North Korea’s daily food ration shrinks to 360g, 60% of UN recommendation

It has emerged that North Korea’s daily food
rations have dropped well below the global recommended average and are even lower than
the regime’s target. According to a report by Voice of America
Thursday, the average ration is three-hundred 60-grams of food per person a day.
That’s a mere 60-percent of the United Nations’ minimum recommended amount and far short of
the UN World Food Program’s minimum recommended amount of six-hundred grams a day.
The figure is even below the regime’s target amount of five-hundred 73 grams.
The amount has declined since the second quarter of last year, when area residents were provided
with 4-hundred 10-grams of food a day. Experts say the main cause for the food shortage
is likely a decline in rice and corn harvests last year due to the ongoing drought.

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