don’t know the half of it.

100 thoughts on “People Try Weird American Food That Shouldn’t Exist

  1. I like how that lady say's "noooooo" for the raindeer hot dog but you eat Hotdogs from pig's were you technicaly kill the pig!

  2. Ok so my family was on a vacation one time and we saw a jar of pigs feet in a gas station and my brother opened it, stuck his hand in it, and wiped it on our little sister and it was hilarious

  3. The fat dude… just stop. Im not trying to be mean me myself is fat just.. no "if you have this we can hangout" like the only way someone can hangout with you is through food? Greedy pig. I rather stay home😑

  4. I never have had pigs feet, I'm curious about it, but I think it might be better warm then cold because I can't think of cold pig feet for some reason.

  5. I love pickled pigs feet , in southern Louisiana it’s a delicious thing to eat on a hot day with family just talking and having fun

  6. I live near the cougar cheese factory and the have awesome ice cream and you can see the cheese being made, it's really cool!

  7. I live in Idaho and I like how boys ain’t even tried fry sauce before in their lives, or can’t get it where they live. I feel so bad for them.

  8. Putting foods that shouldnt excist in the title is pretty other dramatic, then again this is buzzfeed

  9. Let's just get this straight…..pig feet is NOT American food!! It's African & Americans did NOT create them! It's from slaves that were thrown the scraps from the slave owners & they made the best with what they had.

  10. You know damn well if he had those exact same pig's feet on Worth It he would love it. I swear after 300 places they've been to, they've thought all 300 were amazing

  11. Ok all the food they ate I didn't even know existed and I live in America and almost all of that looked disgusting

  12. “You show up to my house with this..I mean..yeaah you can come in, but I have a lot of questions where were you?”

    “ show up to my house with this, we can hang out”

  13. Ok so pigs feet are delicious when they aren’t pickled and served in a pot of beans with white rice #puertorican food

  14. There's something about how the guy with the mustache has that glove on that makes the pigs foot seem so much worse 😣🤔

  15. My Mom use to eat the Pigs Feet & I always had the grossest look on my face..😂 The same Look I had while they were trying it..😂🤣😂

  16. anyone with kids needs a swift divorce new years entertainment first up some BuzzFeed eating reindeer good stuff well if that's what ur goals r in life

  17. Reindeer is a weird food that should not excist????? Well okay then….This was clearly made by a vegan

  18. im American but pickled animal parts are so disgusting, i haven’t brought myself to eat it🤢🤢 edit: only time i have was pickled pork rinds and that was mixed with a bunch of other stuff (tostilocos), still didn’t like them much

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