People Guess What Meat Is In Their Hot Dog

– I don’t know what this is. – Oh, I mean all sausages
look fuckin’ gross. I mean, it just looks like a mummy’s dick. (rock music) – Today we are gonna try some hotdogs, try to figure out what
animal we’re eatin’. – Hotdogs are basically my favorite food. – I love hotdogs. – Ned and I are hotdog experts. We lived in Chicago for a while, and Chicago knows it’s dogs. – I don’t even like hotdogs,
’cause I don’t trust hotdogs, that’s the thing. It’s like even 100% beef,
100% of what exactly is what I’m wondering. What the hoofs, the feet,
the dick, I don’t know. – Bring on the doggies. (quirky music) – Oh it’s a double dog! – Double dog! – I double dog dare you. – Oh its-
– Is this gonna be like a vegan prank video? – Mmm, lamb? – You know gosh I’m perplexed. Could it be lamb? – Yeah, it does taste like lamb. It’s a little gamey. – What is this?
– What? – Oh, they’re all too cute, I feel bad. – Oh get out.
– Fun! – That makes it sad. – Snake?
– What is this? – Holy fuck, we weren’t lying! – Oh my god. – We’re pickin’ lamb. – Look at his little arms.
– He’s so cute. – I had rabbit before
and it tastes like ass and this kinda tastes like ass, so I’m gonna go with rabbit. (both cheer) – Woo!
– Lamb. – Our refined meat tube palates. (quirky country music) – Oh this smells good. – Oh yeah.
– Smells like bacon. – Oh, very tender. – Yeah, definitely I think this is a pig. It’s very salty. – There’s two animals in here! – That makes so much sense! – I think you would do pig and duck. I feel like that would
be the most natural, ’cause the duck’s fatty and so’s the pig. – I could see that. – Maybe it’s snake and rabbit. – Whoa. – ‘Cause you know that eats that, so maybe they just killed
him with him inside. – Right.
– They’re like mega hotdogs. – Slice ’em up turducken style. – I think this is rabbit and pig. – Okay, I’ll do rabbit and snake. – I know that I think it’s pig, but I’m changin’ my vote to these because it’s funnier. – Hey!
– Look at that! Teamwork. – [Both] Oh! – [Both] Oh!
– I was right the first time! I’m an idiot. – [Ned] Oh no! – I went for the funny answer, and not the right one. – Well.
– I should’ve listened to my mouth. (funky music) – Snake’s gotta be in this one right? – Mmm. – Yeah, that’s definitely
not an animal I’ve had. – It’s got like a fruit or a tomato or something in it too. This i’nt just animal. – This literally tastes like lasagna. – It tastes they drenched
it in alcohol or something. – It’s snake. This one has to be snake.
– Yeah. – There’s a lot of breading in there. – There’s like breading in there. So maybe it is the snake because they were tryin’ to make it less tough. – I knew it wasn’t meat. – Yeah, what the- – Oh my god! – Oh now I taste the apple. That’s why its sweet, ew. – I knew there was citrus in it! You can’t get it by me. – And I knew there was breading! Aha!
– Yeah, potato, you know, bread. – Sweet, this is vegan? Get the fuck, yes. – Give me the snake! Get rid of the potatoes. (upbeat music) – You can just see the glistening juices in here.
– Oh my god it’s so good, you should bite it.
– Is it? – It’s the best one so far. – It also weirdly tastes familiar, but I can’t place it. – Yeah, it does taste familiar. – Is it rabbit and snake this time? – It kind of tastes like chicken. – It’s got some green specks in it. – Two animals? – And it’s on the table? – Is it actually on the table? Not gonna pull out a ostrich and then like put it on top? – I have no idea. Snake and rabbit. (laughs) – I feel like he put that
there to fuck with us, but it could also be a snake. (laughs) – You know, I’m gonna commit. Let’s just say these two. – Snake and duck? – Yeah, we’ll go with that. (both cheer) – It was snake and rabbit! – [Both] Oh! – Oh!
– Damn it! – He has a great multiple choice strategy. You pick C all the time,
some of those things are gonna be right. – That’s literally not the truth, but I’m so glad that it came out. – I don’t think it’s necessary
to be crazy like this. I feel like you can just
go with a regular hotdog. – Umhmm.
– And just whatever shit they put in there. – Real talk, rattlesnake was not that bad. – After you’ve been
bitchin’ this whole time. Oh snake!
– Oh you didn’t wanna eat the snake, oh like you
wanted to eat the snake. (crunches) Mummy dick. (laughs) – Do I taste delicious? – You taste fowl! (old timey music)

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  1. Can someone please tell me if there's any help…absolutely any app that could disable us from seeing any YouTube comments at all ! more than eating this meat n all ,reading all these depressing and negative stuff is so unhealthy for me I feel….now ,pls.dont tell I can choose not to read it…but somehow I feel.positive after sometime and read expecting some.positivity and yeah…again get back to the reality of where we as a race have come to …pls suggest some app's so depressing !

  2. I've seen like 20 comments of people whining about "triggered vegans" and yet I haven't seen a single comment by someone complaining…

  3. I've literally seen like two comments by 'triggered' vegans, and like twenty by triggered meat-eaters. Oh yeah, vegetarians/vegans are TOTALLY the ones harassing people and shoving things down other people's throats in this comment section. It's just a veggie dog. Calm down. You can't say 'don't shove your opinions on us' and then proceed to shove your opinions on them. It's just a tad hypocritical. 🙄

  4. I fell sad when they ate the snake and rabbits because I have a rabbit and my cousin used to have a baby snake that died

  5. Lol i just came from the "Meat Lovers Get Pranked With Plant Burgers" video and the girl on the right (0:13) said burgers were her favorite food

  6. wait wait wait wait…….

    Why is Keith In a Hot dog video and not a Chicken video?

    This is bullcrap

  7. Everyone is complaining about triggered vegans and being f*cking rude but where are the comments of the vegans??? ‘Cause i don’t see any…

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