Our Focus at Rice Business

Welcome to Rice University and the Jones Graduate School of Business one of the 10 best business schools in the United States in the most Diverse city in the United States. You cannot go wrong coming to this school. Here’s a place where we take care of students and everyone we touch. We focus on three things: we want to be attentive, we are responsive, and we’re kind. Because amidst all the complexity of the world and it’s all the different variables, you have to focus on, the one thing you have to do is treat people right and when you do that good things always follow.

One thought on “Our Focus at Rice Business

  1. As a 2008 alumni, this video is 100% genuine. You will not regret an investment in this degree. The faculty, facility, and fellow students are all top tier without the ego. They will all know you by name by the time you graduate. If you are on the fence, attend an info session where you will get to meet alumni that will give you very honest answers to whatever questions you have.

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