Organic Food: Fad or Future?

I’m Michael Pollan and you’re watching THNKR. I guess it’s possible that that, you know,
buying food at the farmers’ market or buying organic food are fads, but they’ve shown some
real staying power. In fact, I remember a fall afternoon in September 2008 when the
economy was collapsing standing with a colleague of mine, a very hard-bitten investigative
reporter, and he turned me and we were talking about the economy and he said, “Well, that’s
it for your food shit.” [Laughs] These were his exact words, like this little
bubble you’ve been a part of is over now and I thought, you know, he could well be right,
but it hasn’t worked out that way. The organic food marketplace grew ten percent in the last
year, a year of very, you know, hard economic times. The number of farmers’ markets has
continued to double ever couple years. So, I think there’s some staying power. I think
the fact that this new food economy has survived the crash tells us something important.

3 thoughts on “Organic Food: Fad or Future?

  1. I don't care what anyone says….I'm staying with organic!  Pay the price for organics, or pay a doctor in the long run!  Duh!  I don't eat food from farmer's markents either….they spray tons of pesticides and herbicides and who knows what else on their's tooo!  Just because their local doesn't make any difference!

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